Meeting Name

Access Advisory Committee Meeting



7 February 2023

Time 5:35 – 6:50pm


PHIVE 5 Parramatta Square – Meeting Room 1.01, Microsoft Teams and Audio Dial-in



Jayne Boardman - Committee Member

Charlene Boardley - Guest

Ross Chaplin – Committee Member

Kanisha Diwakar - Committee Member

Scott Green - Committee Member

Timothy Hart – Committee Member

Mark Kunach - Committee Member / Chair

Emily Mahendran - Committee Member

Susan Thompson - Committee Member


Councillor Phil Bradley – Ex-officio member


David Moutou - Group Manager Social & Community Services

Tanya Owen Community Capacity Building Officer & Convenor

Elizabeth Collins - Community Care Manager

Pino Todarello  – Natural Resources Manager



Apologies / Leave of Absence

Hamish Murray - Project Officer - Universal Design & Access




Marvi Gordon


HPRM Reference









Acknowledgement of Country


The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.



Housekeeping / Meeting protocols





Committee Members introduced themselves to the Committee and provided a brief background about themselves and purpose of joining the Committee.





The Committee received and noted the apology for Hamish Murray.


Post-meeting Committee Member note: A late apology was received from Leonie Clarke who was unable to attend at short notice.


Disclosure of Interests


There were no conflicts of interest declared at the Access Advisory Committee.



Confirmation of Minutes from 6 December 2022



The minutes of the Access Advisory Committee meeting, held on 6 December 2022, was been received and noted, and confirmed as a true record of the proceeding of that meeting.



Moved by Ross Chaplin and seconded by Timothy Hart, the motion put was CARRIED.



Nomination of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson 2023



Chair nominees in alphabetical order by last name:

1.       Scott Green

2.      Timothy Hart


Deputy Chair in alphabetical order by last name:

1.       Scott Green

2.      Timothy Hart

The voting results were;

·         Scott Green – 5

·         Timothy Hart - 4



Scott Green was appointed as the Chairperson of the Access Advisory Committee.


Timothy Hart was appointed at the Deputy Chairperson of the Access Advisory Committee.


Committee Members were reminded of the opportunity to participate in one of the Chairing Advisory Committee workshops being offered by Council in March, and to contact Tanya Owen if they required the registration instructions again.



Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Improvement Project

Pino Todarello  – Natural Resources Manager



The Natural Resources Manager provided an update on the Lake Parramatta Swimming Area Improvement Project.


The Committee raised concerns regarding appearance that environmental impacts were being prioritised over considerations for access in the project.


It was explained that the focus of the project is to improve safety for patrons, and that the requirements for an upgrade in the context of a natural environment are different to those in a built environment, where there are both requirements and capacity for development that meets current access standards. In a natural environment, environmental protection laws, along with site topography and vegetation, places limitations on what can be changed, including any changes to increase access. Heritage legislation also limits changes that can be made.



Committee Members noted additional considerations for the project:

·         Ensuring that hazards associated with wet steps are addressed, and to ensure sufficient contrast for stairs.

·         Recognising that stairs are problematic for some patrons, who will use the gravel area as an alternative pathway.

·         Explore adding a handrail for gravel path and steps.

·         Ensuring that any seating, including sandstone, include seating with back and arm rests, to allow for a range of abilities.


The potential for a stairlift added to the project was queried and Pino indicated not at this time, with budget and environmental impact creating constraints.


Committee Members were informed that Hamish Murray, Council’s Universal Design and Access Project Officer, would be available to speak to Members further on questions regarding the site and restrictions created by the environment.


Workshop with Councillors is scheduled in March 2023 and will report back to the Committee of updates.



1.     Scott Green joined the meeting online at 5:52pm.

2.    Emily Mahendran joined the meeting online at 5:54pm.

3.    Charlene Boardley joined the meeting in-person at 6:10pm



Four Better Neighbour Program Projects Update


The Committee Convenor informed Members of a delay in the planned program due to Council securing a grant that will enable the planting of extra trees, but results in changes to the program timelines It is the intention of Places Services to return to the Committee with a further update when the plan has been updated.



Other business



i.             Disability Inclusion Action Plan – A brief update on actions in the Plan was provided, including the undertaking of an accessibility audit of accessible components of playgrounds across the LGA. The Committee noted this can be used to share information on accessible features of local playgrounds. Additionally, the Library is exploring offering ongoing Auslan interpreted Storytime sessions.


ii.           Recognition of John Moxon – A brief update was provided on internal communications seeking to ensure relevant Council units bear in mind and consider opportunities for naming an open space asset after John Moxon.


iii.         Parramatta Aquatic Centre opening: Members expressed  ongoing interest in visiting the Centre prior to its official public opening. David Moutou indicated Council’s intention to invite the Committee to a walkthrough of the facilities after practical completion of the Centre expected to occur in May 2023.


iv.         CBD Parking Scheme Changes: Members asked for an update on the proposed changes to 1 hour parking spots in the Parramatta CBD, as presented at the October 2022 Committee Meeting.


v.           Pathway closures for repairs and maintenance: Charlene Boardley, Active Transport Committee, raised issue of walkways and cycleways being closed for maintenance, such as occurred with the Escarpment closed for weed removal, with little to no public notice in lead up to closure. When planned, the closure should be communicated to the public prior to closure, to ensure that that users have opportunity to alter routes in advance. Charlene indicated Active Transport Committee will be following up on this, and the Access Committee also expressed need for sufficient public notice for all pedestrians, regardless of ability.


vi.         Playground pathways: Charlene Boardley also informed Committee of a local project that is looking at the rideability of playgrounds, specifically the tracks that circle playgrounds and parks that many children use to build confidence in riding bikes and scooters. There is concern over these pathways, dinky tracks, not being wide enough for adaptive bike use, and therefore not able to be used by all children.



·         Action for Item iv. Tanya Owen indicated she will seek an update on the parking scheme changes previously discussed with the Committee and report back to the Committee.


·         Action for Item vi. Tanya Owen will discuss with Hamish Murray, Universal Design & Access Project Officer, the width of playground pathways catering to a variety of bikes used by children of all abilities, any Standards that may be applicable to this and explore potential for Council to increase widths in the future works.



Next Scheduled Meeting Date 4 April 2023


Meeting Closed: 6:50pm