Meeting Name

Access Advisory Committee Meeting



6 December 2022

Time 5:34-7:10pm


126 Church Street Parramatta, Microsoft Teams and Audio Dial-in



Jayne Boardman - Committee Member

Ross Chaplin – Committee Member

Leone Clark - Committee Member

Kanisha Diwakar - Committee Member

Scott Green - Committee Member

Timothy Hart – Committee Member

Mark Kunach - Committee Member / Chair

Emily Mahendran - Committee Member

Susan Thompson - Committee Member

Charlene Boardley – Guest


Rod Gutierrez - Community Capacity Building Manager

Tanya Owen Community Capacity Building Officer & Convenor

Cecile Tran – Place Manager


Brett Nangle – Principal Landscape Architect – Nangle LA


Apologies / Leave of Absence




Marvi Gordon


HPRM Reference









Acknowledgement of Country


The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.



Housekeeping/Meeting Protocols





The Committee members introduced themselves to the Committee and provided a brief background about themselves and purpose of joining the Committee.





There were no apologies for this Advisory Committee meeting.



Disclosure of Interests


There were no conflicts of interest declared at this Advisory Committee meeting.



Confirmation of Minutes



The minutes of the Access Advisory Committee meeting, held on 4 October 2022, was been received and noted, and confirmed as a true record of the proceeding of that meeting.



Moved by Susan Thompson and seconded by Mark Kunach, the motion put was CARRIED.



Four Better Neighbour Program Projects – Attachment 1


Brett Nangle, Principal Landscape Architect from Nangle LA and Cecile Tran, Place Manager presented.




The Committee were informed of the projects specific to Epping Town Centre East, Sherwood Street Shops, Connecting Granville and Stamford Avenue Shops.


The Committee raised concerns over and discussed for all projects:

·         The angle and location of curb ramps needing to be to Standard, and the difficulty of safely navigating level crossings for the sight impaired where there is no height difference between curb and road to warn of the start of the road;

·         The need for appropriate tactile ground indicators;

·         Public utility providers use of pits or pillars, where the preference is for pits which do not interfere with paths of travel along footpaths. And creation of barriers for the sight impaired when pillars are placed along building lines;

·         Ensuring minimum pedestrian throughfare width for outdoor dining areas;

·          Outdoor dining table heights and seating that allow for wheelchair users and the elderly to comfortably use, and the need for Council guidelines to provide restaurants and cafes the minimum height requirements to ensure accessibility;-

·         Adequate seating for people who may be waiting for a lift – particularly the elderly and other less mobile people, with seating to include back and arm rests and cover from the weather.

·         Ensuring that barriers are in place at the base of seating and other infrastructure (bike racks) to prevent canes from being caught or falsely indicate a clear path of travel to the cane user.

·         Provision of accessible rubbish bins


Shared pathways for cyclists and pedestrians was also discussed for the Granville area development following feedback from the Active Transport Advisory Committee Representative. The Committee agreed that education, signage and changing surface treatments should be considered to ensure safety for all when sharing a pathway.



·         The Committee’s feedback has been formally noted, but Committee Members were also encouraged to provide individual feedback via community consultation opportunities for each neighbourhood project.

·         It is the intention of Place Services to return to the Committee with a further opportunity for feedback on more detailed designs.



International Day of People with Disability at Council


Rodrigo Gutierrez, Community Capacity Building Manager



The Committee were informed of events and programs to educate, increase public awareness and understanding of people with disability and promote inclusion both in the broader community and within Council.


A question was raised regarding the extent to which Riverside provides an Audio Description service across its programming.



Convenor to follow up with Riverside regarding Audio Description capacity and will report the response back to the Committee.



2024 Chair/Deputy Chair Election Process



The Committee was informed the Chair and Deputy Chairperson voting and election will take place at the next meeting on 7 February 2023.



In preparation for the election process the Convenor will call for nominations from the Committee for the Chair and Deputy Chair positions in early 2023. People nominated will be asked to confirm their acceptance prior to the 7 February 2023.



Other business


·         A Committee Member requested information on major upgrades to Parramatta Lake they understand to be planned, and if community consultation will take place.

·         Active Transport Committee Member shared information on free bicycle rides through Cycling without Age – Parramatta Chapter.



·         Convenor to follow-up and report back on the Parramatta Lake query, and if there is an opportunity for the Committee to be involved.

·         Active Transport Committee Member will circulate additional information about Cycling without Age – Parramatta Chapter.



Next Meeting Date


Tuesday, 7 February 2023


Meeting Closed: 7:10pm