Meeting Name

Access Advisory Committee Meeting



4 October 2022

Time 6:30-7:25pm


126 Church Street Parramatta, Microsoft Teams and Dial-in (audio only)



Jayne Boardman - Committee Member

Leone Clark - Committee Member

Scott Green - Committee Member

Mark Kunach - Committee Member

Emily Mahendran - Committee Member

Susan Thompson - Committee Member


David Moutou – Group Manager Social & Community Services

Tanya Owen – Community Capacity Building Officer & Convenor

Ramani Regis - Project Officer – Disability Inclusion Action Plan


Mark Chircop - Community Engagement Senior Advisor

Bea Tan - Community Engagement Officer

Behzad Saleh - Senior Traffic & Transport Engineer



Apologies / Leave of Absence

Timothy Hart - Committee Member


Post-meeting apology: Kanisha Diwakar – Committee Member




Marvi Gordon


HPRM Reference











Acknowledgement of Country


The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.



Temporary Chair Appointment & Introductions


Convenor nominated Mark Kunach, for the position of Temporary Chairperson for the October and December 2022 meetings until the formal election of Chair and Deputy Chair in February 2023 by the Committee.


When put to vote, the nomination of Mark Kunach to the position of temporary Chairperson was UNANIMOUS.


The Committee members provided a brief introduction of themselves.



Mark Kunach was elected to the position of Chairperson for the October and December 2022 meetings.





The Committee received and noted the apology for Timothy Hart.


Post-meeting Council Officer note: A late apology was received from Kanisha Diwakar who was unable to attend due to illness.



Disclosure of Interests


There were no conflicts of interest declared at this Advisory Committee meeting.



Vale John Moxon – Former Committee Member


The Committee recognised John Moxon’s contribution, influence and disability advocacy to the Parramatta community and notes Committee notes the condolence Council extended to Margaret Moxon and family for the passing of John Moxon.


The Committee notes the 'Matter of Urgency’ at the Council Meeting on 12 September 2022 (attached).


The Chair suggested Council name an accessible playground after John, in recognition of his years of service and contributions to the community.


David Moutou acknowledged the value of the suggestion and intention behind it, and spoke to the challenges of finding a relevant and appropriate opportunity to demonstrate Council’s appreciation for John and his contributions to the community.



David Moutou noted the request and indicated that honouring John Moxon in this way, in relation to a Council asset, will be taken into consideration when a relevant opportunity is presented.



Disability Inclusion Action Plan Renewal – Update (Inform)

Ramani Regis, Project Officer Disability Inclusion Action Plan


Staff provided an update on the Disability Inclusion Action Plan renewal process, the new actions proposed and endorsement by Council at the 8 August 2022 Council Meeting.


Susan Thompson noted the importance of consideration for some of the practical implications for employment, in relation to Council membership with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) – bringing people into the organisation and supporting employment – beyond technical and theoretical policies and staff training in relation to this.


Ramani Regis acknowledged this point and confirmed awareness of this need, and that the renewed DIAP does include actions addressing this.



Committee member Susan Thompson retired from the meeting at 7:07pm.



30-Minute CBD Parking Scheme (Consultation) + Draft Community Engagement Strategy (Inform)

Behzad Saleh, Senior Traffic & Transport Engineer

Bea Tan, Community Engagement Officer



The Committee were informed of a proposed Scheme to convert 1 hour on-street parking spots to 30 minutes in specific locations of the CBD. The proposal has arisen out of the identified parking being frequently utilised to park all-day with a mobility permit where the driver was not in fact entitled to use of the permit. This effectively reduces the availability of short term on-street parking in high traffic areas, and for people with disability specifically.


It was noted that changing the identified locations to 30 minute parking will still enable people with mobility permits to utilise these spaces for up to 2 hours under NSW parking rules for on-street parking areas. This is expected to make the spaces less likely to be used for periods longer than 30 minutes by people who may not have a genuine need and right to do so.


Concerns were expressed over the reduction in on-street day long or extended parking options with the proposed Scheme and the financial challenge of utilising day long paid off-street parking for people with disabilities.


Staff noted that dedicated and unrestricted on-street mobility parking spaces are still available in the CBD. While not many and their locations will change, there number will remain the same following the changes to on-street parking resulting from the Parramatta Light Rail.


Staff indicated the Scheme proposed as representing one response to the frequent use and regular abuse of on-street 1 hour parking for all-day parking with a mobility permit.


Members did note that the Light Right rail should further assist with transport into and out of the CBD for people with disability.


Questions were raised regarding if Council was seeking broader community feedback on the proposed Scheme and specifically from people with disability.


Council staff indicated that in addition to consulting with the Access Committee, several measures had been taken to inform potentially affected people of the change. This includes signs at all parking meters to be affected, engagement with key businesses and buildings in the affected areas, ads in local press (including Council’s), and a social media campaign. An implementation review is also planned, to monitor the process and outcomes.


Council staff also noted that in discussing this issue at meetings of the previous Committee, Members indicated that a change to the limit from unlimited to 2 hours with a mobility permit was suitable for most people with disability needing to attend appointments with health care providers or collect prescriptions, for example.


The Scheme is due to be considered by Council in December, and following approval, is likely to be implemented early in 2023.


Members were also informed of the Draft Community Engagement Strategy on Public Exhibition and how to engage with this process.



Concerns raised by Committee Members regarding the proposed 30 Minute Parking Scheme were noted by Council Officers presenting.


Next Meeting Date


Tuesday, 6 December 2022


Meeting Closed: 7:25pm