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Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee 18 April 2012








Bill McGuirk in the Chair, Barry Bullivant, June Bullivant, Peter Crittenden, Anne Mathews and David Shakespeare.






Grant Davies - Committee Clerk, Michelle Desailly (Arts &Cultural Project Officer – arrived 5.36pm) and Paul Kennedy (Project Officer-Land Use).






An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans, Janice Huntington, Carol Liston,  Karen O’Donnell - McGrane and Zoran Popovic.





There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.






Mr McGuirk welcomed all to the meeting.






18/12         Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 15 February 2012

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 15 February 2012 had previously been forwarded to each member.



RECOMMENDATION                     (B Bullivant/Mathews)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 12 February 2012 be taken as read and be confirmed as a true record of the meeting.









19/12        Placement of Portals in Lennox Bridge (Minute No. 10/12 refers)

                  Mr Kennedy advised that the development application for this proposal had now been withdrawn following receipt of advice from the NSW Heritage Branch. Advice was also provided that consideration was being given to submissions received to the application and further action that might be taken in respect of this matter.


                  In addition, Council’s Development Services Unit had advised that notification letters relating to this particular development application had been sent to Committee members on 9 December 2012.


                  It was requested that Development Services ensure their mailing list is up to date as no members appeared to have received this particular notification.



                  Michelle Desailly arrived at the meeting at 5.36pm during consideration of this matter.




20/12        Church Pews at Parramatta Gaol (Minute No. 4/12 refers)

Mr Kennedy advised that for the subject pews to receive protection, they would need to be included in the heritage listing; which they are not.


An assessment has been carried out of the pews and they have received a state significance rating of “b” – minimal State Significance.


Further advice is awaited from the Heritage Branch as to whether the pews can be included in the State Heritage Register listing for Parramatta Gaol.






21/12         Feedback from Council

Mr Kennedy advised that the February Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee were received and noted by Council at its meeting held on 26 March 2012.






22/12        Parramatta Stories Project

Michelle Desailly advised that consultation will continue with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee in relation to the interpretation of the head of Parramatta River.


June Bullivant commented that consultation should also be held with the Darug Tribal Aboriginal Corporation.


Ms Desailly apologised for the inability of Karen O’Donnell – McGrane to be in attendance at tonight’s meeting but noted that Ms O’Donnell – McGrane had advised that works are being undertaken at the Heritage Centre in relation to the revitalisation of the permanent exhibition space. An update will be provided at the next meeting.


23/12        Comprehensive Heritage Review

                  No further update on this issue was available at the meeting.



24/12        Development Applications - Update

In Mr Popovic’s absence, Mr Kennedy drew attention to a development application submitted for the demolition of a heritage item at 70 Railway Parade, Granville.


The Committee noted that the item was in a very poor condition.


Mr Bullivant did not receive notification in relation to this application and requested that, as a new member, the relevant mailing lists be updated.



25/12        Local Heritage Fund

Mr Kennedy advised that 6 applications had been received for consideration at this meeting, with a further application having been held over from the previous meeting, as follows:-


1.         Redeemer Baptist School – 61B Pennant Hills Road, North Parramatta – Exterior painting.


                        The work is supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (B Bullivant/Mathews)


That funds in the amount of $2650.00 be granted.



2.         24 Galloway Street, North Parramatta – Undertake repairs to house exterior including replacement of existing weatherboards and repair of windows/veranda.


                                    The works are supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (Crittenden/Mathews)


That funds in the amount of $2650.00 be granted.



3.         St Johns Anglican Church – 195 Church Street, Parramatta – Dismantling and rebuilding of sandstone wall fronting Hunter Street. Approval in principle sought to undertake repairs to the sandstone piers fronting Hunter Street.


                        The work is supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (Mathews/Crittenden)


(a)       That funds in the amount of $1252 be granted for works undertaken at 195 Church Street, Parramatta.


(b)       Further, that “in principle support” not be granted for the future works funding due to the negligible amount of grant funds ($48) attracted by the proposed works.


4.         6 Iron Street, North Parramatta – Application of chemical damp course to preserve sandstone walls of house.


                        The work is supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (Mathews/Shakespeare)


That funds in the amount of $1300.00 be granted.



5.         76 O’Connell Street, Parramatta – Replacement of roof.


                                    The works are supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (B Bullivant/Crittenden)


That funds in the amount of $2650.00 be granted.


6.         38 – 40 Sorrell Street, North Parramatta – Replacement of the main roof of the house and veranda roof on the street frontage utilising Canadian slate, lead flashings and a copper box gutter.


                        The work is supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (Mathews/Shakespeare)


That funds in the amount of $3300.00 be granted.


7.         5 Madison Avenue, Carlingford – Maintenance of 23 out of 34 Sydney Brush Box trees (heritage listed) lining the heritage walk. The work is to remove dead and dangerous limbs for tree health and pedestrian protection (deferred from previous meeting for further research by members).


It was noted that brush box trees are referred to in the relevant heritage inventory and accordingly, the proposed works are eligible.


RECOMMENDATION         (Mathews/Crittenden)


That subject to further consultation with Ms Shylie Brown, funds in the amount of $1300 be granted.








26/12        St Johns Cemetery

The concerns in the local community in relation to the condition of St Johns Cemetery were noted.


Mr Kennedy advised that the following resolution had been passed by Council at its meeting held on 10 April 2012:-


(a)          That Parramatta City Council shares with the community the heritage significance of St John’s Cemetery and recognises its status within its classification, that is, of State Significance within the NSW Heritage Act.

(b)          Further, that based upon public concern that St John’s Cemetery, the oldest existing European burial ground in Australia, is under threat of disrepair and in danger of its integrity being destroyed that Parramatta City Council:-

1.            Seek advice for immediate action by the NSW Heritage Council under NSW Heritage Regulations 2005 pursuant to Part (3) Section 10 and part (3) clause 17, and Section 119.

2.            Undertake to seek a most urgent deputation to the NSW Heritage Council with a view to developing an appropriate and purposeful response for the immediate maintenance of St John’s Cemetery and to discuss the future well being of the Cemetery.

3.            Seek a report from the CEO in how other cemeteries within the City came under the control of Council and that based on such a report Council consider as an option to establish a dialogue with the Trustees of the Cemetery with a view to negotiating a new position around the ownership/and or its future wellbeing of the cemetery.

4.            That the State and Federal Members of Parramatta be informed of Council’s actions and invited to actively participate in any future process.


Mr Kennedy noted that the report requested under part 3 above was currently in preparation.


It was also noted that:-

·    A working bee is being organised by the Trust on 28 April 2012;

·    The Heritage Branch has recognised the need for a long term solution to this issue.


RECOMMENDATION         (B Bullivant/Shakespeare)


(a)             That the Council be thanked for its decision in relation to this matter.

(b)             Further, that the Committee continue to monitor the situation at future meetings.



27/12        Heritage Listing of 42 Bridge Street, Rydalmere       

                  Mr Kennedy advised of the existence of sandstone blocks at the Council depot located at 42 Bridge Street, Rydalmere.


                  As Council wished to dispose of the site, Mr Kennedy asked whether members possessed any knowledge on the background or significance of the blocks.


                  It was suggested that Mr Kennedy seek advice from absent Committee Member, Ms Shylie Brown. Further, June Bullivant undertook to carry out investigations and report back to the next meeting.




28/12        Parramatta High School and Parramatta Historical Society Centenaries

                  David Shakespeare advised that Parramatta High School would reach its centenary next year.


                  The centenary for the Parramatta Historical Society was also fast approaching.


29/12        Former and Current Olympians

                  Mr Shakespeare advised that with the upcoming London Olympics, it was timely for Council to investigate whether it possessed a record of current and former Olympians that resided within the Parramatta LGA.


                  Mr Shakespeare suggested that if such a list did not exist, its preparation may wish to be considered as part of Parramatta Stories.


                  Ms Desailly advised that the matter would be discussed with representatives of the Parramatta Heritage Centre.



30/12        Get Well” Wishes to Peter Crittenden

Mr Crittenden thanked the Committee for the “Get Well” card it had forwarded after his recent operation.



31/12        Vauxhall Cottages

June Bullivant asked whether members were aware of the location of the Vauxhall Cottages circa 1859.



32/12        Poplar Trees in vicinity of Granville Railway Line

June Bullivant advised that the Granville RSL Sub Branch had recently become aware that the poplar trees located on the footpath in the vicinity of the Granville railway line are to be removed and replaced.


Ms Bullivant requested that an investigation be undertaken as to which utility would undertake these works.



33/12        Anzac Day

Mr Shakespeare advised that representatives of the HMAS Parramatta would be attending the Anzac Day Dawn Service.



34/12        Apology from Mr Bill McGuirk

Bill McGuirk advised that he would be an apology for the June and August meetings of the Heritage Advisory Committee.





35/12        Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee is scheduled for 20 June 2012.



The meeting terminated at 6.42pm.