Item 8.5 - Attachment 5

Comparison of Design Controls in Parramatta DCP and for subject block


Attachment 5: Comparison of Design Controls in Parramatta DCP and Proposed for Subject Block



Design Controls for Residential Flat Buildings



Parramatta DCP 2011

Proposed for subject block


13m in Parramatta LEP 2011*

Arthur Street (within 13m height limit):

4.5m minimum setback of fourth storey on street frontage

3m minimum side setbacks of fourth storey

Three storey maximum building height for 103 Arthur Street

Building ground levels are to be stepped with the site. The number of steps is to be minimised.

Floor space ratio

No provision in Parramatta LEP 2011*


Minimum site frontage

18m for Harris Park Precinct


Front setback

Primary frontage: 5 9m

Secondary Street/Lane frontage: 3 5m

7m minimum to Arthur Street

5 7m setback to Weston and Hope Streets on corner sites with Arthur Street

Side setback

Minimum 4.5m

6m minimum for Arthur Street sites

Rear setback

Minimum 15% of length of site

Will still apply

Building length


35m maximum building length, with a 4m minimum break for Arthur Street sites

Deep soil zone

Minimum 30% of which at least 50% is to be located at rear of site

Minimum dimensions 4m x 4m

Deep soil and well vegetated landscaping to be provided in the front setback along Arthur Street

Landscaped area

Minimum 30% for subject block as provided by section 4.3.2

Will still apply



* Being addressed in broader precinct review