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Minutes of the Strategic Partnership Meeting with Housing NSW and Parramatta City Council


Strategic Partnership between Housing NSW and Parramatta City Council




2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, 22 November 2011

Parramatta City Council



Parramatta City Council


Housing NSW


Steering Group

Councillor Glenn Elmore

Dr Robert Lang – CEO

Sue Weatherley – Group Manager, Outcomes & Development

Geoff King -  Manager, City Strategy

Debbie Killian – Manager Community, Library & Social Services

Megan Dephoff – Manager Social Outcomes

Louise Kerr –  Manager Development Services Unit

Jayne Boardman – Project Officer, Social Outcomes

Tania Fogarty – Project Support Officer


Steering Group

Ken BoneGeneral Manager (Chair)

John Paszek – Director Resource Planning

Ray Brincat – Area Director

Renee Wirth – Centre for Affordable Housing

Nicholas Graham - Project Development

Alison Shearer – Director Service Improvement

Susan Richardson – A/Manager Community Renewal Partnerships

Jolanta Debek-Kozyra - Project Development

Vicki Haddock - Project Development



Resource person

Jennene Griffiths, Senior Project Officer Community Renewal Partnerships





Nigel Sharpe – Project Development











Welcome and Introductions

The chair welcomed all to the meeting.



Previous Minutes and Business Arising

The Minutes were noted and accepted.






Strategic Context Updates


























Strategic Context Updates


3.1 Dr Rob Lang, CEO


Civic Place

·    Council has acquired all of the properties within the 3 hectare block and are actively working with the developer Growcon to progress the development.

·    Planning approval still to be obtained.


River Foreshore Project

·    The Lennox Bridge car park art project is progressing well.  Council will be calling for tenders within the next few weeks.

·    The development of the area will consist of Council/community facilities on the ground floor and residential and/or commercial properties on the upper levels.

·    Activation work is currently underway and Council has recently approved the installation of an Australian first bridge fountain on the Barry Wilde Bridge.

·    Council are also reviewing the Westmead and Cumberland Hospital site.

·    The closure of the Parramatta Gaol will open up another area of potential public space for consideration.


Innovation Discovery Workshop

· The workshop was held on 20 & 21 October in partnership with IMB.

· Council benefited from the experience of a number of international experts.


Better Neighbourhood Program

·    Dundas Station Small Centre Upgrade is complete.

·    Ermington and Midson/Small Centre Upgrades are complete.

·    Toongabbie town centre upgrades are currently being scoped with work to commence in 2012.

·    Kleins Rd Northmead Small Centre Upgrade is complete.

·    Westmead Way-focusing on precinct navigation.

·    Upgrading in Park Rd Rydalmere and Wigram St in Harris Park is currently being scoped with work to commence in 2012.


Cycleway Update


NSW Bike Plan projects

·    RTA’s ten-year, $78M River Cities Bike Program, being implemented in partnership with local governments, will fast track the delivery of cycle infrastructure, parking facilities and cycling skills training opportunities within the 5 to 10 km or 20 to 40 min bike ride  - radius of the Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith city centres.

·    The focus in the Parramatta LGA is on completing the missing links in the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and connecting the CBD to Westmead through Parramatta Park, opening up Lennox Bridge.

·    Bike racks as art scattered throughout Parramatta.


Healthy Communities Grant

·    Unfortunately Council were unsuccessful in their bid for the Federal Government Communities Grant.

·    Holroyd Council were successful and therefore may approach HNSW for support in the future.


E-Parramatta and Parra Connect

·    A Strategic Framework for Development and Delivery of a Smart City is currently being developed. There are 2 projects:

o E-Parra Strategy - maximising the availability of Council’s service on the internet, mobile applications and wireless technology across the local government area

o Parra Connect – is a related external strategy to maximise the benefits of new technologies to the community and business sectors of Parramatta.


3.2 Housing NSW – Ken Bone, General Manager


Housing Market

· The housing market is still tight and there is a high demand for HNSW services – tenancy and rental assistance.

· Across NSW requests for rental assistance has increased by 40% over the past 3 years.

· This has directly affected the level of assistance HNSW can offer to clients, emphasis is being placed back on to clients to help solve their tenancy issues sooner and contribute co-payments.

· Do not see the market easing any time soon.

· Affordable housing is critical.

· A welcome announcement from the Planning Minister which allows the delivery of affordable housing on smaller lots of 250sqm.

· The objective of the Minto redevelopment was to achieve affordable housing; however this seems to have missed the mark as most buyers were second or third home buyers or investors.

· Demand for rental products across the state has increased by 40% for the last 3 years particularly private rental assistance.


Change of Government

· The separation of services has occurred but the logistics of the restructure are still being worked through.

· Financial separation will not occur until next financial year.

· Delegation structures are being rolled out at the senior level, it will be approximately another 12-18 months for the roll out to be complete at an operational level.

· There has been a reshuffle so that Housing NSW is now part of Department of Family and Community Services. HNSW assets will sit with Department of Finance and Services.

· New Ministers – Greg Pearce Finance Services and, Pru Goward – Family and Community Services.


Government Stimulus Works

· Stimulus development is almost complete with some issues requiring resolution prior to completion on a small number of properties.

· Built 4500 dwellings to date from the stimulus program.





































































































LEP Update




Parramatta City Council - Louise Kerr  Manager Development Services Unit



·    The LEP was gazetted on 7 October 2011.

·    Some DA’s are still progressing.

·    Affordable housing is an issue with a large number of applications from private developers.

·    A number of Affordable Housing SEPP applications for group homes appear to be more likely boarding house style accommodation.




Nation Building Economic Stimulus Program update

Housing NSW – Ray Brincat, Area Director


· All stimulus work in the LGA completed 3 months ago.

· 24 developments completed in total in the Parramatta LGA, comprising 358 dwellings.

· All of the properties are managed by Community Housing Providers with the majority in the Parramatta area being with Bridge Housing and a small number with St George Housing.




Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) Update - Wentworthville

Housing NSW – Nick Graham, Development Manager


· Funded by FASCIA under the Commonwealth’s Housing Affordability Fund (HAF)    Round 2.

·  Four stage project, currently at Stage 3 – Preferred Urban Renewal Master Plan (June 2011 to March 2012).

·  Planning submission to Council expected to occur between April and May 2012.

·     Community consultation sessions have been held in May and November 2011.

·     A Community Information Group has been established.

·  Existing layout – 9.1 hectare site with 194 existing dwellings.

·  Indicative master plan has new road connections, rationalised open space, proposed 250 - 400 dwellings with building heights ranging from 2 – 5 storeys.

·  Improved pedestrian access with the closure of laneways, better footpaths, realignment of the northern pedestrian bridge link and a new walkway along the Toongabbie Creek.

·  Open space will consist of a mix of passive and active areas with enhanced accessibility and views to Toongabbie Creek.

·  ‘Salt and Pepper’ approach to housing diversity with a 30:70 ratio (social/private).

·  Mix of housing types with greater flexibility around bedroom types and seniors living/aged care.

·  Possible retention of 34 townhouses on the northern side and 27 town houses on the southern side.

· See Attachment on HNSW Wentworthville Presentation.

· PCC suggested it would be a good opportunity for HNSW to liaise with Dept of Education about their land and its future use, to ensure we can maximise benefits and synergies for the community.



HNSW to present final master plan proposal to Council in the new year prior to lodgement of the proposal to Council in April/May 2012.



Re-development update

Housing NSW – Vicki Haddock, Project Development


· Concept - 10.9ha site, existing 530 dwellings, proposed 1900 dwellings

· Targeted outcome for ownership type is 30% social housing, 60% private housing and 10% affordable housing.

· Current construction commenced in November 2010, 3 buildings delivering 152 units.  Completion expected between March and June 2012.

· The market sounding findings confirmed the project assumptions are positive as all the developers confirmed their interest.

· Community Housing Provider, Hume CHA was appointed for stage 1- social housing tenancy management.  Tenancy to commence in March 2012.

· Targeting affordable rental and social housing mix.

· Housing & Property Group is drafting a strategy to define principles for community integration.  Key principles include:

1.      Mixed tenure

2.      Supportive housing management

3.      Small building forms for social housing

4.      Provision of affordable housing

5.      Housing choice inc. 10% 3 bed units

6.      Good-quality public domain

7.      Similar designs for social, affordable and private housing

· Demolition of two-single storey buildings located in 14 Sturt Street Telopea has been approved and will commence before Christmas.

· Demolition of a third building at 2 Moffatts Drive Telopea will commence early 2012.

· The future use of vacant land created by demolition will be determined by master-planning undertaken by private sector developer in partnership with Housing and Property Group.

· Next steps:

· Establish Community Information Group & engage with external stakeholders (Feb 2012)

· Finalise majority of conditions of Part 3A approval (April 2012)

· Continue engagement with private sector developers (2nd round market sounding in Feb 2012)

· Engage private sector delivery partner(s)

· Commence first stage of private sector construction projected 2013/2014

· Housing NSW is working in partnership with Hume CHA to develop an allocation strategy targeting those clients requiring medical transfers, are under occupying or have been relocated from Telopea.

· See attachment on HNSW Telopea Renewal Presentation.



HNSW to invite Council to attend the Open Day planned for March 2012.


Organisational information sharing/updates on key housing issues



























8.1 Homelessness – PCC Megan Dephoff


· The draft Homelessness Policy and Implementation Plan will go to Council on Monday 28 November for approval.

· There are a growing number of homelessness people with a mix of socio-demographic background.  A substantial number of these people are from the local area experiencing housing stress.

· Council are implementing a range of options to assist:

· Affordable housing

· Local sector support

· Public space management

· Advocacy for long term regional planning

· Council are keen to undertake a street count again next February but need to work out some logistical issues.


Homelessness – Housing NSW, Alison Shearer


Regional Homelessness Action Plan

· The membership of the Regional Homelessness Committee (RHC) is currently being refreshed.  Centrelink are now onboard however, the community and Aboriginal housing sectors are lacking representation.

· The Western Sydney RHC will release its first newsletter by Christmas with on-going publication on a quarterly basis.  This will provide information on current members, projects and initiatives.

· All current funded projects are meeting targets and achieving their goals, however when accommodation is a component there is always a challenge to find appropriate housing stock to meet the needs of the client with an appropriate timeframe.

· A service mapping project for Western Sydney and Central Sydney will be commencing soon. 

·    An evaluation of HAP will also be conducted.  This is a state-wide process of capturing what has been learnt and will also involve a thorough evaluation of two keys projects in GWSR– possibly the SWS Youth Hub and Project 40.

· The committee is looking at transition planning due to lack of on-going funding.


8.2 Affordable Housing – PCC, Megan Dephoff– Manager Social Outcomes

· Council is supportive of Affordable Housing Strategies in the context of good local understanding of the local context and need.

· PCC plan for implementing consists of:

· Encouraging dwellings of good design to add value to individuals and the neighbourhood for secondary dwellings.

· Use of Council’s own assets where appropriate to include affordable housing options – possibly for PhD students use.

· Developing an Affordable Housing Bank to encourage private developers to contribute affordable housing units.

· The challenge is managing the mixed messages around the affordable rental housing SEPP – a number of applications from private developers seem to be for boarding houses in the guise of group homes.

· People do no understand that the term ‘affordable housing’ refers to rental rather than home ownership.  There is also a perception out there that affordable housing means public housing.

· The SEPP allows a change in density which may be causing some of the issues with developers.


Affordable Housing – HNSW Renee Wirth, Centre for Affordable Housing

· The Centre for Affordable Housing has a number of different programs to promote the supply of affordable rental housing, specifically in the Parramatta LGA there is:

· Social Housing Growth Fund - provides capital grants to social housing providers to leverage additional funds to develop new social housing and affordable housing.  In Parramatta it has delivered 160 units which have been constructed and are tenanted.

· National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) - joint Commonwealth and State Government funding initiative.  The Commonwealth provides an indexed grant or tax offset of just over $7,000 per incentive per annum for 10 years and State must provide a contribution equivalent to $2,300 per annum. In Parramatta over 800 NRAS incentives have been allocated to not-for-profit housing providers and private sector organisations.  Approximately 130 of these new affordable units have been delivered in Parramatta to date.

· Boarding House Financial Assistance Program – originally a funding program to support existing boarding house operators to meet fire and safety standards. The Program has recently been expanded to also provide funds to support the delivery of new boarding houses rooms.  Based on the initial funding round assessments, $450k has been allocated to support the delivery of 45 new boarding house rooms in the Parramatta LGA.  While the funds have been initially allocated to these projects, each proposals is subject to Council’s development assessment processes and no funds will be paid until development consents is granted and an occupation certificate is issued.



Megan and Alison to discuss the Parramatta Street count logistics with HNSW assistance outside meeting.




























Megan and Renee to discuss this area in more detail outside of this meeting.




Other Business

9.1 Telopea/Dundas Community Centre – Debbie Killian, PCC


· Question raised around the possible availability of State or Federal funds in contributing to the revitalisation of the community centre.

· HNSW advised that there is no possibility of a cash contribution as any available funds must go towards providing social housing for the large number of people on the waiting list.

· It may be worthwhile for HNSW and PCC to have a conversation about incorporating the renewal of the community centre with the HNSW redevelopment – possible option of a land swap.


9.2 Save our Suburbs Campaign


· HNSW identified there are a number of properties now occupied where the Save of Suburbs signs have not been taken down. HNSW would like them to come down immediately.

· PCC reported that they had to take the matter back to the Councillors for a resolution to remove all signs across the LGA and the signs are now being removed.



Debbie Killian to instigate conversation with HNSW regarding the revitalisation of the community centre






PCC to remove all Save our Suburb signs in the completed Stimulus Program Developments.





New Meeting Date and Venue for the Steering Group


Next steering committee date to be advised.