Meeting Name

Smart City Advisory Committee Meeting



25 August 2022




Level 12, Boardroom, City of Parramatta Office
126 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150 + MS Teams



Lord Mayor Cr Donna Davis

Deputy Lord Mayor Cr Sameer Pandey

Meredith Hodgman

Peter Runcie

Dr. Sarah Barns

Scott Thomson

Dr. Ian Oppermann

Brett Newman

Nicole Carnegie

Jerome Pagitz

Matt Austin

Josh Jongma

Sophia Chrysanthos


Apologies / Leave of Absence




Marvi Gordon


HPRM Reference







Acknowledgement of Country


The City of Parramatta Council acknowledges the Burramattagal Clan of The Dharug, the traditional owners of land of Parramatta and pays its respects to the elders past, present and emerging.


Welcome and Introduction of New Members


All attendees provided a brief introduction of themselves.


Election of the Deputy Chairperson


Committee Member Ian Oppermann nominated himself for the position of Deputy Chairperson.

When put to the vote, the nomination of Ian Oppermann to the position of Deputy Chairperson was UNANIMOUS.


Departing Members of the Smart Cities Advisory Committee Thanked


The Chair, Lord Mayor Davis, thanked the former Lord Mayor, Councillor Issa for his support and vision for the Committee in the prior term of Council.


The Committee also thanked former members Lakshmi Logathassan, Lauren Jewell and Ben Meek for their contributions to the Committee in the previous term.




There were no apologies for this Advisory Committee meeting.


Disclosure of Interests


There were no disclosures of interest for this Advisory Committee meeting.


FOR NOTATION: Terms of Reference


The Committee were provided with the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the  Committee. The Committee noted a further review of the TOR will be undertaken by the end of 2022.


FOR NOTATION: Governance Model


The Committee discussed the Innovation Project Governance Model for Council, in particular:

·         Concerns were raised that it wasn’t clear in the Governance Model the relationship between the Smart City Strategy and what pilots were implemented.

·         The need to clarify specific terms in the model, e.g. trials, pilots and proof of concepts.

The CEO addressed the role of the Committee in relation to innovation and Smart City initiatives at the City of Parramatta Council being broader than City Strategy projects and to enable holistic guidance of the organisation towards becoming an innovative Council.


Staff agreed to provide further detail on the labels associated with the Governance Model.


Overview of Current Projects and Priorities


Council Officers provided an overview of the current projects and priorities as circulated in the presentation prior to the meeting.


In relation to Environmental Monitoring, it was raised Council could investigate collaboration with the NSW Department of Education for studies at Arthur Philip High School.


In relation to Data Assessment, a question was taken on notice requesting information to be provided about the data classification scheme.


In relation to Smart LED, a question was taken on notice concerning how innovation projects link to the Smart City Strategy.


Smart City Strategy Update


Council Officers provided an update on the Smart City Strategy research paper, including:


·         The model for the review of Parramatta’s status as a “Smart City”;

·         Community engagement on the Smart City Strategy;

·         Process and timeline for delivery of the Smart City Strategy


It was raised that smart infrastructure is an opportunity for Council to explore further.


The Committee discussed how the characteristics assessed in the research paper were drawn from a paper published in 2007, which may not be an appropriate source of information.


Staff acknowledged while the paper is the base characteristics, it is an academically enduring framework that has been applied widely and in a modern context.


Members raised that interviews should be held with other demographically comparable cities for the purpose of identifying other opportunities for Smart City initiatives.


Feedback was sought from the Committee members on what strengths Parramatta has as a smart city, what challenges Parramatta will face, what global trends Parramatta should track, and what other cities may provide good case studies.


·      Due to the above-raised discussion, the Committee agreed to organise another meeting with the consultants preparing the research paper, to facilitate cross-collaboration on the paper across the committee, Council Officers and  the consultants. In particular, a focus will be to review the methodology of the paper to consider, for example, smart infrastructure.


·      Staff committed to providing the Committee members with a copy of Council’s current CSP and DPOP.


Next Meeting Date of the Committee


The Committee agreed that the next meeting date, originally scheduled for 3 November, should be brought forward by three (3) to four (weeks) to early October.


Meeting Closed:  8:52pm