No quorum present, therefore no minutes are kept, as per Access Advisory Committee Terms of Reference 5.8 to 5.11.


Meeting Name

Access Advisory Committee Meeting




4 April 2023


Time 5:30 PM


PHIVE Basement Mezzanine .01,  Microsoft Teams meeting Click here to join the meeting




Leone Clark - Committee Member

Scott Green – Chairperson & Committee Member

Mark Kunach - Committee Member

Emily Mahendran - Committee Member

Susan Thompson - Committee Member


Charlene Boardley – Guest


Rod Gutierrez - Community Capacity Building Manager

Hamish Murray -  Project Officer - Universal Design & Access

Elizabeth Collins - Community Care Manager

Tanya Owen - Community Capacity Building Lead & Convenor

Ash Kanitkar - Community Capacity Building Project Officer


Apologies / Leave of Absence

Jayne Boardman, Kanisha Diwakar and Timothy Hart – Deputy Chairperson and Ross Chaplin



Marvi Gordon


HPRM Reference