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Minutes the WSLHDHS and PCC Strategic Partnership Meeting held 21 March 2012




DRAFT Strategic Health Partnership Minutes


Parramatta City Council and Western Sydney Local Health District - Population Health Services


Wednesday 21st March 2012

10.30 am – 12.00pm

˜ Conference Room 2, ITS Building, Cumberland Hospital  East Campus, Fleet St., North Parramatta.


Chair: Dr Stephen Corbett, Director Centre for Population Health (CPH)


Attending from PCC:

Dr Robert Lang, Chief Executive Officer

Sue Weatherley, Outcomes & Development Group Manager

Megan Dephoff, Social Outcomes Manager

Elizabeth Sayers, Social Outcomes Project Officer

Lavinia Thompson, Project Support Officer

      Carolyn Isaac, Service Manager - Family Services



Attending from WSLHD:

Dr Stephen Corbett, Director CPH

Christine Newman, Manager Health Promotion, Deputy Director CPH

Kay Tennant, Coordinator Healthy Built Environments Program, CPH



The Lord Mayor, Clr Lorraine Wearne

Councillor Andrew Bide

Councillor Chiang Lim

Councillor John Chedid

Lyn Tunchon, Group Manager Primary Care and Community Health Services



1        Welcome by the Chair

Dr Corbett welcomed everyone and thanked them for attending.

Apologies received and noted.


2        Acceptance of previous minutes – 8th September 2011

Minutes of previous meeting accepted by consensus when circulated by email.


3        Strategic Updates

3.1 Parramatta City Council – Dr Robert Lang


·     Commercial Office Growth

Commercial office growth is expected


·     Metro Strategy

Population numbers to increase for the LGA due to increases in the residential population based on higher densities. NSW Premier has stated that growth should be focused on the city fringes. This creates an imbalance between jobs and housing.




Transport Planning : 


Western Sydney Light Rail Network.


Council has developed a light rail proposal to address the population growth in Parramatta and Western Sydney.


Light rail offers may benefits. It is cheaper than heavy rail and also faster. Global forces also dictate a move towards decentralisation.


Two routes are initially proposed, UWS Rydalmere campuses to Parramatta CBD and from Castle Hill through Parramatta to Bankstown.

Council is developing a funding proposal seeking Commonwealth funding for a feasibility study. The project has been endorsed by State and Federal governments, and adjacent Councils are also supportive as is Infrastructure NSW.


A Feasibility Study will take about a year to complete and include a cost benefit analysis. Tender documents for the feasibility study are due to be released in early May with the study scheduled to start in late June.  There will be a first stage report in September with the full report due in Dec 2012.


There is to be a briefing session on 12th April. State government stakeholders are invited.


In the early stages it may be possible for the health service (WSLHD) to conduct a HIA or another similar project, where the health impacts are assessed, to add to the feasibility work. It may be possible to quantify the health benefits of such infrastructure, such as reduction in heart attacks. There are also economic benefits and value in any health improvements associated with the project. When implemented it will also reduce car usage and increase physical activity and thus improve quality of life.


The Gold Coast is currently building a light rail system, having taken a strong lead in driving the need for such infrastructure, and Council has been liaising with them.



ACTION: Council to prepare a short written brief about the project and opportunity for partnership with NSW Health on the health impacts aspect of the feasibility study, and forward to Dr Stephen Corbett to respond to.



Western Sydney Regional Ring Road


Council first identified the concept of a regional ring in Council's Integrated Transport Plan. The Regional Ring Road delivers access benefits for Westmead precinct supporting its further growth.


The proposal was further developed last spring and the Lord Mayor met Infrastructure NSW to discuss the proposal.


Council published the document on the Regional Road proposals in late 2011. A Council delegation met the Minister at the recent NSW Community Cabinet and the CEO is seeking a meeting with the CEO of Roads and Maritime Services to discuss the project.



Westmead Precinct Planning

Critical investment is required to manage Westmead's growth over the next ten years to guarantee the precinct's future economic and social contribution to Parramatta and New South Wales. The current infrastructure of Westmead is not adequate to manage existing levels of usage, and does not allow for efficient use of the investments to date.

A cross-functional team from Parramatta City Council is finalising a Vision document with supporting Actions across land-use planning, traffic, parking and transport, urban design, public infrastructure upgrades, and social factors.

From April, Council will obtain stakeholder and community feedback on the Vision and supporting Actions, developing a preliminary land use concept plan which enables co-ordinated future development actions from institutions, businesses and governments.

Council will then prepare a Planning Proposal with specific amendments for various planning controls as well as developing a 'list' of key infrastructure for governments.

The intent is to use the Vision document to influence state government agencies and precinct stake-holders in the future development and amenity of the Westmead precinct. The Vision is also intended to support clusters of similar industries, expand precinct accessibility, provide a focus on employment generating land uses and redevelopment, and better enable key worker accommodation.



Council updated is Smoking in Public Places Policy in Dec 2011 to include outdoor dining on Council owned land and bus stops and taxi ranks. Smoke free outdoor dining is to commence from 1st May on Council owned or managed land in the CBD. Businesses are encouraged to take up early adoption before 1st may.  Business packs are to distributed shortly. Community education and awareness initiatives have and continue to be conducted. The NSW State Govt will introduce the same ban in 2015.



Affordable Housing


PCC is concerned regarding the potential impact of allowing Group Homes as Complying Development without a reference to minimal standards such as number of bedrooms.


The primary concern with Division 7 Group Homes, Clause 45 Complying Development – group homes which makes no reference back to Clause 43 (1)  which says a Group Home can be built without consent if they have no more than 10 bedrooms and are carried out on behalf of a public authority. Developers have taken this to mean that a Group Home can be built with unlimited bedroom numbers. This has serious consequences for the community at a neighbourhood level.


PCC has raised these concerns with the Government and the Department of Planning because we have had a number of notifications from private certifiers for the approval of group homes that are, in reality, two storey flat buildings. In some cases there are more than 30 bed sits in the group home developments.


Council is seeking urgent clarification regarding development under the Affordable Rental Housing State Environmental Planning Policy (ARHSEPP) with the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure.


ACTION: Council is to prepare a brief on this matter. Dr Corbett has indicated that he will forward this onto the NSW Chief Health Officer, Ministry of Health for review and follow up.



3.2 . WSLHD Update: Dr. Stephen Corbett


Squalor and Hoarding Conference

Attended by Dr Corbett.  The RSPCA were the sponsors and Centacare has a grant to examine 18 LGAs in central Sydney regarding squalor and hoarding. PCC has some issues re squalor and hoarding.



Local Health Districts (LHD)


Nepean Blue Mountains and Western Sydney Population health are still one unit providing services across the two new Local Health Districts. The LHD wrote to Council regarding their name change from the former Sydney West Area Health Service (SWAHS) to Western Sydney Local Health District (WSLHD), and to affirm that the MOU with Council will transfer to WSLHD.(item 4 on agenda)


Medicare Locals

These new organisations are still defining their business. Christine raised the option of them becoming a signatory to the MOU between Council and the LHD and part of the partnership. Medicare Locals are currently consulting stakeholders around key needs in the community.


ACTION: Megan and Christine to meet to discuss possibility of Medicare Locals joining the partnership once further information on the key focus of the Medicare Locals is understood



1.   MOU Projects

See attached handout for project updates. Council and the LHD are collaborating well with no major issues arising for joint project progress.  



5. General Business



Westmead Loop

Megan advises that Councillor Bide has raised parking at Westmead as an issue and the option of NSW Health sponsoring a version of a Loop bus or an extension to Westmead

·        PCC to provide ideas (see transport planner)

·        PCC to provide support


Healthy Workers Initiative

Christine raised the opportunity for Council to continue to support the healthy worker’s initiative.  To-date 2000 surveys have been distributed with a limited response rate.  Results will be available in the near future.





6.       Next Meeting - TBC


ACTION: Council to advise date of next meeting for 6 months time.

Item 10.3 - Attachment 1

Minutes the WSLHDHS and PCC Strategic Partnership Meeting held 21 March 2012



Project Title

Project Objectives

Draft project Deliverables and Activities

Project Timing

PCC Project Contacts

SWAHS Project Contacts


Current Status


Increased Healthier Food Choices


Project Leader: WSLHD



Ÿ A simple and inexpensive method of evaluating the nutritional value in terms of energy, fats and salt content on the menu of participating restaurants.


Ÿ Researched information on barriers, effective labelling systems, cost and health benefits for menu labelling


Ÿ Develop and implement a guideline and tool kit to support the uptake of menu labelling in the Parramatta LGA


Ÿ Implement cost effective menu labelling system for food items purchased at restaurants, cafes and food court restaurants in the Parramatta LGA


Ÿ Restaurant / Café patrons increased awareness of healthier food choices when eating out  


Ÿ Assessment of the effectiveness and viability of the initiative



Ÿ Research completed to inform project


Ÿ Menu labelling identification system developed


Ÿ Menu Labelling Guideline & Tool developed for Businesses


Ÿ Menu labelling system piloted


Ÿ Community awareness of menu labelling raised


Ÿ Patrons of restaurants/cafes selecting healthier food choices


Ÿ Menu labelling viability identified


Community Consultation

May 2011 – complete


Stakeholder Consultation May 2011 - complete


Business Consultation end 2011


Voluntary Restaurant Pilots early 2012


Elizabeth Sayers




Rachael Graham



·      6 Community Focus Groups conducted (n=60+ participants)


·      1 Stakeholder (Council) Focus Group conducted


·      Targets met in relation to Focus Group numbers


·      Consultation analysis complete and DRAFT Report completed and currently being reviewed by project teams


·      Next phase – consultations and engagement with businesses


·      Partnership with NSW Food Authority to deliver project in line with Fast Choices labelling legislation


Planning policy for healthier food choices scoping project  (menu labelling)


Project Leader: PCC



Investigate the opportunities to revise Council’s planning policies and processes to support healthier food choices for the community



DA Guidelines relating to healthier food choices

Jun 12

Elizabeth Sayers

Rachael Graham

/Kay Tennant

Council has developed Social Impact Assessment guidelines re: Affordable Housing developments. This work is being used to inform this project.


·      Currently finalising the project brief.

·      SWAHS has drafted spatial maps locating schools and fast food outlets which will be important tools to aid decision making


Bicycling Promotion


Project Leader:





Supporting more bicycle trips through integration and promotion of current and new bicycle maps


PCC to conduct end of financial year audit of cycleways - complete


Opportunity to update version of SWAHS cycle maps as a joint project



Updated cycle maps – electronic and hard copy




Elizabeth Sayers


David Gray




·      Council has completed an audit of cycleways

·      Council’s strategic transport team is developing options for promotion of cycleways including electronic (an app and Google earth) and paper versions

·      Funding for the resources is to come from Council, WSLHD and Council is also applying for a community grant.

·      Timelines and deliverables will be finalised once the grant funding has been decided