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February 2012 minutes




ParraConnect Advisory Committee





Monday, 20th February 2012 1 pm to 3 pm


Parramatta City Council’s Executive Boardroom

Level 12, 30 Darcy Street, Parramatta



1.  Apologies


2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting


3.  Update on Mobile Concierge  


4.  Update Parking Application  


5.  Discuss letter from Access Advisory Committee


6.  Action Plan Status


7.  Potential for Free WiFi in the CBD




8.  Next Meeting


a) Third Monday of the month till further notice.

b) Next meeting 19th March 2012















MINUTES OF THE ParraConnect Advisory COMMITTEE Workshop MEETING HELD IN MEETING Room Level 12 Boadroom, CIVIC PLACE, PARRAMATTA ON 20th February 2012, COMMENCING AT 1:00 PM.



 Lord Mayor Clr Lorraine Wearne, Clr Chiang Lim, Clr Paul Garrard, Clr Michael Mcderrmot, Frank Dorian, George Mavros, John Moxon, Sia Anthopoulos, Elios Alexoulis, Greg Smith




Clr Prabir Maitra.


2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting: 

The minutes of the previous meeting were endorsed


3. Update Mobile Concierge


Frank Dorian provided an update with the project progressing well.


Action: Noted


4. Update Parking Application


Elios provide an update including the development of a remember me application


Action: Noted


5. Discuss Letter from Access Advisory Committee


John spoke to the letter from the Access Advisory Committee raising awareness about catering for disable people, as we develop products and services.


The committee accepted the contents of the letter and would consider the requirements, from a best practice prospective, as products and services are developed.


Action: All projects are to be formally advised of their obligation to comply with  the disability requirements, from a best practice prospective.



6.   Action Plan Status


a.  Ikiosk – The committee endorse for further investigation by Council the table ikiosk proposal in conjunction with the Business Strategy (1.7 of the action plan)




Action The action Plan was endorsed.



7.   Potential for free WIFI in the CBD


Clr Lim provided details of discussion with Optus and an invitation to discuss the opportunity.

Elios informed the committee of the agreement with W3 Networks to provide free WiFi access to “Community Based or Social Enterprise Organisations” in the CBD in exchange for Council agreeing to allow for a WiFi antenna to be installed at the Riverside Theatre.


Action – Interested Committee members are to meet with Optus.


8.   Next Meeting


a) Third Monday of the month till further notice.

b) Next meeting 19th March 2012





Next Meeting 19th March  2012 at 1:00 pm

Level 12 Boadroom, PARRAMATTA.



Item 11.3 - Attachment 3

February 2012 minutes




Action Plan


Item Description




Target Date


Responsible Officer




1. Ikiosk Progress

1.2 3 responses were received. Ikiosk were prepared to progress to the next stage.



Ikiosk were invited to present the model to the Committee


1.3 Clr Lim and George Mavros to meet with Ikiosk to discuss their business model.


Aug 2011

Clr Lim\George


Received verbal outline of Ikiosk’s proposal


1.4 Ikiosk to Present their business model to the committee




Clr Lim\George


Ikiosk Presented an outline of their business Model, Steering Committee requested for clarity on Council’s responsibilities


1.5 The committee to seek endorsement from Council to further investigate and evaluate the opportunity and benefits of the Ikiosk proposal






The report to Council was not included as part of the Agenda for the December meeting, the report will now be considered by Council at the February meeting in 2012.



1.6 Confirm Ikoisk Trial and conditions in writing




Clr Lim\George


The committee received the revised proposal.


1.7 Strategy to be developed by the end of 1st qtr 2012



1.7.a. The committee endorsed for further investigation by Council the tabled Ikiosk proposal in conjunction with Council’s business Strategy (1.7 of the Action Plan)










A cross functional group of Council staff are working on the strategy.





Council at its meeting on the 27/02/201 endorsed the further investigation of the Ikiosk Proposal


2.NBN and future proofing of DA‘s


2.1 Discussions have been held internally, Technical specifications for the NBN are to be determined.






Research on the specification requirements for NBN


3. Communications with the Chamber of Commerce


3.1 Alan to arrange meeting with the Chamber board and business members.






Clr Lim to remind Alan via email


4. Wireless CBD

4.1 Feasibility of the Chamber of the Commerce involvement in funding/organising for the WiFi infrastructure in the CBD



Discussions held with Telstra. EA, CL, FD, AC, GS, will meet 1st week in Jan 2012 to discuss further



4.2 Clr Lim to organize meeting with Optus


Clr Lim

Discussions have been held with Optus, Interested Committee members are to meet with Optus.

5. Review of the ParraConnect Advisory Committee Governance


5.1 The Committee to further review and discuss its options






Council endorsed for the committee to continue in its current form for the next 12 months


6. Access Advisory Committee

6.1 All projects are to be formally advised of their obligation to comply with the disability requirements, from a best practice prospective.

On going


When engaging Web developing organisations as well web sites developed internally it will be made mandatory to comply with best practice disability requirements