Meeting Name

Access Advisory Committee Meeting



1 August 2023

Time 5:30 PM


Level 12 Boardroom, 126 Church Street Parramatta, Microsoft Teams and Audio Dial-in



Jayne Boardman - Committee Member

Ross Chaplin - Committee Member

Scott Green - Committee Member / Chair

Timothy Hart Committee Member / Deputy Chair

Mark Kunach - Committee Member

Susan Thompson - Committee Member




Ash Kanitar – Community Capacity Building Project Officer Land Use Planning

Augusta Supple – Project Team Lead

David Moutou - Group Manager, Social & Community Services

Elizabeth Collins - Community Care Manager

Les Paul – Technical Programs Manager

Hamish Murray – Universal Design & Access Project Officer

Michael Jollon - Transport Planning Manager, Strategic

Rodrigo Gutierrez - Service Manager, Community Capacity Building

Tanya Owen - Community Capacity Building Lead & Convenor



Apologies / Leave of Absence

Emily Mahendran - Committee Member

Charlene Boardley - Guest



Yianni Economou


HPRM Reference







The Committee was notified the meeting is being recorded for via Microsoft Teams for minute taking purposes.


Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.






The Committee received and noted the apologies of Emily Mahendran and Charlene Boardley.


Disclosure of Interests


There were no disclosure of interest for this meeting.


Confirmation of Minutes


The Minutes from the prior meeting on 6 June 2023 were confirmed by Ross Chaplin and seconded by Jayne Boardman.


Guest Speaker Michael Jollon: E-Scooter Shared Scheme Trial – confidential

Attachment: E-scooter presentation


Primary purpose of discussion was to engage Committee Members prior to the trial and provide a current status update.



-       E-scooters (and other personal mobility vehicles such as e-skateboards, and e-unicycles) are currently illegal in NSW.

-       Currently, there are planned trials of shared e-scooters in LGAs across NSW.

-       Council has agreed for the LGA to participate in a trial.

-       The trial will be set to a limited area in the Parramatta CBD per the map in the presentation, with location taking into account pedestrian use.

-       The benefits of chosen supplier of the scooters include:

o   Known location because of geo-tracking;

o   Profits can be made;

o   Speed limits can be built into the motor and based on location.




Discussion points from the Committee:

1.      Query as to the current penalties for illegal use of e-scooters, while Michael Jollon noted NSW Police are responsible for enforcement and application of fines, not local government.

2.     Query as to possibility of setting lower speed limits in higher pedestrian traffic zones, while it was noted that this was not an option to Council under the trial, Michael Jollon took note of this.

3.     Query as to whether the shared e-scooters will have horns, and it was confirmed they will.

4.     Query as to how a vehicle will be identified, and whether it can easily be identified whilst in motion, for instance by police. Michael Jollon stated that there is a small ID number on the vehicle, but that it will not be visible from afar.

5.     Query as to pick-up and drop-off zones, so that e-scooters are not dumped like previous shared bike trials, particularly on footpaths. Michael Jollon states that that they can allocate pick-up and drop-off parking zones, and they are exploring end-of-trip photo evidence supplied by the hirer within the related app.

6.     Query as to whether there is a plan to collect feedback from users in the trial, specifically on their experience of the CBD and infrastructure using the devices, and Michael Jollon reported only the feedback sought by the device supplier not directly by Council on these matters.

7.     Recommendation that the Committee be involved earlier in the process.

8.     Discussion of the potential benefits of the trial and expansion regarding reduction in cars and emissions and access within the CBD.


Michael Jollon to present again to the Committee before and during implementation.


Guest Speaker Augusta Supple: Cultural Strategy Refresh Project – confidential

Attachment: Cultural Strategy Refresh Project


Primary purpose of discussion was to engage Committee Members from an early stage and raise awareness of engagement opportunities.


The project aims to articulate, integrate, and advocate Parramatta’s current arts, culture, and locations, as well as its indigenous, early-settler and multicultural heritage.


Engagement with stakeholders begins this month.


Council would like the input of the Committee during the stakeholder engagement process, which is being run by an external consultant. They will be provided with the opportunity to provide their approval for sharing their contact details with the consultant.


Discussion points from the Committee:

1.      Recommendation that Accessible Arts be involved.


Tanya Owen to send an email to the Committee providing the opportunity to indicate interest in participating in a consultation process, and share details on any relevant organisations the consultants may also contact.


Business Arising from Previous Minutes:


Parramatta Aquatic Centre (PAC) and Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)

-       Tanya Owen reported that Members were provided with the opportunity to indicate their interest in participating in a trial and/or tour of PAC, and David Moutou indicated the invitation would be extended again when formalised, should additional people wish to respond.

-       Tanya Owen also indicated that inclusive customer care guidelines were to be developed for the PAC Staff, along with training under the current DIAP.


David Moutou to share the invitation to participate in a tour and/or trial of PAC when the date is finalised and the invitation formally issued.


Other Business:


International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD)

-       Tanya Owen reported that it is this time of year that units across Council begin planning their IDPwD related, which typically include Riverside Theatre and Libraries. Units are expected to deliver activities in accordance with the aims of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan regarding raising awareness on access and inclusion.

-       The Committee recommended that units consult with each other in setting dates, to support attendance across activities.


Scott Green joins meeting at 5:48 pm.

Meeting concludes at 7:03 pm.


Next Meeting Date: 4th October at 5:30 pm.