Item 10.1 - Attachment 1

Development Application Variations under SEPP 1 - March 2012


Development Application Variations under SEPP 1 Approved in March 2012 (as at 27 March)


DA No:


Category of development:

Environmental Planning Instrument

Development standard to be varied

Justification of variation

Extent of Variation

Date DA determined



16 Buckleys Road, WINSTON HILLS


PLEP 2011

Zone R2 Low Density Residential

cl. 4.4 maximum FSR (0.5:1)


The proposed variation is minor and is consistent with the FSR envisaged for the site when council endorsed the Masterplan for the site and in particular the nominated FSR for this allotment being 0.59:1.

There are no adverse impacts arising from the variation to the FSR control.



0.5:1 (max)

0.59:1 proposed (37.5m2 variation)

12 March 2012

Council Meeting