Meeting Name

Heritage Advisory Committee

Quorum: 8


1 November 2022

Time: 5:00PM


Level 12 Boardroom, 126 Church Street, Parramatta



Chairperson and Deputy Chair:

-       Stephanie Licciardo (Chair)

-       Graham Shirley (Deputy Chair)

Committee Members

-       Cheryl Bates

-       Jeff Allen

-       Julie Jones (Joined late at 5:30pm)

-       Laurie Bennett

-       Michele Grande

-       Raelene Billedo (Joined late at 5:30pm)

-       Scott Hill

-       Steve Kane

-       Tim Owen

-       Terrence Smith

Council staff

-       Andrea Giusa – DTSU Council’s Heritage Advisor

-       Mark Leotta  - DTSU  Group Manager

-       Robert Sutton – DTSU Technical Specialist Manager

-       Paul Kennedy – Strategic Land Use Planning Project Officer


Apologies / Leave of Absence

-       Suzette Meade

-       Wei Li



Vandana Saini


HPRM Reference








Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.


Welcome & Apologies


The Chairperson welcomed everyone at the meeting.


The Committee received and noted the apologies for Julie Jones and Raelene Billedo.


Disclosure of Interests – Nil


Confirmation of Minutes of meeting: 06 September 2022




That the minutes of Heritage Advisory Committee meeting held on 6 September 2022 be received as a true record of the meeting.


Committee meeting

Welcome and Introductions of the members absent at the last HAC meeting


Chair welcomed the new Committee Members to the meeting.


New Committee members introduced themselves to the Committee.


Subiaco Columns – updates from Land use


Paul Kennedy provided background and overview on Subiaco columns.



Subiaco Columns relates to a house build in Rydalmere in 1836 and was one of the Sydney finest colonial homes. The house was demolished in 1960 and the parts including the Subiaco columns were distributed in various parts of Sydney. Eventually the columns were brought back to Parramatta. The Heritage Advisory Committee at a meeting in June 2021 supported the relocation of the columns adjacent to the wharf at Eric Primrose Reserve, Rydalmere (which is close to the original house and Parramatta river). It was agreed that a completed concept plan for the relocation of the columns would be presented to the Committee.


The Concept plan is expected to be submitted in the first half of next year.


The Committee had an open discussion on the chosen location of the Eric Primrose Reserve and its merits and reference to the history.




1.      Paul to circulate Consultation presentation, outcomes of the presentation and minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee Meeting minutes of 17 June 2021.


Updates on:

·       Local Heritage Fund (LHF) guidelines.

·       Received Local Heritage Fund Applications


The purpose of the presentation is to seek approval to the recommendation for Local Heritage Grants.

Paul Kennedy explained the purpose of the Local Heritage Grants and funding guidelines.


The total budget is $35,500 of which the Council sought’ s $16,528.


The applicants seeking funding subject to assessment by the Heritage Officer.


The Committee Recommendations were as follows:



1.      84 Harris Street, Harris Park seeking $3,300 – Not approved – Hill/Grande

2.     105 Railway Parade, Wentworthville $2,607 – Approved Allen/Shirley

3.     83 Eastwood Avenue, Eastwood $3,300 – Approved  Licciardo/Grande

4.     35 Wigram Street, Harris Park $1,850 – Approved subject to all works to be done in consistency and sympathetic to values of Heritage site. Grande/Smith

5.     12 Epping Avenue, Eastwood $60 – Approved  Bates/Grande

6.     30 The Boulevard, Epping $2,111 – Approved in principle subject to resolution of approvals issue  Licciardo/Shirley

7.     29 Lakeside Road, Eastwood $3,300 – Approved Smith/Hill


All applications to be process as recommended subject to assessment by the Heritage Advisor.


Update from Strategic Land Use Planning


Paul Kennedy provided an update on two site  specific planning proposals and requested Committee feedback.

1.      45 Macquarie Street, Parramatta an archaeological site that includes archaeological displays at basement level. Planning proposal seeks to reduce the extent of the listing in line with the State Heritage Register which will result in future exemption and complying development not being affected by the listing.


2.     23-27 Harold Street and 53 Sorrell Street, Parramatta. A locally listed item known as Currawong House is situated at 53 Sorrell Street. The proposal is to increase height from 11m to 60m (16 storeys) and FSR from 0.8:1/0.6:1 to 5:1.. The Department of Planning is deciding whether to fund Council to carry out a study of the North Parramatta area that could affect future planning controls.


Questions arising from the open discussion regarding 45 Macquarie Street were:

a.     What is the rationale and intent to reduce the listing?

b.     What are we losing in the transition from the local to the State significant listing?


Note: A Committee member in the context of 23 – 27 Harold Street and 53 Sorrell Street requested that the Meeting Agenda should include all listed items that gives the Committee members an opportunity to identify a conflict of interest and declare it at the beginning of the meeting.


Action regarding 45 Macquarie Street, Parramatta: Owen/Bates

1.      That the Committee recommends additional information be provided as to why the applicant wants to reduce the listing and what physical deposits and what value exists outside of the area of the proposed reduced listing. And also the additional information is sought to understand the archaeological significance of the remainder of the site with regard to threshold for local significance as well as State significance.


Action regarding 23 – 27 Harold Street and 53 Sorrell Street, Parramatta: Licciardo/Bates

2.     That the Committee does not support an increase in FSR and height due to issues of massive overshadowing that will impact the setting and character of the area with no positive benefits to the heritage item or the area.

3.     The Committee Meeting Agenda to include listing of property addresses in future to assist determination of conflict of interest.


Updates on the new SharePoint channel created on Microsoft teams


Vandana Saini provided an update of the new Channel created for the Heritage Advisory Committee Meeting and how to navigate the same.



1.      To ensure all Committee members have access to the MS Team Channel

2.     To add Forward Agenda to the Channel


General business/information

·       Opening of PHIVE (heritage interpretation)

·       Bus on Parramatta Square – (art installation).

·       Installation of the Lennox Bridge Blue Plaques (HNSW)

·       Solar Energy System on heritage properties and HCA

·       Updates on IHO 10 New Zealand Street PARRAMATTA and Nomination for State Heritage Listing.

·       19 Crimea Street proposed new Garage and outbuilding.


Question arises by HAC members absent on the meeting 6/09/2022. Induction workshop for Committee absent at the 6/09/2022 HAC meeting (presentation on share point)


Andrea Giusa provided latest updates on the items listed in General Business.



1.      To clarify the parameters from the SEPP for infrastructure (Mark Leotta)



1.      Council webpage to include factsheets on “How to install solar energy system, and the requirements of a Heritage  Minor Works application for installation onto the roofing of a  Heritage Item or items located within a Conservation Areas”.


Response on HAC committee enquiries:

·       SHR 01302 LEP item I1302 43A Thomas Street Parramatta.

Response: the item is State listed, and the applicant is currently working with S60 approval by HNSW.

·       Inconsistencies and misspelling on heritage items (I.e., “Ellangowan 7153 George Street Parramatta) and amend heritage listing to reflect the State Listing of “Hambledon Cottage” at 47 Hassall Street Parramatta):


Response: The incorrect spelling of the item at 153 George Street is to be rectified as part of a future housekeeping amendment. The Department of Planning and Environment is considering rectifying the listing for Hambledon cottage to reflect its State listing significance in the course of finalising the Harmonisation LEP. 


General Business




That the secretariat consider having first meeting in February 2023 followed by 5 bi-monthly meetings.


That the Committee recommends the listing of First Nations Cultural Heritage sites and the mapping of these heritage sites across the City of Parramatta Local Government Area.


Hill/ Licciardo

That the Parramatta Heritage Advisory committee [as appointed 2022] wishes to recognise, and express its sincere thanks to, outgoing members for their many years of dedication and participation.  


·       The effectiveness of this committee is wholly dependent on the range of heritage skills and professional expertise, local knowledge and experience, and passion of its members, and in this it has been well served.

·       While the commitment of all the outgoing members is recognised, the significant role played by Associate Professor Carol Liston AO must be singled out for special mention. Her dedication to the tangible and intangible heritage of Parramatta and to the work of this committee, especially by serving as its Chair for several years, matched with her prodigious knowledge, professional experience and attention to historic detail is inspiring.    

·       The Chair and Committee members extend their gratitude and well wishes to all outgoing members. This is passed on to Council with the recommendation of similar recognition being made in session.


The Chair opened the meeting for open discussion. Staff responded to queries.


Committee was requested to forward any Agenda Items to the Secretariat.


The Chairperson thanked all for attending the meeting.



Next Meeting Date: TBA


Meeting Closed:  7:15pm.