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Environmental Advisory Committee Meeting

Monday, 12 October 2023






Level 12, Boardroom

126 Church Street, Parramatta























Committee MEMBERS

Deputy Chair - Julia Strykowski, Councillors Phil Bradley, Kellie Darley (online), Patricia Prociv (Ex-officio), and Community Members Adriana Genova (online), Marina Gilmore, Annie Nielsen, Murray Sayle, Alexi Gilchrist and Crystal Fleming. Melissa Brooks arrived at 6.03pm. 




Project Team Lead, City Strategy – Karen Jones (Convenor), Council Secretariat and Policy Officer – Marina Cavar (Minutes), Manager City Strategy - Luke Wolstencroft, Project Team Lead, City Strategy - Phillip Daffara, Supervisor Catchment Management - James Tsom, A/ Group Manager Environment & Sustainability - Anthony Collins  


The Chair, opened the meeting at 5.46pm.



The Chair acknowledged the Burramattagal people of The Dharug Nation as the traditional owners of this land, and paid respect to their ancient culture and to their elders past, present and emerging.



The Chair advised that this meeting is being recorded.



Community Member - Mark Green, Director City Strategy – Nicole Carnegie. Councillor Michelle Garrard (Absent).  


5.    Declaration of Interest

There were no declarations of interest for this meeting.


6.    Confirmation of Minutes

        (Moved Councillor Annie and Seconded by Marina)

The minutes of the Environment Advisory Committee meeting, held on 10 August 2023, was received and noted, and confirmed as a true record of the proceeding of that meeting.


Follow up if previous minutes have been uploaded to Clr Portal.





7. PRESENTATION - River Corridor Planning: Integrated Water Management (Phillip Daffara) 


Strategic overview of River Corridor Planning Community Strategic Plan (CSP), Environmental Sustainability Strategy (ESS 2023), Parramatta River Vision and flood risk.  


Discussion included plastic pollution, upstream flood risk, climate risks and the involvement of Flood Plain Risk Management Committee and Parramatta River Catchment Group (PRCG). 


8.    PRESENTATION - Understanding Flood Risk (James Tsom) 


Strategic overview of new flood study and live demonstration of flood maps https://participate.cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/flood-study.   


Discussion focused on insurance concerns for residents identified within flood zones and if the flood maps are shared with insurance companies. Climate risk modelling was an integral component of the flood study. Flood retention basins were included in the flood study. If adopted by Council, the flood mapping will be integrated into land use planning processes, and be used to inform the next stage - the Parramatta River Floodplain Risk Management Plan. 




9.1   2050 timeline action planning 


Due to extra time being allocated to items 7 and 8, this activity was not completed. Brief description given on how the visualisation activity would have been delivered. 




Discussed as part of Items 7 and 8.  




11.1 Public Exhibition closing date extended to Monday, 16 October 2023. ESS 2023 presented to Council’s First Nations Advisory Committee. Submissions received to date have been positive and supportive. All 4 Strategies (Environment, Economic, Social and Innovation) proposed to be presented to Council for adoption on 4 December 2023. 


6.49pm – Adriana Genova left the meeting. 


12.  STANDING AGENDA ITEM:  Emerging environmental and sustainability topics  


12.1  Clr Bradley presented the 350.org advocacy for 100% electric  buildings   


Further research required by contacting what other Councils are doing. Celebrity chef Neil Perry only uses induction cooking (not gas). 

Council workshop to be held mid-December regarding DCP controls banning gas outside the CBD, but a Council report not expected until early 2024. 




·         EAC to review 350.org information and topic to be included in an upcoming EAC meeting, or as an additional EAC meeting, if required.  


·         Consider an EAC recommendation to put forward to Council for adoption. 


·         Clr Darley recommended EAC members watch the Council meeting discussion on this topic 

o       Watch the recording of the 28 August 2023 Council meeting here (56:00 minutes onwards has discussion of the all-electric buildings clause). 

o       Minutes for the 28 August 2023 Council meeting can be viewed here. 


13.   General Business 


·         Installation of smart LEDs major road street lighting has commenced, to be completed by end of year. 


·         LGNSW Excellence in Environment Award winners announced on 5 December, with Council nominated for PHIVE – sustainability features and Milson Park revitalisation and wetlands. Our approach to FOGO (as presented at last EAC meeting) was not successful. 


·         Advisory Committee Tour of Parramatta Aquatic Centre was attended by Murray Sayle, Marine Gilmore and Alexi Gilchrist. Sustainability features mentioned included plant room, generating own chlorine, First Nations dual naming, water tanks and solar PV.  


·         Use of balloons at PAC opening and use of plastic cups at PAC canteen were mentioned.  


·         Technical Tour of Milson Park wetland was attended by Clr Bradley and Clr Darley. Suggested a tour with the committee to be organised.  


·         Clr Bradley read out 100% electric building resolution:  

o       28 August 2023, agenda item 13.3.  Amendment carried (relevant to 100% electric buildings) was as follows: 


(b)   That Council repeal the five DCPs that currently apply to parts of the City of Parramatta and adopt the updated draft Harmonisation DCP (which will form Parramatta DCP 2023) contained at Attachment 1 for finalisation noting the amendments made following the public exhibition detailed at Attachment 4 subject to the removal of Section 5.4.3 All Electric Buildings of the draft Harmonisation DCP and the subsequent required section renumbering and administrative changes. 


(e)    That Council commence a further review of the DCP provisions relating to electric buildings for development outside the CBD and report the findings to Council. The review should consider whether requiring all-electric (gas-free) developments outside the Parramatta CBD is appropriate. The review should consider the role this policy change could play in achieving targets in Council’s current Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2017 (and Draft Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2023), and NSW Government’s Net Zero Plan. 



Unanimously voted for future meetings to be attended by 5.45pm to start at 6.00pm.  




The meeting closed at 7.06pm 



Next Meeting date:


Thursday, 14 December 2023 

Venue: – Parramatta Aquatic Centre (TBC)