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An Ordinary Meeting of City of Parramatta Council will be held in PHIVE (COUNCIL CHAMBER)  COUNCIL CHAMBER AT 5 PARRAMATTA SQUARE, PARRAMATTA on Monday, 25 September 2023 at 6:30PM.





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Council                                                               25 September 2023







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8        Minutes of the Lord Mayor

8.1           Parramatta Aquatic Centre................. 3

8.2           2023 Lord Mayoral Cricket Match....... 6


After the conclusion of the Council Meeting, and if time permits, Councillors will be provided an opportunity to ask questions of staff.




Ordinary Council Meeting – Supplementary Agenda – B - 25 September 2023                                                                                              Item 8.1


ITEM NUMBER        8.1

SUBJECT                 Parramatta Aquatic Centre

REFERENCE           F2022/03176 - D09150549

REPORT OF            Lord Mayor, Councillor Esber        



CSP THEME: Innovative


workshop/briefing date:  Nil


PURPOSE: The purpose of this Lord Mayoral Minute is to celebrate the opening of the Parramatta Aquatic Centre, a world-class community wellness hub in the heart of the City of Parramatta.





(a)    That Council celebrates the momentous occasion of the opening of the Parramatta Aquatic Centre on 25 September 2023, a world-class community wellness hub in the heart of the City of Parramatta.

(b)    That Council thank all those involved in the project from beginning to end and congratulate them on this amazing achievement.




1.  On 25 September 2023, City of Parramatta celebrated Parramatta’s biggest pool party with the opening of the $88.6 million Parramatta Aquatic Centre (PAC). With capacity for more than a million annual visitors, 2,000 plus learn to swim places, and a range of accessible health and recreational facilities, this world-class, sustainable health and wellness centre is the training ground of our next generation of Olympians. PAC is an investment in the health and wellbeing of our people now and for generations to come. This is the culmination of many years of hard work by Council and staff, and I congratulate and thank all involved for an amazing achievement.


2.  The project was co-funded by Council and the NSW Government, which invested $38.5 million from the Restart NSW Fund. Council, on top of its initial commitment of $38.5 million, has invested an extra $11.6 million to increase the facility’s capacity and future-proof it to accommodate Parramatta's rapid growth.


3.  The PAC is where our kids will swim their first lap, where people will exercise and relax, and where future Olympians, just like Emma McKeon who attended the opening event, will be nurtured.


4.  PAC is not just merely an aquatic centre, it’s the next building block in our great City’s transformation. The PAC is a symbol of our growth and our aspirations for our community’s future.


5.  Importantly, PAC also reflects our history and heritage. Parramatta comes from the Dharug word ‘Barramadda’ meaning ‘where eels lie down’. PAC’s design shows the Dharug’s strong, enduring connections to this land. People are greeted at the entrance by ‘You Are Here’, a sculpture of the Parramatta River, guided by ‘5 Moons and Eels’ engraved in the wooden walls, and welcomed into 10 spaces with dual English-Dharug names.


6.  PAC also celebrates the legacy of the much-loved Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre. The Outdoor 50m pool is called the ‘Memorial Swimming Pool’ and the grandstands are named after Kevin Hession, a founding member of the Parramatta Memorial Swimming Club who taught generations of local kids to swim.


7.  PAC has been designed to be able to accommodate 1 million visits a year across all of its functions. The former Parramatta War Memorial Swimming Centre had an annual visitation of 110,000.


8.  PAC is home to three pools that hold more than 2.5 million litres of water, featuring a 50m, 10-lane outdoor main pool that is heated all year round. Most facilities only have 8-lanes and are partly heated through the year. PAC has been assessed as having a capacity of around 1,700 people.


9.  What makes it even more impressive is a movable boom at the 25 metre mark with the flexibility to create different lane configurations like 20, 25m lanes depending on demand. The outdoor pool can host boys’ and girls’ water polo and women’s water polo games.


10. The centre includes:

a.  a 10-lane, 50m outdoor pool;

b.  25m indoor pool;

c.  indoor learn-to-swim pool;

d.  indoor water playground;

e.  spa and sauna facilities;

f.   café;

g.  fitness centre;

h.  multipurpose community rooms;

i.   and around 200 parking spaces.


11. Sustainable design includes:

a.  358 rooftop solar panels

b.  Automated, natural ventilation in the fitness centre as well as aircon

c.  Three rain gardens

d.  A 125,000-litre water re-use tank has been installed. It collects rainwater from the roof of the Health & Wellness Centre to supply onsite irrigation and for toilet-flushing.

e.  More than 880 new plants will be planted on the site. Three trees have been planted for any tree that was removed.


12. One of the great things about this centre is how accessible it is - there are no steps in the pool or gym. We have ramps and step access for those with a disability, and they can enter without the need for a carer or assistance. It’s also designed for people of all-abilities with ramps to enter the 50m and 25m pool and a level, beach-style entry into the water ‘splash and play’ zone. There are accessible change rooms as well as lifts and ramps to all indoor and outdoor areas. It’s very dignified and one of the few available in Western Sydney.



13. PAC is so much more than just a pool. In this place, people from all walks of life can come together, build friendships, and make many happy memories for generations to come.


14. So many in our community are already part of PAC’s story and we anticipate that thousands more will visit and sign up for memberships. More than 4,300 people are already members and another 1,300 people are already enrolled in our learn to swim classes. We will be opening with more than 2,000 Learn to Swim places. Demand for Learn to Swim is very high across Western Sydney – we won’t be able to serve all the demand but we will be making a huge contribution to supporting water safety for people of all ages.


15. No matter who you are or where you come from, at PAC we celebrate the sacred and timeless value of water and swimming in our community. We want PAC to be a place where people come together to seek wellness, community and connection. I look forward to the PAC continuing to be a gathering place and a community icon for decades to come.





1.     There are no further financial implications for Council arising as a result of this Lord Mayoral Minute.



Councillor Esber




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Council 25 September 2023                                                            Item 8.2


ITEM NUMBER        8.2

SUBJECT                 2023 Lord Mayoral Cricket Match

REFERENCE           F2022/03176 - D09150093

REPORT OF            Lord Mayor, Councillor Esber       



CSP THEME: Thriving


workshop/briefing date:  Nil


PURPOSE: The purpose of this Lord Mayor Minute is to congratulate City of Parramatta staff and Councillors who participated in the Mayoral Challenge Cricket Match against Cumberland City Council on Sunday 17 September 2023.





(a)    That Council notes the friendly Mayoral Challenge Cricket Match was held on Sunday 17 September 2023, with City of Parramatta Council defeating Cumberland City Council by three overs;

(b)    That Council congratulate all participating staff and Councillors from the City of Parramatta and Cumberland City Council for their sportsmanship and goodwill; and

(c)    Further that Council note City of Parramatta will donate $2000 to PCYC Parramatta, to be matched by City of Cumberland Council.




1.     The 2023 Mayoral Challenge Cricket Match was held on Sunday 17 September at Dundas Park, with City of Parramatta playing Cumberland City Council in a friendly T20 match.

2.     City of Parramatta had a convincing victory, responding to Cumberland's 6/151 with an epic run chase, finishing 5/154 with three overs to spare.

3.     The match builds on the tradition of an annual friendly cricket match, originally between Parramatta City Council and Holroyd City Council, that has been continued by the City of Parramatta and Cumberland City Councils.

4.     The match promotes cricket, the positive health aspects of getting involved in sport, and demonstrates the strong working relationships, and friendly rivalry, between the Councils.

5.     The match traditionally involves a charity component, with the Mayor of the winning Council nominating a charity to which matching donations from both Councils will be made. In 2023 a donation of $2,000 will be made by City of Parramatta to PCYC Parramatta, to be matched by Cumberland City Council.




1.     The $2000 donation to PCYC Parramatta can be met from within the adopted Lord Mayor and Council Support 2022/23 operational budget.




Lord Mayor




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