Meeting Name

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 Advisory Committee



1 December 2022

Time 5:30PM


Level 12 Boardroom, 126 Church St Parramatta /

MS Teams




·       Councillor Paul Noack (Chairperson)

·       Councillor Dan Siviero

·       Ange Humphries (remote)


Committee Members

·       Alisa Huang (remote)

·       Daniel Green

·       Saif Islam

·       Dr Shima Taheri (remote)

·       Suntharalingham Senthilanantha (remote)



·       Anthony Newland, Group Manager Infrastructure Planning & Design – City Planning & Design

·       Sandra Martin, Infrastructure Planning & Design – City Planning & Design


Apologies / Leave of Absence

·       Lord Mayor Donna Davis

·       Deputy Lord Mayor Clr Sameer Pandey

·       Councillor Dr Patricia Prociv

·       Shant Ohannessian

·       Lily Wang, Parramatta Light Rail Program Interface  Manager – City Planning & Design


Chaired By

Councillor Paul Noack



Imma Smith


HPRM Reference








Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.




The Chairperson welcomed attendees to the meeting and advised Conrad Weber from Renzo Tonin Acoustic & Vibration Consultants will joining the meeting in-person after 6.00pm.




The Committee received and noted apologies from

·       Lord Mayor Donna Davis

·       Deputy Lord Mayor Clr Sameer Pandey

·       Councillor Dr Patricia Prociv

·       Shant Ohannessian

·       Lily Wang, Parramatta Light Rail Program Interface  Manager – City Planning & Design


Disclosure of Interests




Confirmation of Previous Minutes from 17 November 2022 Meeting


The Committee confirmed the tabled minutes.


Resignation of Gregory Willis and VeeLyn Tan.


·       The Committee accepted the resignation of Gregory Willis and VeeLyn Tan.

·       An EOI for new community members will be undertaken

·       Employees of TfNSW as members may present conflicting interests.

·       The original list has been exhausted.

·       Employees of TfNSW and Sydney Trains are not eligible due to potential conflict of interest.


The Committee endorsed an Expression of Interest (EOI) callout.


Presentation from Acoustic and Vibration Consultants - Renzo Tonin & Associates


Conrad Weber from Renzo Tonin & Associates presented on the Peer Review of the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Noise and Vibration Assessments.


The presentation provided an overview of how noise and vibration is assessed for Construction and Operations and areas with the greatest potential impacts were highlighted.


Mitigation measures were proposed to minimise noise and vibration impacts and recommendations to guide Council’s EIS submission were provided.


The Consultant report provided a summary of the review – which included:

·       Construction Noise Management Levels (NML) Standard Construction hours is 10dB above background level and 5db for out of hours works (OOH).  Strong justification required for OOHW.

Refer TfNSW Construction Noise and Vibration Strategy document

Two scenarios have been considered – worst-case assessment and worst-case assessment with 10dB reduction in noise levels

·       Approximate 5-6 year construction noise program, from 2024-2031.

·       Some of the key construction noise issues are: OOHW for utility works, road works, bridge works and delivery of oversized equipment.

·       Mitigation measures for construction vibration (surveys, site measurements, vibration monitoring, consideration of alternative construction techniques.

·       Noise assessment methodology (train speed, noise modelling, noise levels, noise predictions.

·       Operational notice for light rail operations showed:

o   149 exceedances from noise modelling results – night-time LAeq - Year 2040.

o   No exceedances from noise modelling results – daytime and night-time LAmax - Year 2040.

·       NSW Road Noise Policy (detailed assessments of mitigation where road traffic noise levels increase by more than 2dB; detailed assessment of noise that occurs when car tyres cross the track.

·       Ground-borne noise trigger levels:

o   LAmax = maximum passby noise level (95%)

o   Only applicable where the ground-borne noise levels (internal) are higher than the airborne noise levels (internal).

·       Residential ground-borne noise trigger levels for day (7am-10pm) is 40 LASmax, and 35 LASmax at night (10pm-7am).

·       Operational Ground-borne noise and vibration - high performance track forms are required in identified locations with ground-borne noise levels above 35dBA to reduce ground-borne noise.

·       Floating slab track (concrete supported on layer of ballast mat) for CBD & South East Light Rail (CSELR).

·       Noise and vibration modelling assumptions are consistent with PLR Stage 1.

·       Predictions to be updated during detailed design based on PLR Stage 1 measurement results and the proposed track forms.


The Committee received and noted the presented information.


Feedback from Advisory Committee Members


·       Anthony Newland outlined how TfNSW leases the track area to the rail operator, who is then responsible for running the trams, maintenance, passengers etc.

·       Fencing will be in place particularly in high speed areas, the CBD 20km areas will have no fencing. 


Council’s EIS submission to identify areas requiring fencing.


Issues List


Anthony Newland discussed the preferred turn back point in the CBD not being in Macquarie Street.




General Business


Submissions for EIS due 7 December 2022, however TfNSW may extend to 16 December 2022. 


Committee to encourage submissions from their networks before 7 December 2022.


Next Meeting Date


9 March 2023  


Meeting Closed:  7:17PM