Meeting Name

Floodplain Risk Management Committee



29 September 2022

Time 5:30 PM


126 Church Street Parramatta and Microsoft Teams



Councillor Dr Patricia Prociv – Chairperson

Councillor Phil Bradley – Deputy Chairperson


Michaela Briggs -  Western Sydney University

Fiona Coe -  Department of Planning & Environment

Mark Favetta -  Transport for NSW - Parramatta Light Rail

Angela Hansford – Community Member

Pramod Janardhanan -  Sydney Water

Jacqueline Kenner -  NSW Emergency Services

Deepak Makhijanio – Greater River City

Annie Neilsen -  Parramatta Climate Action Network (ParraCAN)

Jazmin Van Veen -  Department of Planning & Environment


Robert Cologna – Group Manager Strategic Land Use Planning

Sarah McAskill -  Local Emergency Management Officer

Jim Tsom -  Supervisor Catchment Management and  Convenor



Apologies / Leave of Absence

Nadine Goss – Community Member



Marvi Gordon


HPRM Reference









Acknowledgement of Country


The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.



Welcome, introductions, apologies


All attendees provided a brief introduction of themselves.


The Committee received and noted the apology from Nadine Gross – Community Member.



Election of Chair and Deputy Chair


Nominated candidate for Chairperson was Cr Patricia Prociv.


When put to vote, the nomination of Cr Patricia Prociv to the position of Chairperson was UNANIMOUS.


Nominated candidate for Deputy Chairperson was Cr Phil Bradley.


When put to vote, the nomination of Cr Phil Bradley to the position of Chairperson was UNANIMOUS.



Cr Dr Patricia Prociv was appointed Chairperson.


Cr Phil Bradley was appointed Deputy Chairperson.



Chairperson Councillor Dr Patricia Prociv assumed the role as Chair.



Disclosure of Interests


There were no disclosure of interest for this Committee meeting.



Development Control Plan (DCP) Harmonisation Project


The Committee was provided a status updated for the DCP Harmonisation Project.


Council Officers gave a broad overview of the Harmonisation process and responded questions from Committee members. Officers also made a commitment to consult with Officers from Department Of Transport (Light Rail) if required to respond to any questions that Transport for NSW may have in relation to Council’s DCP and Flood Policy on land adjacent to light rail network.



Overview of Council’s Flood Studies and Management Study and Plan


The Committee was provided a brief overview of Council’s Flood Studies and Management Study and Plan.


The Committee raised the following concerns as listed below:


1.        The cleaning of Duck River and A’Becketts Creek;


2.       The impact of the works being proposed by Western Sydney Rail Link in regards to the stabling yard near the confluence of A’Becketts Creek, Little Duck and Duck River; and;



1.        It was explained the removal of debris and litter from Duck River is restricted the most of the river due to limited access. The cleaning of the concrete lined section of A’Beckett’s Creek, is undertaken by Sydney Water as this is their asset. The natural sections of the creek are cleaned by Council.


2.       Transport for NSW agreed to have their representative involve with the Western Sydney Rail Link project present to the next Floodplain Risk Management Committee and provide opportunity for any questions relating to this project.



General Business


·         Presentation submissions from Committee members received are listed below;


1.        Update on the findings of NSW Flood Inquiry and new flood planning tools now available from the Department of Planning and Environment and;


2.       Update of the Parramatta Light Rail Project by Transport for NSW.



·         The above submissions will be presented by DPE and TfNSW and will be included in the Agenda for the next Floodplain Risk Management Committee meeting.



Next Meeting Date


·          Meeting TBC as Committee members have a clash on the proposed 22 or 24 November 2022 dates.



·         Secretariat to send email to Committee members with alternate dates.



Meeting Closed: 6:33pm