MINUTES OF THE Local Planning Panel HELD BY ELECTRONIC DETERMINATION ON Tuesday,  21 February 2023 AT 3:30pm




Julie Walsh (Chairperson), Ian Armstrong, Sue Francis and Peter Haliburn.




There were no declarations of interest made to this Local Planning Panel.


2.     Reports - Development Applications



SUBJECT         ELECTRONIC DETERMINATION: 2-4 Boundary Street and 85 Railway Street, PARRAMATTA NSW  2150 (LOT 2 DP 202700, LOT 6 DP 16496, LOT 1 DP 202700)


DESCRIPTION Demolition of existing structures, tree removal, lot consolidation and the construction of a four (4) storey Residential Flat Building with basement parking.


REFERENCE   DA/61/2022 - D08855444




OWNERS         Infinity Idea P/L


REPORT OF    Group Manager Development and Traffic Services





(a)    That, the Parramatta Local Planning Panel, exercising the functions of Council, pursuant to Section 4.17 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, grant deferred commencement consent to DA/61/2022 for a period of five (5) years within which physical commencement is to occur from the date on the Notice of Determination, subject to conditions of consent in Attachment 1.


(b)    Further, that objectors be advised of the Panel’s decision.


Reasons for Approval


It has been recommended for approval for the following reasons:


1.          The Panel is satisfied with the applicant’s clause 4.6 written request to vary the building height standard in clause 4.3 (Height of Buildings)  of Parramatta LEP 2011 as:


a.          The written request adequately addresses the matters required to be addressed under clause 4.6(3) of the LEP; and

b.          The development is in the public interest because it is consistent with the objectives of clause 4.3 (Height of Buildings) of the LEP and the objectives for development in the R4 High Density Residential zone.


2.          The building will present as a 4 storey residential flat building that is consistent with the other residential flat buildings in the locality and the emerging character of the area;


3.          The building is appropriately articulated and modulated. Façade treatment , material variation and private open spaces have been provided in order to minimize the external bulk and scale;


4.          The development is permissible in the R4 zone pursuant to the LEP and generally satisfies the requirements of the applicable planning framework;


5.          The proposed density is reasonable for the site , having regard to the context and zoning;


6.          Amenity impacts on neighbouring properties and the public domain are reasonable;


7.          The design of the development is considered satisfactory having regard to the comments from Council’s Design Excellence Advisory Panel;


8.          The matters raised in the decision of the Panel on 15 November 2022 to defer the application have been adequately addressed; and


9.          Approval is in the public interest.


The Panel decision was UNANIMOUS.