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December Minutes


MINUTES OF THE ParraConnect Advisory COMMITTEE Workshop MEETING HELD IN MEETING Room Level 12 Boadroom, CIVIC PLACE, PARRAMATTA ON 19th December 2011, COMMENCING AT 1:00 PM.



John Moxon, Frank Dorian, Clr Chiang Lim, Alan Cadman, Greg Smith, Elios Alexoulis, Sia Anthopoulos, Ismael Teylan.




Lord Mayor Clr Lorraine Wearne, George Mavros, Clr Prabir Maitra, Clr Paul Garrard, Clr Michael McDermott, Lisa Torrance, Catlin Vaughn.


2. Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting were endorsed.



3. Councils Decision on Advisory Committee

The committee was advised that Council resolved to extend the term of the Advisory Committee for and additional 12 months.


Action: Noted.


4. Council Report endorsing Ikiosk

A request has been made for a business case for a trial of the Ikiosk proposal the committee will confirm in writing to ikiosk, specifying the conditions including the community benefits of the trial along with any other requirement from Ikiosk.


Potential issue with City Wide LEP with advertising not being permissible on Council land and infrastructure.


Action: Confirm Ikiosk trial and conditions in writing.


5. Report for Parramatta City Business needs for Digital footprint

The committee endorsed the development of the Digital Footprint Strategy.


Action: Strategy to be developed by the end of 1st qtr 2012


6. Update on Mobile Concierge

First 100 cards received and key ceremony completed.

Focus group will begin testing on the parking and building security components during January 2012, followed by a trial with a small number of retailers.

The NSW State Government has shown interest in the launch of the project, a meeting will be organised to discuss there participation level.


Action Noted





7. Update Parking application

All versions of moble applications are now available online these are Android, Iphone, Windows and Blackberry.

The statistics indicate that we are receiving 1 million requests enquiring for parking availability.


Action Noted


8. Update Software Challenge

The software Challenge competition for 2011 has been postponed due to insufficient number of applicants UWS and PCC will review the approach taken and adjust accordingly for 2012


Action - Noted



9. Action Plan Status


Action The actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and updated



10. Next Meeting

20th February 2012




The actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and updated.

Next Meeting 20th February 2012 at 1:00 pm

Level 12 Boadroom, PARRAMATTA.



Item 11.3 - Attachment 2

December Minutes




Action Plan






1. Kiosk Subcommittee Progress

1.1 George Mavros


Ongoing status report next meeting.

Letters were sent to the 12 respondents to the EOI. 3 responses were received, only one is prepared to progress this being IKiosk. George and Clr Lim will meet with IKiosk to discuss the business model and report to the Committee at the next meeting.

*iKiosk Presented to the committee on the 19/09/2011 see minutes.



1.2 Greg\Elios




Council to determine its business needs.



1.3 Greg\Elios


The committee to seek endorsement from Council to investigate and evaluate the opportunity and benefits of the Ikiosk proposal






Clr Lim will contact the University of Western Sydney for suggest names of who may be a suitable committee member, for replacement of Geoff Lee.


Clr Lim/Elios


Waiting on feedback / response from Geoff Lee


DA consents have a condition that ensures technology future proofing for all developments.

Elios Alexoulis



Has progressed internally with Sue W.

Promotional clip to be put together meeting with Communications with 2 weeks

Sia Anthopoulos / Elios Alexoulis


Members to contact Sia


Clr Lim is to write and make an offer to the Chamber of Commerce to present an update on Parraconnect.

Clr Lim



Governance of The Advisory Committee

The matter is for further consideration at future meetings



The governance will continue as is for the next 12 months

Report to Council to retain current structure in Nov 2011.



Wireless CBD

Alan Cadman


Alan will investigate the feasibility of the Chamber of Commerce been involved in funding the WIFI infrastructure in the CBD

Alan has held discussions with Telstra to ascertain possible wireless solutions.

Parking Options for on street parking to be investigated

Alan Cadman\ Elios Alexoulis


Prepare letter to respondents of the EOI

Clr Lim is investigating as well.

This now handle internally with Council.


Advisory Committee Process/structure for progressing projects



The committee to further discuss and considers the option for a separate entity.