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Council                                                                             11 May 2020




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9        Minutes of the Lord Mayor

9.1           Resignation of Councillor Paul Han.... 4

9.2           National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week 2020.................. 5

10      Public Forum

10.1          PUBLIC FORUM: Item 18.2 - Proposed Amendment to the Homebush Bay West DCP 2013 and Planning Agreement for Block H....................... 7                

Council 11 May 2020                                                                      Item 9.1


ITEM NUMBER        9.1

SUBJECT                 Resignation of Councillor Paul Han

REFERENCE           F2019/03630 - D07409822

REPORT OF            Lord Mayor, Councillor Bob Dwyer        




The purpose of this Lord Mayor Minute is to formally acknowledge the resignation of Councillor Paul Han, and thank him for his service.





That Council formally acknowledge the resignation of Councillor Paul Han, effective from 30 April 2020, and thank him for his service.




1.     I would like to pay tribute to Councillor Paul Han, who has resigned from his position of Councillor for the City of Parramatta, effective from Thursday 30 April 2020, due to serious health issues.


2.     Cr Han has been battling cancer since July 2019, and is unfortunately unable to continue in his role as a Councillor.


3.     Cr Han was elected as a North Rocks Ward Councillor in September 2017, as part of the first Council elected to represent the City of Parramatta following amalgamation.


4.     Cr Han has been dedicated to serving the people of the North Rocks Ward, and broader Parramatta community for the last three years, and it has been a privilege to work alongside him.


5.     As a Carlingford resident, he was committed to working hard for the community to enhance Council services and make our City an even better place to live, to work and to raise a family.


6.     On behalf of the City of Parramatta, I would like to thank Cr Han for all of his work in helping to make our City a better place. I wish him and his family all the best during this difficult time.




7.     There are no new financial implications as a result of this Lord Mayoral Minute.


Councillor Bob Dwyer

Lord Mayor



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Council 11 May 2020                                                                      Item 9.2


ITEM NUMBER        9.2

SUBJECT                 National Sorry Day and National Reconciliation Week 2020

REFERENCE           F2019/03630 - D07409859

REPORT OF            Lord Mayor, Councillor Bob Dwyer       




The purpose of this Lord Mayor Minute is to recognise National Sorry Day on 26 May, and National Reconciliation Week from 27 May – 3 June 2020.





(a)    That Council note that National Sorry Day is on 26 May, held each yeah to recognise and commemorate members of the Stolen Generations, and recognise its significance to the first nation and people of Australia;

(b)    Further, that Council recognised that National Reconciliation Week 2020 is from 27 May to 3 June 2020, with this years’ theme of ‘In this together’ signifying that the journey of Reconciliation is one for all Australians.





1.     City of Parramatta Council respectfully recognises the Traditional Owners of the land and waters of Parramatta, the Darug Peoples. Parramatta has always been an important meeting place for Aboriginal peoples, particularly our iconic Parramatta River.


2.     As a Council, we are committed to working with Traditional Owners on matters of land, water, culture, language and cultural heritage, and we do this through many avenues including our Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan and our ongoing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee, established in 1995.


3.     City of Parramatta also recognises the significance of this area for all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as a site of early contact with European colonialists, and their connections to a number of institutions in Parramatta, including the Native Institution, Parramatta Gaol, Parramatta Park, and the Women’s Factory.


4.     Today, there are many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who work, live and play in Parramatta and Western Sydney, with Western Sydney having the largest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population of any region in Australia.




5.     National Sorry Day is held on 26 May each year to acknowledge and recognise members of the Stolen Generations.


6.     On 26 May 1997, the Bringing them Home report was tabled in Federal Parliament. Bringing them Home is the final report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families and was conducted by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (now called the Australian Human Rights Commission) between 1995 and 1997.


7.     On 26 May 1998, the first National Sorry Day was held to commemorate the anniversary of the tabling of the Bringing Them Home report and to recognise the Stolen Generations.


8.     National Reconciliation Week (NRW) is a time for all Australians to learn about our shared histories, cultures and achievements, and to explore how they can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.


9.     The dates for NRW remain the same each year, 27 May to 3 June. These dates commemorate two significant milestones in the reconciliation journey – the successful 1967 referendum, and the High Court Mabo decision respectively.


10.   ‘In this together’ is the theme for National Reconciliation Week (NRW) 2020, encouraging all Australians to reflect on the part they play – whether big or small – on the journey towards reconciliation.


11.   This unity of purpose creates a shared sense of belonging and identity; and this identity must value and include the histories, cultures and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Unity is also one of the five dimensions of reconciliation as defined by Reconciliation Australia.


12.   Due to COVID-19 and concerns for community safety, Reconciliation Australia is encouraging the community to join them in the events they are hosting online, and joining their social and digital media conversations.


13.   For a list of NRW 2020 events and resources, the community can visit




14.   There are no new financial implications as a result of this Lord Mayoral Minute.


Councillor Bob Dwyer

Lord Mayor



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Council 11 May 2020                                                                    Item 10.1


ITEM NUMBER        10.1

SUBJECT                 PUBLIC FORUM: Item 18.2 - Proposed Amendment to the Homebush Bay West DCP 2013 and Planning Agreement for Block H

REFERENCE           RZ/27/2016 -          


FROM                      Rick Graf


Dear Lord Mayor and Councillors, the Billbergia team wish to address you in relation to Item 18.2 - Proposed Amendment to the Homebush Bay West DCP 2013 and Planning Agreement for Block H, for public exhibition.


Our focus is on three things:

·    the Design Excellence process,

·    the public benefits to be delivered via the Voluntary Planning Agreement, and

·  the substantial transport improvements that support the final stage of Billbergia’s Award-winning Wentworth Point town centre development.

The detailed VPA for consideration tonight, has been scrutinized by Council’s Land Use Team, to ensure the full value and benefit of the offer is focussed on community needs in Wentworth Point. It includes:

-   Hill Road/Bennelong Parkway, major intersection upgrade and traffic lights. This work is vital, the intersection is dangerous, and the most talked about concern in the Wentworth Point community.

-   Open space. The winning Design Excellence competition scheme, increases the public park from 1.6Ha, TO OVER 2.5Ha of open space and will provide the key activities and embellishment for the community.

Other essential social infrastructure elements of the VPA include:

-   Library Funding

-      A Childcare Centre

-      Council Maintenance Fund

-      Baylink Shuttle Buses

-      Waterfront recreation facility

In terms of traffic and transport, we note that Council’s resolution from two years ago restricted application for Scenario two, until commitments from the State Government to Metro West and Parramatta Light Rail (Stage 2), or other transport improvements.


The good news is that there have been six (6) major traffic and transport improvements over the past two years that include:


1.  Metro West Committed:

The State Government has confirmed the route for Metro West and on 8 April 2020 called tenders for the tunnelling, with the start of construction confirmed by the end of this year.


2.  State Transit Buses:

Both the Government’s 526 & 533 routes have been upgraded and provide a 7-day service, with additional high frequency weekday peak commuter service.


3.  Billbergia’s Free Shuttle Buses:

Passenger surveys from the early trial of the Baylink Shuttle, reported a 15% mode shift away from private car trips - transforming the peak hour commuter traffic patterns in the area.


The fleet has subsequently been upgraded to include 4 full size 12.5m buses and an additional express service added at peak times. Patronage now averages 25,000 trips per week, and has reached more than 2.7 million total passenger trips since the service was introduced.


4.  WestConnex Opened:

The opening of WestConnex from Haberfield on 12 July 2019, has revolutionised traffic access and substantially improved travel times to and from Wentworth Point, and includes the Hill Road on ramp.


5.  Increased Rail Services on T9 Northern Line at Rhodes

In 2019, Sydney Trains increased to 8 trains per hour at peak times and upgraded to all 8-car trains.  This has resulted in a 60% capacity increase in peak services through Rhodes for Wentworth Point customers using bus connections across Bennelong Bridge.


6.  Traffic Intersection Improvements

Billbergia’s long proposed reconfiguration of the Hill Road & Bennelong Parkway intersection with traffic lights, will greatly improve safety, access and traffic flows to Wentworth Point.


Priority Projects for NSW Covid Response

At a broader level the NSW Treasurer, has issued criteria to identify ‘shovel ready’ projects for prioritisation through the assessment process of the planning system:

·    jobs–do projects create jobs?

·  timing–can the assessment and determination of the project be completed quickly, and can the project commence (for Das) or proceed to DA (for planning proposals) within 6 months?

·  public benefits–can the project deliver, or be a stimulus for the delivery of, public benefit?


In summary, Billbergia has worked closely with the community for over 12 years at Wentworth Point and delivered vital community infrastructure. The $70m offer represents almost double the value of VPA share for the floor space in the proposal, and delivers great value for the Council and the Community alike. 


As public transport is now satisfactorily improved by the measures outlined above, we strongly recommend that Council move forward with public exhibition of Scenario 2 to secure the full $70M value of VPA, and remove the staging caveat in the DCP amendment to realise the FULL benefit for the entire Wentworth Point community.



The submission is noted. The subject report is not seeking Council to choose a scenario in the draft DCP, but rather to place on public exhibition controls that requires certain transport infrastructure prior to achieving 85,000sqm (described as scenario 2). Should this transport infrastructure not be delivered only 54,356sqm (scenario 1) would progress. It is imperative that Council consult with Transport for New South Wales to confirm that the Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 and Metro West are required and the nature of the trigger, and/or whatever alternative arrangements would need to be provided to accommodate the increase in density from scenario 1 to scenario 2.




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