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Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 15 February 2012








David Shakespeare in the Chair (retired 7.02 pm) and Shylie Brown, Barry Bullivant, June Bullivant, Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans, Janice Huntington, Carol Liston (arrived 5.50pm and assumed the Chair) and Anne Mathews.






Grant Davies - Committee Clerk and Diane Galea (Project Officer – Land Use).






An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Peter Crittenden, Michelle Desailly, Paul Kennedy, Bill McGuirk, Karen O’Donnell - McGrane and Zoran Popovic.






There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.






The Committee welcomed June and Barry Bullivant to the meeting as representatives of the Granville Historical Society.


In addition, the Committee welcomed Ms Diane Galea, standing in for the absent Paul Kennedy, to the meeting.



Carol Liston arrived at the meeting at 5.50pm and assumed the Chair.






1/12           Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 19 October 2011

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 19 October 2011 had previously been forwarded to each member.



RECOMMENDATION                     (Mathews/S Brown)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 19 October 2011 be taken as read and be confirmed as a true record of the meeting with the following alterations:-

1.         The reference to “Mansfield” in Minute No. 56/11 should read “Mancefield”.

2.         The street trees heavily trimmed by Integral Energy (Minute No. 61/11 refers) were in Pendle Hill rather than Epping.    



2/12           Feedback from Council

Ms Galea advised that the October Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee were received and noted by Council at its meeting held on 28 November 2011.






3/12          Mancefield – Corner of Sorrell and Harold Streets, Parramatta (Minute No. 56/11 refers)

                  Ms Galea noted that this property should be correctly identified as 46 Grose Street, Parramatta.


Council has previously taken compliance action regarding this property in relation to the removal of dangerous pickets from the fence and fixing stormwater disposal. No further action can be taken.


A letter, however, has been forwarded to the property owner advising of heritage grants available to assist with property maintenance.


4/12          Church Pews at Parramatta Gaol (Minute No. 58/11 refers)

The issue had been raised with the Heritage Branch where Council had been advised that as the pews form part of the gaol contents and are not listed, it is doubtful they can be protected.


A further meeting will be held with the property manager of the gaol and further advice will be provided to the Committee.


RECOMMMENDATION      (Liston/Brown) 


That Council refer the issue of protection for the pews at the Chapel in Parramatta Gaol to the Heritage Branch and request that the issue of protection for movable cultural items from an item of State Significance be addressed.


5/12          Plaque in Third Settlement Reserve (Minute No. 60/11 refers)

Ms Galea advised that the missing plaque at Third Settlement Reserve had now been replaced.


The Committee thanked Council for its prompt action.





6/12          Street Trees (Minute No. 61/11 refers)

Council Place Managers had indicated that the subject street tree trimming had been undertaken by Endeavour Energy who has a statutory right to undertake the works.


Council’s and the Committee’s concerns, however, have been raised with Endeavour.


7/12          Appointment of New Member/s

                  It was noted that June Brown from the Granville Historical Society had recently resigned from the Committee and a replacement member had been sought from the Granville Historical Society.


                  Barry and June Bullivant from the Society had sought membership to the Committee.


                  RECOMMENDATION   (Shakespeare/Huntington)


                  That Mr Barry Bullivant be appointed as a member and Mrs June Bullivant  be appointed as an alternate member of the Heritage Advisory Committee with both appointees being welcome to attend future meetings.






8/12          Parramatta Stories Project

In the absence of Ms Desailly, Ms Galea advised in relation to the investigation into the interpretation of the Head of Parramatta River (including the Governor Phillip Journey):-


“Ms Desailly has met with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee and began the consultation process with a walk along the trail up to the head of the River on 10 December. Unfortunately due to bad weather, the walk experienced low attendance.


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee will regroup in February and Ms Desailly will continue the consultation, research, will outline some options and provide recommendations for consideration by both the Heritage and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committees.”


Ms Galea further advised that the report recently considered by Council on the Comprehensive Heritage Review contained information regarding the listing of the Governor Phillip’s Camp Site at the junction of Toongabbie and Darling Mills Creeks, Westmead. The report indicated that whilst the listing was supported by the Committee, it was not supported by the Heritage Advisor as the site did not meet the NSW Heritage Office criteria. It was recommended that historical events on the site should be commemorated through interpretive signage.


RECOMMENDATION         (Liston/E Evans)


(a)       The Committee reinforces its support for the interpretation and listing of Governor Phillip’s Camp Site and requests that Council continue its efforts to have the site recognised.


(b)       Further, that related information from the Comprehensive Heritage Review be forwarded to all members and this issue be listed for further consideration at the next meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee.


9/12          Comprehensive Heritage Review

                  Ms Galea advised that the Comprehensive Heritage Review had been considered by Council at its meeting held on 28 November 2011 where Council had resolved to agree to the proposed alterations for adding and removing heritage listed items, as reported to Council, subject to the removal of the Parramatta Wetlands from the list of items to be removed and the removal of 45 Chiswick Road, South Granville from the heritage list.


                  Council is currently in the process of drafting the planning proposal and it is anticipated the proposal will be forwarded to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for gateway determination by the end of February.


                  Further, checking of the heritage inventory data is near completion and will also be provided to the Heritage Office by the end of February.


                  It was requested that the appropriate heritage maps be provided at the next meeting for the information of members.


                  Shylie Brown commented that the correct address for Hambledon Cottage is 63 Hassall Street rather than 47 Hassall Street.


10/12        Development Applications - Portals in Lennox Bridge

It was noted that the period for public submissions on the proposed placement of portals in Lennox Bridge had closed yesterday.


The Committee Clerk noted that during Question Time at the Council Meeting held on 13 February, 2012 a Councillor had requested that the exhibition period be extended for 2 weeks.


The Chief Executive Officer had taken the question on notice but noted that late submissions could be considered in any event.


The Chairperson suggested that members not having done so, make a submission as a matter of urgency.


RECOMMENDATION         (S Brown/Mathews)


(a)       The Committee notes that Lennox Bridge is a significant historic building and a key heritage item that reflects Parramatta’s identity as a colonial convict town and strongly objects to any proposal to interfere with the fabric of the Bridge.

(b)       The Committee further notes that the eastern side of Lennox Bridge is the original fabric of the bridge as constructed in 1836.

(c)       Further, the Committee expresses concern that it receives numerous development applications relating to minor issues such as awnings and changes of use but did not receive details of this significant proposal.



The above recommendation was passed by the Committee unanimously.



11/12        Local Heritage Fund

Ms Galea advised that 3 applications had been received for consideration at this meeting as follows:-


1.         22 Grose Street, Parramatta – Application of water proof sealant to external brick walls of building


            The work is supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (S Brown/R Evans)


That funds in the amount of $691.00 be granted and a suitable letter of congratulations be forwarded for the works undertaken.



2.         5 Madison Avenue, Carlingford – Maintenance of 23 out of 34 Sydney Brush Box trees (heritage listed) lining the heritage walk. The work is to remove dead and dangerous limbs for tree health and pedestrian protection.


            The works are supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (Mathews/Brown)


That consideration of this application be deferred to the next meeting to enable further research to be undertaken by members.


3.         85 Wigram Street, Harris Park – Approval in principle is sought for roof restoration, exterior house painting (colour scheme to be changed) and replacement of guttering and down pipes.


            The work is supported by the Heritage Advisor.


RECOMMENDATION         (S Brown/R Evans)


(a)       That approval in principle be provided and funds in the amount of $2,650.00 be provided on the satisfactory completion of the proposed works.

(b)       Further, that the applicant be encouraged to erect an appropriate fence at the front of the dwelling.






12/12        HMAS Parramatta

Mr Shakespeare commented that HMAS Parramatta forms part of Parramatta’s heritage and noted that the ship will be returning from active duty in the Gulf at the end of March.


Mr Shakespeare added that an exhibition on HMAS Parramatta is being held at Hambledon Cottage and invited members to attend.





13/12        Get Well” Wishes to Peter Crittenden

Mrs Brown commented that Peter Crittenden, Committee Member, was today undertaking an operation and requested that a “get well” card be forwarded on the Committee’s behalf.


14/12        Parramatta Park Trust

Elaine Evans will no longer be serving on the Trust but noted that an advertisement had been placed in the local press seeking persons interested in nominating for the next 4 year term.


Ms Liston noted that the Committee valued Ms Evan’s contribution to the Heritage Advisory Committee and expressed hope that Elaine would remain on the Committee.



David Shakespeare retired from the meeting at 7.02pm.


15/12        Tourism Committee

Ms Huntington sought any information available on a recently formed committee to promote tourism in Parramatta.


Ms Huntington questioned whether the Committee was aware of the proud heritage of Parramatta.


16/12        Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage

June Bullivant will be meeting with the Minister for the Environment and Minister for Heritage, The Hon. Robyn Parker, where the issue of the Female Factory will be raised.


Ms Bullivant invited members to contact her with any other issues of importance that they may wish raised with the Minister.


17/12        Future Meetings of the Heritage Advisory Committee

Future meetings of the Heritage Advisory Committee will be held on:-


18 April 2012

20 June 2012

15 August 2012

17 October 2012



The meeting terminated at 7.09 pm.