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Summary of submissions



Note: Concept 1 REFERS TO council’s adopted option (commercial only)

            Concept 2 REFERS TO smda’s perferred option (mixed use)




Issues Raised




7-9 Marion Street and 64 High Street, Parramatta

·      Objection is raised to the new east west road from Church Street to High Street.

·      The plans show a primary new link to the south as an extension of Rosehill Street, linking with proposed open space and providing a direct linkage to the station. This new street link is preferred, as it aligns with the station, connects to open space, has less effect on redevelopment potential of affected lands, aligns with intersection of Rosehill and Church Streets, and provides a better mid block connection.

·      The new street just south of Marion Street is not supported. It is too close to Marion Street and thus will operate as a rear lane access to properties fronting Marion Street. The demand for such a link is not supported by any traffic analysis or consideration of options. The resulting intersection with Church Street is too close to the intersection of Church and Marion Streets which will result in traffic management issues and restrictions on movement requiring left in and left out only at Church Street and possibly High Street. It has a detrimental impact on the redevelopment potential of 64 High Street, and more importantly on the property to the west of 64 High Street which is divided in half by the new road.

·      The focus of pedestrian movement should be main streets not rear lanes. This facilitates safer pedestrian movement patterns along streets over a 24 hour period on streets that are generally wider and would provide more passive surveillance.

·      Mid block pedestrian connections to provide pedestrian connections from Church Street to High Street and then onto the station can be best achieved through the development control process providing mid block connections within developments activating spaces between buildings as commonly occurs in other centres such as Parramatta and Chatswood employment precincts.

·      Supportive of renewal however final plans should include an effective and real method available to compensate landowners for the cost of land required for new streets.


7 & 9 Marion St and 64 High St, Parramatta

·      The proposed new block structure with a street at the rear of the properties fronting Marion Street will fragment the properties and limit the potential for future redevelopment of these allotments.

·      The proposed new roads will increase through traffic movement. There is vehicular and pedestrian thoroughfare available along Marion Street 40 metres to the north of the proposed new street. Introducing a new road is unlikely to provide any additional servicing benefit.

·      The introduction of a new road between Church Street and High Street would necessitate the removal of a number of trees and damage the ambiance of the street.

·      Location of heritage items has not been given proper consideration in determining the proposed new road alignment and will further fragment land within the precinct, and prevent the future development along Marion Street.

·      Object to few landowners being burdened with the loss of their land to accommodate new roads.


47 Rosehill Street, Parramatta

·      Supports Concept 2 of the Auto Alley exhibited material.

·      Believes that the rezoning of Auto Alley and increasing the floor space ratio to 6:1 will stimulate growth and support local businesses.


Dixon Street, Parramatta

·      Does not support high density apartment growth. Believes that it fragments the local communities and changes the character of the streetscape.

·      South Parramatta contains low density housing worth preserving.

·      Proposes mixture of low to medium density residential development with emphasis on pedestrian amenity.

·      Concerned with traffic congestion due to narrow streets.

·      Does not want future development to solely be based on market demands.


3, 5, 10, 19, 21 Dixon Street, Parramatta

·      Supports rezoning of Auto Alley precinct.

·      Proposes higher building height limit (10-12 storeys) for Dixon Street due to proximity to CBD, and will be consistent with Church Street zoning.

·      Believes impact of proposed changes to Auto Alley will stimulate growth and support local businesses in the area.


7/18-22 Inkerman St, Granville

·      Concerned with the lack of public transport and local amenities to support elderly residents in the area.

·      Concerned that apartments and retirement villages are being approved without considering the needs of people living in the area (especially elderly and disabled residents), as there are limited bus services to Parramatta.

·      Wishes for local retail shopping development and parks to support the residents.


Meehan St, Granville

·      Does not support any increase of car dealerships in the Auto Alley precinct, notably the use of local roads for testing cars (citing traffic safety concerns).

·      Appears to be concerned by increasing traffic congestion in the area.


Lansdowne Street, Parramatta

·      Supports plan to rezone the Auto Alley precinct, notably a mixed use zoning option to include both residential and commercial development.

·      Suggests that there are much vacant office spaces in Parramatta and additional office spaces will not benefit Parramatta.

·      Rental market demands for residential units are high.

·      Believes that the mix of residential and commercial development in the area is highly attractive for new investors, especially being in proximity to the Parramatta CBD.


Lansdowne Street, Parramatta

·      Supports rezoning of Auto Alley to support a mixed use zoning option to include both residential and commercial development.

·      Suggests that the area has traditionally been heavily promoted as an auto sales and commercial precinct, which has negatively impacted on the area and demand (for auto dealerships) have dwindled.

·      Does not support further increases in purely commercial office space.

·      Suggests that online auctions have replaced the need to go to car sales yards.


Boundary Street, Parramatta

·      Initial plans look positive.

·      Car vendors appear to be vacating the area.

·      Great opportunity and hopes that planning eventuates without too much disruptions to transportation.


Not specified

·      Suggests an avenue of trees on either side of Church Street between the M4 and Parkes Street to soften the outlook of Church Street.


312-332 and 334-336 Church Street, Parramatta

·      Auto Alley is an underutilised precinct and should play an important part of providing additional residences and jobs to upgrade the ambience of the area.

·      Supports Concept 2 to achieve the desired improvements. Although the proposed heights should be reviewed to maximise the potential benefits.


30 Lansdowne Street, Parramatta

·      Supports Concept 2.


12-20 Dixon Street, Parramatta

·      The owners have lodged a preliminary rezoning concept with Council.

·      A rezoning submission requesting a B4 Mixed Use zone and a maximum building height of 60 metres (approximately 20 storeys) to facilitate a predominantly residential development.

·      The boundary for Auto Alley is arbitrary and should include the subject site. Also requests the site be included in the Parramatta City Centre LEP 2007.


Car Dealerships          


57, 63 & 83 Church Street and 44 Early Street, Parramatta

·      The owners have lodged a planning proposal with Council seeking to rezone the subject site.

·      The approach in Concept 2 of a mix of non-residential and residential is far preferable to Concept 1 in that it will deliver a more vibrant Church Street, and will better meet the market for dwellings and the demand for commercial accommodation in this location.

·      While in agreement with the intent of Concept 2, believes that the residential building heights do not take sufficient advantage of the strategic location of the subject sites.

·      There is a high demand for residential accommodation in Parramatta, and that Auto Alley is capable of delivering an appropriate level of dwellings without compromising the delivery of office accommodation (detailed report analysing this included in submission).


14 - 18 Church Street, Parramatta



·      The study does not indicate whether it might be proposed to change any of the uses currently permitted in the B5 zone. It is assumed that they will not be changed and that automotive uses will continue to be permissible.

·      Owner and operator of a large motor dealership on this land and intends to maintain a long term presence in Auto Alley. The exposure to public view is of critical importance to any vehicle dealership use. The proposed excision of substantial areas of the premises to provide two new roads would be an unacceptable imposition upon the utility of the land. Any proposed compensation in the way of increases to floor space ratios and building heights, might well be of advantage to a developer, however, they are of little value to the operator of a showroom business on the site.

·      Any treatment of the Church Street which fails to complement the viability of street frontage uses is likely to lead to high vacancy rates and a blighted and hostile environment for pedestrians.

·      The proposed increases in maximum floor space ratio and building height will result in buildings which will cover most of the land area, thus eliminating the open display spaces which are both functionally and commercially essential for the display of vehicles.

·      The current proposals are likely to create a degree of uncertainty in the minds of current landowners which may well result in a premature exodus of motor dealerships from the locality long before any demand for new, non-automotive development surfaces. There is therefore a real possibility that the area could become a victim of urban blight which will only serve to drive out any remaining businesses.

·      Auto Alley has established a well deserved reputation as the premier location for sellers and purchasers of motor vehicles. The proposed controls will make this form of development uneconomic as rents increase with the increased land value.

·      Preference would be for the existing controls to be maintained and for further thought be given to appropriate means of enhancing the precinct without forcing existing operators to move elsewhere.


Church Street

·      Supports rezoning of Auto Alley precinct as the gateway to the Parramatta CBD, but does not believe purely commercial core zoning is appropriate.

·      Proposes a mixed use zoning to better align the needs of the Auto Alley precinct.


19 – 31 Church St, Parramatta

·      Supports rezoning of the Auto Alley precinct.

·      Proposes mixed use zoning to include commercial, automotive, retail and residential rather than purely commercial core.

·      Believes impact of proposed changes to Auto Alley will stimulate growth and support local businesses in the area.

·      Comments on current land use and zoning restrictions as unpractical to land owners.


Church Street

·      Supports strategic direction to rezone Auto Alley in general as current zoning and land use restrictions have made the area redundant.

·      Does not support Council’s proposal for a purely commercial use district and suggests that it will not satisfy local businesses and community needs as well as be commercially viable.

·      Believes that Council’s proposal Option 2B to be effective, but only if it permits mixed use development to include retail and commercial at ground floor, and a higher proportion of residential apartments above ground.


Urban Taskforce


Concerning the entire precinct

·      Recommends that Concept 2 be pursued.

·      A strong advocate of mixed use development. Argue that vibrant, exciting places are those that include a mix of compatible land uses. The risk of imposing planning controls that favours one form of development over the other is that investment will be slow and more sensitive to changes in the market.

·      Progressive and contemporary planning focuses on land use mix and considers that successful places include a mix of uses, including jobs, retail, entertainment and residential apartments all coexisting, working together to make a place attractive and successful at all times of the day and week.

·      The B4 Mixed Use zone does provide the necessary flexibility to permit innovative land use and design solutions to a challenging locality.

·      Considers that all land currently zoned B5 Business Development along Church Street be zoned B4 Mixed Use. It is also suggested that the B4 Mixed Use zone also extend deeper into the adjacent R4 High Density Residential area.

·      To encourage renewal, controls that permit an increase in urban density, height and population intensity in key locations must be provided.


Feedback Forms


Resident and landowner in Auto Alley Precinct

·      Supports increase in business development potential along Church Street now.

·      Supports higher residential densities and building heights in the broader area however recognises the need for greater accessibility to public transport and the Parramatta CBD and the need to address parking, traffic and recreational areas.

·      Suggests open theatre and community facilities to support local events, private functions, weddings, parties etc.

·      Suggests a bus service would be required to shuttle residents between Auto Alley to Parramatta train station, and other key areas (i.e. University of Western Sydney).

·      Requests to incorporate 28 Lansdowne Street within the boundaries for commercial development to avoid creating an isolated property.


Landowner in the Auto Alley Precinct

·      Supports changes to the Auto Alley Precinct to incorporate business and high density residential development.

·      Supports higher residential densities and building heights between High Street and Station Street.

·      Suggests greater accessibility to public transport and the Parramatta CBD, especially Harris Park Station.

·      Concerned with traffic congestion and pedestrian safety.

·      Suggests open space and streetscape improvements to improve local amenity.

·      Suggests cycle way access to Harris Park and Parramatta Station.


Resident living nearby the Auto Alley Precinct

·      Is content with proposed 6 storey development along Church Street.

·      Does not support high density residential development of 6 storeys behind Church Street façade, currently 3 storeys.

·      Concerned about solar access if high density residential and commercial development occurs on Church Street (greater than 6 storeys).

·      Suggests that proposed changes will significantly alter the neighbourhood “village feel” and the current height limit of 3 storeys should be the limit.

·      Suggests public open spaces, family friendly areas and dog walking parks to improve local amenity.

·      More bus services required to service the area and suggests more train services to Harris Park station.

·      Concerned about current traffic congestion in peak hours.

·      Believes heritage value of Harris Park should be maintained.


Resident living nearby to Auto Alley Precinct

·      Supports changes to the Auto Alley Precinct to incorporate mixed use development to include residential and commercial uses.

·      Supports residential density and building height increases in the Auto Alley Precinct, on the condition of strict planning controls, site suitability additional public roads and pedestrian access.

·      Suggests free street car parking is required to support local businesses.

·      Upgrade of Harris Park Station, including pedestrian access and parking as well as improvements to the timetable.

·      Parramatta has outstanding heritage and suggests renaming “Auto Alley” to “The Crescent” which was the original name given to the area.


Resident and landowner in Auto Alley Precinct

·      Need higher density business and residential in a manner that optimises health and quality of life.

·      The highest buildings and densities should be closest to Church Street so as not to adversely impact on existing dwellings and residents.

·      Density increases need to address traffic congestion, parking, social isolation, walkability etc

·      Seeks public domain improvements in the form of green space, shops, opportunities for social interaction etc

·      Divert traffic away from existing residential streets, improve access to Parramatta CBD and Harris Park Station, and reduce through-traffic on Church Street via ring road.

·      Need strategies that avoid low style/quality apartments, walkable neighbourhoods with green spaces, safer streets, new shops and child care centres and good access to the CBD.


Community drop-in session Saturday, 26 May 2012 at the Parramatta City Council Chambers Building


General remarks

·      Need to protect heritage items and conservation areas. i.e. no demolition, overshadowing or other negative impact.

·      Support business/office along Church Street.

·      Connection to Harris Park Railway Station is poor.

·      Need more trees and the right trees.

·      Precinct has gradually declined over the past 50 years.

·      Residential to the west is unlikely to turn over because of strata and not enough incentives.

·      Mixed use located to the rear of auto alley supported.

·      Provision and delivery of the new lanes and street trees.