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Public Exhibition Submissions Issue Summary





Proposed Response / Amendment

Mountain Bike (MTB) / Cycling

- significant negative impacts on bushland / fauna from MTB riders creating additional tracks

- forms part of existing regional trail in NSW Bike Plan

- cyclists should be permitted to use existing fire-trail as designated ‘ shared’ route

- provision of appropriate signage delineating ‘shared’ and ‘pedestrian-only’ tracks

- 2 distinct MTB groups (Cross-country & Downhill/BMX). Cross country riders are main Lake Parramatta Reserve user group and support removal of illegally constructed tracks / downhill jumps
- recognise i
mportance of preserving natural environment and studies show riders cause no more damage to tracks than walkers (60%+ due to water run-off)
- 1999 POM allowed shared pedestrian / cycle use of fire trail (Illawong Dr)

- strong objection to MTB ban as fast growing sport / longstanding use of trails by MTB riders / providing facilities for other user groups e.g. walkers, kayakers

- conflicting action to encourage non-motorised travel TO reserve whilst banning IN reserve

- unauthorised trails built due to a lack of access to proper mountain biking facilities and banning legitimate users will increase unsustainable actions i.e. creation of additional tracks

- legitimate users (majority) would increase ownership / care of trails minimising vandalism and inappropriate activities e.g. jumps (minority)

- utilise International MTB Association Guidelines for trail construction / maintenance

- wildlife conflict potential minimal as predominantly birds / nocturnal mammals

- dedicated sustainable One-way MTB trail with suitable signposting to enable rationalisation of inappropriate trails / discouragement of illegal structures

- existing walking tracks not suitable for cycling / biking (due to potential conflicts)

- MTB growing activity and requires facilities as per provided for other recreational activities e.g. skateparks

- important partnership / consultation between user group (MTB) and land manager (Council)

- Implementation of a volunteers ‘Trail care’ program to maintain tracks as per IMBA guidelines

- successful MTB facilities within nature conservation areas e.g. Glenrock State Conservation Area, Manly Dam

- MTB / cyclists provide economic benefits to kiosk / café

- National Parks & Wildlife recently released revised Cycling policy and Sustainable Mountain Biking Strategy recognising increasing demand for mountain biking opportunities in natural areas

- high local demand / significant user group (wide demographic consistent with surrounding area population)

- cost effective (establishment / maintenance)  in comparison to other recreation facilities .i.e. sporting fields

- walkers and cyclists currently share trails successfully without conflict

- Perception versus reality:

I. MTB do not cause more damage to vegetation (studies of plant density, diversity, soil exposure) than walkers / hikers

II. MTB do not have greater effects on wildlife (studies show animals in proximity as likely to flee with walkers as with cyclists)

III.   conflict with walkers more perceived than in reality (few documented examples of biker / hiker accidents on multi-use trails)

- high demand justifies defined trails to reduce congestion / minimising interaction between different user groups

- single-track experience (narrow trail slightly wider than a bike) as currently provided is most desirable)

- Implement Code of Conduct e.g. IMBA Rules of the Trail

- soil types within reserve are highly prone to erosion and incompatible with active sports / biking

- New action in Section 5.6 (Cycling) ‘Restrict bike access to the main visitor precinct and the existing eastern fire trail (Illawong Drive) as provides a link into trails in larger reserves and:

I. separate from the perimeter walking track (minimising potential conflict with walkers)

II. sufficient width to provide for safe riding

III.   minimises disturbance to endangered species / EECs

- Insert additional section in section 2 - Cycling and Mountain Biking (include IMBA rules of the Trail)

- New action in Section 5.6 (Cycling) ‘Liaise with the Kings School to establish formalised access link through their property into Lake Parramatta Reserve fire trail’

- Erection of appropriate signage to designate ‘Walk-Only’ & ‘Shared’ tracks

- Lake loop trail unsuitable for both walkers / cyclists (potential conflicts / safety issues due to narrow track width / rough terrain)

- Glenrock (500+ ha)  & Manly Dam (375ha) are significantly larger (much less impact than in small reserve such as Lake Parramatta 75ha)

- New action in Section 5.6 (Cycling) Adopt IMBA ‘Rules of the Trail’ for MTB within the reserve”:

- Amend Figure 2.10 to include Fire Trail (Shared)









Proposed Response / Amendment


- ban amplification of music

- James Ruse Drive noise barriers high priority

- James Ruse Drive noise barriers to have minimal visual impact utilising clear panels


- environmentally sympathetic sound barrier (use of vegetation along James Ruse Dr gradually sloping down into reserve)

- sound amplification prohibited on existing s632 signage

- revise priority of noise barriers from ‘5’ to ‘3’

- Amend Section 5.7. (Noise) sound barrier action to include ‘minimal visual impact incorporating clear panels’

- New action in Section 5.7 (Noise) ‘Undertake planting of native vegetation along James Ruse Drive to minimise visual impact of traffic and proposed sound wallsn Reserve’


- reconfigured parking / loop road potentially significant impact on existing remnant trees (particularly southern carpark area)

- future parking improvements to utilise permeable materials to minimise run-off / maximise water penetration

- support parking relocated away from water edge to south of James Ruse Dr (as proposed southern carpark will significantly impact on remnant trees / recreation space and involve significant comparable cost)

- New action in Section 5.8 (Facilities and Infrastructure) ‘Future carparking design will incorporate appropriate measures to protect existing mature tree root zones’

- Remove proposed southern reserve carpark and replace with additional picnic facilities. Amend action in Section 5.6. (Cars and parking) to ‘Provide additional sealed carparking south of James Ruse Dr (Off Bourke St) with perimeter bollards to prevent access to EEC and Aboriginal heritage site’.

Dumping / Pollution

- significant environmental impacts from North Rocks Rd properties i.e. dumping, parking, encroachment, weeds, etc

- sewerage leaks polluting lake water

- Sydney water to upgrade sewerage system to minimise risk of overflow into lake

- New action in Section 5.8 (Boundaries) “Liaise with Hills Shire Council to address encroachment issues and environmental problems along North Rocks Road

- New action in Section 5.8 (Waste) “Liaise with Sydney Water to address water pollution issues”

Flora / Fauna Protection

- support additional ‘ Environmental Protection’ purpose


- support re-instatement of ‘ Wildlife Refuge’ status under s68 National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974

- support establishment of ‘ Wildlife Protection Area’ under Companion Animals Act 1988



- install fox / cat fencing around entire reserve & re-introduce native fauna


- bushland provides significant biodiversity connectivity through to Hills Shire bushland e.g. Bidjigal Reserve


- prohibit dog walking (reduced bird diversity / abundance, faeces)


- ensure protection / preservation of remnant trees in visitor precinct (particularly remnant tree in front of kiosk)



- revert changed hydrology below dam wall / protect trees from stormwater associated with future infrastructure improvements

- Request Minister assign additional ‘ Environmental Protection’ purpose under Crown Lands Act 1989

- Amend action in Section 5.7 (Native Wildlife) to “Declare Reserve a Wildlife Refuge under s68 of the National Parks & Wildlife Act 1974”

- New action in Section 5.7 (Native Wildlife) “Declare reserve a Wildlife Protection Area under the Companion Animals Act 1998”

- Length of perimeter fencing cost-prohibitive & separation of bushland between reserve and Kings School would impact ecological integrity / wildlife corridor

- New action in Section 5.7 (Native Vegetation) “Establish a partnership with The Kings School to ensure protection of identified endangered / threatened species and endangered ecological communities in adjoining bushland”

- Dogs only permitted on-leash (POM recommends reinstatement of Wildlife Refuge / proclamation of Wildlife Protection Area)

- New action in Section 5.8 (Facilities and Infrastructure) “Future visitor facilities design will incorporate appropriate measures to protect existing mature trees”

-  New action in Section 5.7 (Native Vegetation) “Investigate protection measures for mature remnant native tree in entry roadway adjacent kiosk”

- New action in Section 5.8 (Facilities & Infrastructure) “Ensure the design of future reserve infrastructure minimises stormwater impacts on native vegetation”


- rock climbing / bouldering / abseiling inappropriate (damage to Aboriginal rock art sites, clearing of vegetation for rock access)


- Implement catch and return fishing

- no space to relocate / expand size of playground due to space required for new carparking area

- New action in Section 5.5 (Abseiling / Rock-climbing / Bouldering) “Prohibit rock climbing / bouldering / abseiling to prevent damage to sensitive vegetation and aboriginal heritage sites”

- Existing action under Section 5.5 (Fishing)

- Remove proposed southern reserve carpark to retain space for additional facilities

Volunteers & Education

- lack of recognition of importance of volunteering / potential to expand volunteering activities (bushcare, environmental education, walking tours, bushfood demonstrations, etc)

- conduct regular educational activities e.g. Environmental film screening


- establish ‘Friends of Lake Parramatta Reserve” to volunteer / educate at meeting room


- Amend action in Section 5.7. (Bushland Management) to include “promote” and ‘i.e. information in reserve noticeboard’

- New action in Section 5.7 (Environmental Sensitivity & Awareness) “Investigate use of the Reserve by an environmental education officer during opening hours”

- Additional group unwarranted as Lake Parramatta Conservation Committee long-established group


- need to protect sandstone retaining walls, steps, etc

- New action in Section 5.8 (Facilities and Infrastructure) “Protect and incorporate existing heritage sandstone landscaping in future upgrade works”




Proposed Response / Amendment

Meeting Room / Kiosk

- strong support for kiosk / café upgrade with reduced maximum capacity (<120)

- remove marquee area (significant ongoing costs)

- retain and promote meeting room

- increased café / kiosk size and takeaway options will increase rubbish (littering) and encourage wildlife feeding



- limit evening functions as isolated venue / noise impacts on wildlife and surrounding residents


- Option 2 preferred as integrated facility to address current separation problem between facilities

- Meeting room should be incorporated with café / kiosk

- maintain disabled / bus / drop-off and pick-up parking provision in proximity to kiosk

- public funding of improvements to prevent long-term alienation of public asset

- separate tenders for construction and operation of café / kiosk to maximise success / transparency

- gate access for evening functions problematic (installation of electronic gate locking system)

- Actual kiosk / café size outside POM scope (subject to detailed feasibility study)

- Marquee area to functions as informal picnic / recreation space when no marquee. Temporary marquee to be organised by hirer (not kiosk operator)

- café / kiosk design to consider potential increased rubbish and provide appropriate facilities in detailed design (outside POM scope)

- New action in Section 5.7 (Native Wildlife) “Erect appropriate educational signage in main visitor precinct discouraging visitors to feed wildlife”

- Kiosk action specifies evening functions to conclude by 8pm (majority held during summer months when later daylight to minimise impacts on wildlife & neighbours)

- Kiosk / meeting room / cottage upgrade design and tender specifications not within scope of POM (separate future process)

- Amend action under 5.5 (Meeting / Training Room) to include ‘reserve noticeboard’


- Security firm engaged to open / close gates and liaise with kiosk lessee regarding late functions

Regulation & Education

- importance of permanent ranger to enforce rules / regulations

- New action in Section 5.8 (Regulation) “Educate Council Community Safety Officers regarding reserve regulations and environmental sensitivities”

- New action in Section 5.8 (Regulation) “Facilitate increased surveillance and regulation by Council Community Safety Officers in the Reserve”


Water Access

- restrict water access to single designated point to minimise environmental impacts



- no swimming due to poor water quality / monitoring requirements / no lifeguards


- only allow non-commercial watercraft use of lake


- provision of dedicated carparking for kayaks/ canoes near proposed access point

- New action in Section 5.5 (Boating) “Restrict water access to single designated access point in main visitor precinct”

- Amend action in Section 5.5 to include kayaking / canoeing

- Amend action in Section 5.5. (Swimming)  to include ‘in accordance with the Lake Parramatta Water Safety Plan’

- Existing action in Section 5.5. (Boating) to investigate trial to monitor environmental impacts

- Proposed water access facility to include drop-off / pickup space

- Include additional paragraphLake Parramatta Water Safety Plan”


- investigate sale of land south of James Ruse Dr to fund identified improvements

- revenue generation incompatible with environmental / recreation reserve purpose

- meeting room hire fees to be reduced to encourage use


- opposition to vehicle entry fee (impact on café / kiosk patronage and viability)

- Sale prohibited as Crown land reserved for ‘Public Recreation’

- Improvements to be funded through federal / state grants (refer Section 7.2)

- New action in Section 5.5 (Meeting / Training Room) “Review community group hire fees for Lake Parramatta meeting room to encourage greater use”

- Remove parking fee statement (7.2)


- 3 isolated Crown Land lots (Lot 2 DP 581960 / Lots 1 & 2 DP 540643) appropriate to be transferred to Parramatta City Council for inclusion in Lake Parramatta Reserve Trust

- Negotiate formal link through the Kings School bushland between Parramatta City and Hills Shire bushland reserves



- reserve boundary needs to be clearly defined along North Rocks Road


- New action in Section 5.8 (Boundaries) “Investigate transfer of Crown land (Lot 2 DP 581960 and Lots 1-2 DP 540643) from The Hills Shire Council to Parramatta City Council under Lake Parramatta Reserve Trust”

- New action in Section 5.6 (Cycling) ‘Liaise with the Kings School to establish formalised access link through their property into Lake Parramatta Reserve fire trail’

- New action in Section 5.8 (Boundaries) “Liaise with Hills Shire Council to address encroachment issues and environmental problems along North Rocks Road


- inadequate demand and parking capacity

- markets will significantly impact on recreational use

- increase rubbish / significant competition from nearby markets

- Remove markets action under Section 3.1(Events)








Proposed Response / Amendment


- installation of recycle bins in picnic area

- track upgrades to utilise natural materials with minimal environmental impact  i.e. crushed sandstone


- include bike racks in main visitor precinct for secure parking



- path upgrades should utilise permeable materials in natural colours


- utilise low soft native indigenous grasses instead of turf in new picnic areas


- avoid mulched garden beds as prevent natural regeneration / no further exotic plantings





- install rainwater tanks at new kiosk / meeting room & large picnic shelters for use by patrons

- Current action in Section 5.8 (Waste)

- New action in Section 5.8 (Landscaping) “All pathways, tracks and trails located within bushland areas are to utilise natural materials, such as crushed sandstone, to minimise environmental impacts”

- New action in Section 5.6 (Facilities & Infrastructure) “Provide racks for secure bike parking in the main visitor precinct”

- New action in Section 5.8 (Facilities & Infrastructure) “New or upgraded pathways will utilise permeable materials to minimise run-off and maximise soil penetration’

- New action in Section 5.8 (Landscaping) “Utilise non-invasive and low water use turf in new picnic areas to minimise encroachment into nearby bushland”

- Regeneration inappropriate in garden bed locations / mulching required to minimise water use and maximise plant survival

- New action in Section 5.8 (Landscaping) “Utilise locally indigenous plant species in all reserve plantings (except cultural plantings) to prevent the invasion of exotic species into nearby bushland’

- New action in Section 5.8 (Facilities & Infrastructure) “Investigate provision of rainwater tanks at new kiosk / meeting room and at large picnic shelters for visitor use”

Miscellaneous e.g. Typographical errors

- current flora / fauna Information required

- no Northpoint on diagrams / plans

- explain LGA

- lacks legislation / policy hierarchy


- include LG Act 1993 community land categories

- expand E2 zoning in LEP to reflect Environmental Protection purpose

- dam ‘brakes’ misspelt

- inconsistent action priority symbols ‘H’

- ‘State’ misspelt

- community workshop meeting Notes formatting error

- actions need to be achievable within specified timeframe (many actions not undertaken in 1999 POM)





- large remnant tree missing from front of Kiosk in masterplan (Section 6.2)


- James Ruse Dr signage inappropriate due to high speed / unable to easily exit to reserve

- Include 2011 Core Bushland Flora & fauna Survey in Appendix 9.1

- include Northpoint on diagrams / plans

- Include LGA in 1.8 Abbreviations….

- Group legislation / policy into Government level hierarchy (Commonwealth / state / Local)

- Crown land is not community land classified under LG Act 1993

- Change zoning description under Section 1.4 and include zoning map

- Amend ‘ brakes’ under Facilities & Infrastructure

- Replace ‘H’ with ‘1’

- Amend ‘State’ on pages 59-66

- Remove error in Section 9.2

- Actions to be funded on a staged basis over time through Council’s  annual budget and capital works programs (Special Rates for Open Space, City Centre, Suburban Infrastructure (Environment, Roads and Neighbourhoods; Stormwater Management Service Charge (Stormwater Levy); Section 94A Development Contributions Plan and will facilitate greater opportunities to seek Federal and State government grant funding

- Insert missing tree in section 6.2 (Masterplan)


- Remove ‘James Ruse Dr’ from Section 5.5 (Reserve Identity & Promotion)