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Council                                                                            27 July 2020







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19      Notices of Motion

19.1          NOTICE OF MOTION:  Parramatta Touch Football Association................ 3

Council 27 July 2020                                                                    Item 19.1


ITEM NUMBER        19.1

SUBJECT                 NOTICE OF MOTION:  Parramatta Touch Football Association

REFERENCE           F2019/04433 - D07538929

FROM                      Councillor Garrard        




That Council endorse Parramatta Touch Football Association the use of a golf cart at Doyle Park, and:

1.     Council work with the Club to set ground rules around the use of the cart, ie, to be used to setting up and packing up the fields, medical emergencies, not to be used in wet weather; and

2.     Ensure the Club have relevant public liabilities in the term and condition of the park hire.





1.     Parramatta Touch Football Association received a State Government grant and would like to use some of the grant funds to purchase a golf cart. The Club identified in the grant application they would like to purchase the golf cart and would like to carry out small maintenance works to the amenity at Doyle Park (like painting the bathrooms etc).


2.     Parramatta’s largest sportsground Doyle Ground features 4 large sporting fields used by a variety of sporting clubs, schools and community groups. Doyle Ground is one of Sydney Metropolitan's 10 touch field venues. The Club as most sporting associations rely on volunteers and players to assist to setting up fields, a cart would assist with this and give the size of the park if there was an on field medical accident the cart would also assist with facilitating medical support re removal a player from the field. Given Doyle Park comprises of 4 fields which are all used by the Club the Golf Cart would be of great benefit.


3.     2019/20 Doyle Ground Floodlight Upgrade- Buller Street, North Parramatta. Parramatta Touch Football Association contributed $60k to the Doyle Ground lighting upgrade project. The total cost of this project was in excess of $500k.


4.     There is capacity and access in the amenity to store the golf cart.




5.       Council’s current Terms and Conditions for the Seasonal and Casual Use of Parks and Reserves do not permit the use of vehicles at Council sportsgrounds. This definition of vehicle would include a golf cart. The principle reason for not permitting vehicle use at Council sportsgrounds relates to public safety. Council’s parks, reserves and sportsgrounds are used by a wide variety of community members, including our sports clubs. These sites are regularly being used for exercise, families with young children and people walking their pets. These groups or users would not expect to be interacting with vehicles in these circumstances. In addition, Council has no influence over who is driving the vehicle, how the vehicle is being driven or maintained.


6.     Council officer concerns relating to the use of a golf cart by Parramatta Touch Football Association also include the impact of vehicle usage on the condition of the sports fields at Doyle Ground, setting a precedent for other sports clubs wishing to use similar vehicles and a lack of storage facilities at sports grounds across the LGA.


7.     If an injury were to occur in community sport activities that required the use of a vehicle to remove a player from the field, the recommended course of action would be for the club to call an ambulance to manage this situation.


8.     Should Council endorse golf cart usage at City of Parramatta Parks and Reserves, it is recommended Council officers carry out the following actions:


·        Undertake a risk assessment relating to golf cart usage at the specified Park and Reserve


·        Update relevant Council Policies impacted by golf cart usage and bring back to Council for endorsement


·        Update Council’s Seasonal and Casual Use of Parks and Reserves Terms and Conditions, to include a requirement for hirers to have the relevant public liability insurance relating to golf cart usage


·        Review Council’s public liability insurance policy relating to golf cart usage by Parks and Reserve hirers.




9.       There are no current financial or resource implications related to the use or storage of a golf cart at Doyle Ground.


10.   The cost of carrying out works to accommodate the storage of golf carts at other locations within the LGA is estimated to be in the range of $10,000-$60,000, depending on the suitability of existing facilities at each site.



Councillor Michelle Garrard





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