Meeting Name

Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 Advisory Committee



17 November 2022

Time 6:00PM


Level 12 Boardroom, 126 Church St Parramatta / MS Teams




·         Councillor Dan Siviero

·         Councillor Paul Noack

·         Councillor Dr Patricia Prociv (Alternate)

·         Councillor Phil Bradley (Ex Officio)

·         Councillor Kellie Darley (Ex -Officio) (Remote)


Committee Members

·         Alisa Huang (arrived at 6:30pm)

·         Saif Islam

·         Shant Ohannessian

·         Dr Shima Taheri

·         Suntharalingham Senthilanantha  (Remote)



·         Anthony Newland, Group Manager Infrastructure Planning & Design – City Planning & Design


Apologies / Leave of Absence


·         Lord Mayor Donna Davis (Chairperson)

·         Deputy Lord Mayor Clr Sameer Pandey


Committee Members:

·         Daniel Green

·         Gregory Willis

·         Veelyn Tan



·         Lily Wang, Parramatta Light Rail Program Interface Manager – City Planning & Design


Chaired By

Councillor Paul Noack



Vandana Saini


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Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.


Welcome and member introductions


The Chairperson welcomed all attendees to the meeting and noted the meeting is being recorded for the purpose of Minute taking.




The Committee received and noted apologies from

·         Lord Mayor Councillor Donna Davis

·         Deputy Lord Mayor Clr Sameer Pandey

·         Daniel Green

·         Gregory Willis

·         Veelyn Tan

·         Lily Wang




Acceptance of Resignation of David Marr


The Committee accepted the resignation of David Marr.



Ø  Council Staff will revise the EOI list and shortlist candidates and present it to the Committee for approval.


Disclosure of Interest




Acceptance of Minutes of Previous Meetings:

PLRS2  - Minutes 1 Sep 2022

PLRS2 – Minutes 3 Nov 2022


The Committee received and noted the tabled minutes.


The Committee resolved that the minutes of the Parramatta Light Rail

Stage 2 Committee Meetings held on the  1 September 2022 and the 3

November 2022 be received and noted as a true record of the meetings.


Key Issues of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)


Anthony Newland presented a summary of EIS, that is a strategic document released by Transport for NSW.  The presentation was categorised into what is proposed by TfNSW, what is currently happening and how is the proposal going to impact PLRS2.


The Key points that are of importance to focus on are:

Ø  Cut & Fill and Spoil Management – forecast 73,000 cubic metres of excess spoil - Chapter 22

o   The project diversion target is 100% diverted from landfill of clean/useable excavation  spoil.

o   In PLRS1 the contractor retained 100% of reusable fill on site, leading to steep, unsafe embankments on the Carlingford Line share path.

o   The learning outcome was to measure sustainability by more than just construction efficiency.

Ø  Green Track – Chapter 6

o   According to EIS, Green Track is only proposed in the Willowmere & Atkins Road Stop. They suggest further design work on permeable finishes.

o   Council recommends that green track should be used more widely as a mitigation technique for hard surfaces.

o   Advocacy is required to have TfNSW commit to more green tracks.

Ø  Wire-free running – Chapter 6

o   The proposed wire-free zone is along Down Fraser Avenue between the Jacaranda Square and Carter Street Stops.

o   Council have consistently requested wire-free zones in the Willowmere precinct and within the Camellia Town Centre area.

o   Advocacy is required to have TfNSW commit.

Ø  Active Transport Links  - Chapter 6,9, Tech Paper 2

o   When the PLRS2 moved to the south, the pedestrian cycling share path have moved few times towards the edge of the Sanctuary Wentworth Point which is not feasible to the public.

o   Council believes that the public should have continuous shared path and not broken path.

Ø  Social Impact – Chapter 14 and tech Paper 7

o   The impact is mainly based on property acquisitions.

o   TfNSW is offering a ’personal relationship officer’.

Ø  Business Impact – Chapter 14 and Tech Paper 8

o   TfNSW will provide Business Management and Activation Plan, Place Mangers and small business support program to support the businesses that are impacted by the Parramatta Light Rail.

Ø  Built Heritage – Bulla Cream Dairy (Willowmere) – Chapter 12 and Tech Papers 5-6

o   TfNSW has done a reasonable job to build track around the heritage house but the sketch is not detailed which is also missing a substation in the backyard.

Ø  Heritage Interpretation – Chapter 12 and Tech Paper 5-6

o   In PLRS1, heritage interpretation was done poorly and there was no coordination by TfNSW and was budget driven.

o   Council recommends that TfNSW needs suitable condition of planning approval for the EIS.

Ø  Traffic Impact – Chapter 8, Tech Paper 2

o   698 parking spaces permanently removed due to the project during construction.

o   Melrose Park, Wentworth Point, Sydney Olympic Park and Lidcombe may experience strain on the existing parking network.

o   Commuter parking strategy required and implemented by TfNSW.

Ø  Noise – Chapter 10 and Technical Paper 3

o   Construction impact

o   Operation Impact

Ø  Vibration – Chapter 10 and Tech Paper 3

o   Construction vibration impacts – study area 100m from alignment.

o   Outcomes of the Construction vibration impacts assessment and mitigation strategies were shared with the Committee.

Ø  Macquarie Street Terminus – Chapter 5

o   EIS does not include appropriate impact assessment.

Ø  Bridge Construction – Chapter 5

o   There are various design options for bridges i.e.  Box girder, Super T, Steel tied arch bridge, steel truss and Cable Stay.

o   EIS prefers box girder and support TfNSW to make the main bridge more aesthetically pleasing.

o   Council should advocate for a better design for the main bridge.

Ø  Community Consultation – Chapter 8 and Appendix F

o   Community consultation was open from March to October 2022.

o   Have Your Say virtual engagement extended from May to July 2022.

o   October 2022 community consultation on extended construction hours had a poor response rate of less than 4%, with 53% of those who responded noting construction from 7am to 7pm on Sunday and public holidays to be acceptable, with 40% of respondents finding it not acceptable. This is not at all conclusive, survey results should be discussed for their validity, and another campaign on construction hours, with acceptable confidence levels, should be carried out by TfNSW. Until that occurs, construction hours should not change.

Ø  Urban Design and street trees – Chapter 5

o   TfNSW seems to focus on hard operational, construction and cost objectives and not on soft objectives such as urban design and public domain.

Ø  Residual Land – Chapter 6

o   The EIS estimates that the residual land would compromise a total of about 17,700 sqm with most of the residual land.

o   The final area of residual land would be subject to ongoing design development.

Ø  Next Steps

o   Review of EIS documents by Committee

o   Receipt of detailed comments from staff

o   1 December Committee meeting

o   Submission due 7 December, pending Council request to extend submission period.




1.        Council should consider Smart Lighting for the Light Rail tracks.

2.       Committee to collate feedback from the residents around their area and how PLR is going to impact them.

3.       Committee to discuss strategies to advocate on behalf of residents and businesses.

4.      Submissions should be sent to Department of Planning with conditions and strategies to resolve the impacts of restricted parking. For e.g. an advocacy for a decent strategy to get workers parking somewhere else in Sydney Park with the shuttle where the contractor should be required to pay The Contractor who is doing a design and construct should be required to shuttle their people.

5.      Each area should decide what are the key issues of that particular area then do individual submissions to make an impact and advocate.


Questions and Discussions




General Business






Next Meeting Date – 1 December 2022


Meeting Closed:  8:10PM