Meeting Name

Active Transport Advisory Committee



16 May 2023

Time 6:00 PM


Level 12 Boardroom, 126 Church Street Parramatta and Microsoft Teams



Committee Members

Charlene Bordley, Chairperson

Ian Weekes, Deputy Chairperson

Linda Gock

Angela Hansford

Pam Kendrick

Paul McDonald 

Lester Pasley

Matt Zahra


Council Staff

Michael Kolos – Project Officer Transport, Strategic Land Use Planning

Michael Jollon – Transport Planning Manager, Strategic Land Use Planning



Kerry Tipton (Observer)

Clr Angie Humphries (Ex-Officio)

Clr Patricia Prociv (Ex-Officio)


Apologies / Leave of Absence

Mark Green



Vandana Saini

HPRM Reference







Acknowledgement of Country


The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.



Welcome and Apologies


The Chairperson, Charlene Bordley opened the meeting at 6:05pm and welcomed everyone at the meeting. The Committee noted that the meeting is being recorded for the purpose of minute taking.


The Committee received and noted the apologies from Mark Green.



Disclosure of Interests


There was no disclosure of interest declared at this Advisory Committee meeting.



Confirmation of Minutes from 14 March 2023


RESOLVED (Pasley/ Kendrick)


That the minutes of be taken as read and be accepted as a true record of the meeting.



Station Street East Harris Park Shared Path Issue with newly installed poles obstructing the shared path


Previous meeting 14 March 2023 Item 8



The Committee noted the action arising from the previous minutes. The Committee was also informed that the Security Manager has advised that no funds are available for rectification.


The Committee had a discussion regarding the council security camera poles and why it was installed at the first place and how such situation can be avoided in future.


A motion moved by Charlene Bordley and seconded by Pam Kendrick was put and CARRIED unanimously.


RESOLVED (Bordley/Kendrick)


(a)        Station Street East, between Marion street and Parkes street has had pole footings installed which obstruct use of the shared path on the westside of Station Street East.

(b)        The Committee recommends Council to conduct an Internal review of how this came to be and establish measures to prevent future occurrences.

(c)        Further that, Council remedy the obstructed shared path to minimum current standards.



That a report regarding the shared path on Station Street East, Harris Park be prepared in consultation with relevant asset owners and subject matter experts, and reported to the Committee at its next regular meeting.



Bike Plan


Transport Manger and Project Officer provided a presentation on the initial consultation of the Bike Plan Re-Fresh 2023.


The Committee noted the tabled presentation “Bike Plan Re-Fresh 2023”.


Note: Clr Humphries retired from the meeting via MS Teams at 7:05pm.



The Committee noted the current status of the Bike Plan Re-Fresh 2023.



Status update for Expression of Interest



Transport Planning Manager advised that the EOI has been initiated through all media channels of Council. The EOI will open from 30 May to 19 June. The Committee is keen to attract more pedestrians and add value to the existing membership.


Committee members were encouraged to share the EOI link among their networks.



That Project Officer Transport share the link of the EOI with the Committee members.



Cycleway Projects update and Advisory Committee Members priorities Register


Previous meeting item from 8 November and 14 March Item 7 & 10.

Reference: D08968786



Project Officer Transport provided project status updates as per document D08968786.


The Committee had a discussion regarding the Alfred Street bridge and raised concerns to have a separate safe bike path and also a pedestrian path.


A motion was moved by Angela Hansford and seconded by Paul McDonald and on being put was CARRIED unanimously.



Motion (Hansford/McDonald)


That Council staff to consider creating a separate bike path at Alfred street bridge and junction of Parramatta cycleway to separate bike riders and pedestrians.


Further, that line marking and symbols be placed on the shared path near this location to encourage path users to keep to the left.



Shared E-Scooter Trial status


Transport Planning Manager provided a status update on Shared E-Scooter Trial.


The State Government continues preparing for E-scooter trials. The State Govt has contacted Council to start the Road Safety Audit process. The Council at its September 2022 meeting resolved to participate in the trail pending the outcome of the audit.


The Committee recommended consultation with Access Committee and seek their input.



1.      That a report be brought back to the Committee regarding change in the speed of movement across the bike counters in the next 6-12 months.


2.     That Transport Planning Manager present E-scooter trial at Access Committee and seek their feedback.



Training: Use of MS Teams by Committee Members (external users), 30 minutes.

Two proposed dates to select from:

1.      23 May 530pm via Teams

2.     30 May 530pm via Teams

RSVP to Secretariat by 19 May 2023



The Committee noted the dates.


Secretariat to send a reminder to the Committee.



Other Business


The Committee members shared the following in the General Business.


·            Reminder: National Volunteers Week being held on 15-21 May 2023 at PHIVE.

·            Community feedback regarding rideability of playgrounds, bike racks was tabled at Access Committee.

·            Cycleway access issues and a lip gap identified at Avenue of Oceania at Louise Sauvage Pathway, Newington.

·            Community proposed that a heritage trail can be explored as a guided tour or in self-guided form in the Bike Plan.

·            It was noted access to the three historic houses: Hambledon Cottage; Experiment Farm Cottage; and Elizabeth Farm is generally satisfactory. However there are steps along the route from Hambeldon Cottage to Experiment Farm Cottage and access by riders is not satisfactory.



1.      That Council put temporary slowdown and keep left shared path signs near the new Alfred Street Bridge and its junction with Parramatta Valley Cycleway.

2.     That a report be brought back to Committee regarding the kerb lip height at Avenue of Oceania at Louise Sauvage Pathway, Newington.

3.     That Council explores heritage trail as a guided tour or in self-guided form in the Bike Plan 2023.

4.     That Council review riders’ access to Experiment Farm Cottage at Ruse Street and provide an update to the Committee at the next scheduled meeting.



Next Scheduled Meeting Date

6pm 18 July 2023


Meeting Closed: 7:56pm