Meeting Name

Heritage Advisory Committee

Quorum: 8


06 September 2022

Time: 5:00PM


Level 12 Boardroom, 126 Church Street, Parramatta

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Committee Members

-       Cheryl Bates

-       Laurie Bennett

-       Michele Grande

-       Scott Hill

-       Steve Kane

-       Wei Li

-       Stephanie Licciardo

-       Suzette Meade

-       Tim Owen

-       Graham Shirley

-       Terrence Smith

Council staff

-       Andrea Giusa – DTSU Council’s Heritage Advisor

-       Mark Leotta  - DTSU  Group Manager

-       Robert Sutton – DTSU  Technical Specialist Manager

-       Paul Kennedy – Strategic Land Use Planning Project Officer


Apologies / Leave of Absence

-       Jeff Allen

-       Julie Jones

-       Raelene Billedo




Vandana Saini


HPRM Reference








Acknowledgement of Country

The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.


Welcome & Apologies


Andrea Giusa welcomed the Committee members and staff.

The Committee received and noted the apologies for Jeff Allen, Julie Jones and Raelene Billedo.


Disclosure of Interests


Induction workshop for Committee


Andrea Giusa conducted the Induction Workshop with Paul Kennedy assistance and provided Heritage Information that are listed under the Local Government Area (LGA), Statutory Controls (LEP) and Non Statutory Controls (DCP).


Question on Notice:

- If the Committee minutes are not presented to the Council how does the Council know about the activities of the Committee and what significance does it apply?

- What kind of reports can be shared with networks in context to confidentiality?

- List of Heritage items/sites within the LGA


Note: The Agenda Order was changed and Agenda Item 6 was discussed after Agenda Item 4.


Introduction of Committee Members


Committee Members introduced themselves to the Committee and provided a brief background about themselves and the purpose of joining the Committee.




Election of Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson


Nominated Candidates for the Chairperson were:

Graham Shirley

Scott Hill

Suzette Meade

Stephanie Licciardo


Scott and Suzette did not accept the nomination.


The vote was undertaken for Graham Shirley and Stephanie Licciardo.

Graham :4 and Stephanie: 5

The Committee elected Stephanie Licciardo as the Chairperson


The only nomination received for Deputy Chairperson was Graham Shirley and he was elected by the Committee with 8 votes.


Stephanie Licciardo – Chairperson

Graham Shirley – Deputy Chairperson


Addressing the response to Committee members


Vandana Saini informed the Committee that all queries/agenda items regarding the Committee be directed to Governance only.


The Committee noted the same.


General Business


Paul Kennedy shared the Council resolution from the 14 June 2022 Council Meeting.



SUBJECT                 Local Heritage Grant Applications


REFERENCE           F2021/02440 - D08516916


REPORT OF            Project Officer Land Use



RESOLVED             (Garrard/Pandey)


(a)     That Council approve the Heritage Grant recommendations, as detailed in paragraph 8 of this report as follows:

i.     Make a grant of $1,672 for 144 Good Street, Harris Park.

ii.    Make a grant of $3,300 for 46 Grose Street, North Parramatta

iii.   Make a grant of $3,300 for 3 Albion Street, Harris Park.

iv.   Make a grant of $3,300 for 5 Albion Street, Harris Park. 

(b)    That the Heritage Advisory Committee be advised of Council’s decision on these applications at the first meeting of the Committee.

(a)         Further that Council review the maximum amount available per grant and that the findings of this review be presented to a Councillor Workshop.



He further explained that the total amount allocated for the Heritage Grants per year is $35,000 and it is not a roll over grant. Heritage Grants Committee receive eligible applications and make recommendation to the Council. The Council will then decide to approve/no approve the recommendation.


The Committee discussed the terms of reference of the Heritage Grants Committee v’s Public Art & Heritage Interpretation Advisory Committee.


Committee member shared a positive story of recent publication by Julie Jones and Tim Owens (and two other Dharug elders) on Parramatta’s Deep Time landscape.



1.      The Committee to receive Terms of Reference of Public Art & Heritage Interpretation Advisory Committee, Councillor Grants, Community Grants so as to understand the difference between the Committees.

2.      The Committee to receive Guidelines with examples of the Heritage Grants[VS1]  for feedback.

3.      The Publication by Julie Jones and Tim Owens on Parramatta’s Deep Time landscape to be circulated to all members.


Next Agenda Items proposed:

·       Update on Subiaco columns


Next Meeting Date: 1 November 2022


Meeting Closed: 7:32pm.



 [VS1]Andrea just tidy this question.