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Heritage Minutes October 2011








Carol Liston in the Chair, Bill McGuirk, Shylie Bown, Anne Mathews, David Shakespeare, Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans





Joy Bramham (Minute Clerk), and Paul Kennedy (Project Officer) Zoran Popovic (Heritage Advisor) arrived 5.51pm.





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Janice Huntington, Elaine Evans and Michelle Desailly  





Bill McGuirk declared and interest in the Centennial Park item.





51/11         Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 17 August  2011

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 17 August 2011 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLVED              (McGuirk/Brown)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 17 August 2011 be taken as read and be confirmed as a true record of the meeting.



52/11          Business Arising from Previous Minutes


Lennox Bridge Presentation


The Committee asked if the presentation was still confidential. It was noted that this has not yet gone to Council and as such discussion should be discrete. 


Letter to June Brown


A letter was sent to June Brown thanking her for her time on the committee. The Granville Historical Society has been invited to nominate a member to sit on the Heritage Committee.

The Committee noted that the Historical Houses Trust should also be approached to nominate a member.




Was a very good evening and the book on the Mayors and Lord Mayors was very informative


Recommendation  (McGuirk/Liston)

The Heritage Committee complimented Shayne Bray for the research in the Mayor and Lord Mayors History book, and looks forward to seeing copies and the information incorporated on other people’s histories.


HMAS Parramatta I – IV


Information on Exhibit tabled.


Note: Zoran Popovic arrived at 5.51pm


53/11          Feedback from Council


The minutes were adopted. 


54/11          Parramatta Stories Project


Michelle Desailly was not in attendance. Item deferred.


55/11          Comprehensive Heritage Review


A Report to Council in Late November is being prepared, presenting the results of the review. All the information in the heritage item inventories is being updated, including photos for each property.  


No photos have been removed and 3-5 new photos have been added for each item, this will assist in future development applications, and regulatory matters. Information from historical records can be added if and when found.

Parramatta can be seen as a positive leader with its work on the inventories, especially the extra information and photographs.

The heritage review is a separate, discrete review that will report to Council  and include recommendations to amend the principle Parramatta LEP as well as incorporating previous changes for the addition of new heritage items and the extension and creation of new conservation areas in Epping.


56/11          Development Applications


36 Wyralla Avenue, Epping  - DA680/2011


A two story addition to a one story house in the Heritage Conservation Area. There are some issues regarding privacy and overlooking windows and the addition does not improve the streetscape. 


The Committee agreed that it did not enhance the heritage value of the property or the heritage area. The development is not compatible with the streetscape of the heritage area. 


The Committee noted a trend of 2 story additions to one story homes, particularly in the Epping Area. These additions do not add to the heritage value of the area.


15-23 Marion Street, Parramatta- DA710/2011


The development (units) takes place behind three heritage listed cottages. There are is no separation and there are structural and visual implications.


The Committee agreed that there are problems with the bulk and scale of the development and believe that the design does not enhance the heritage vaule of that area of Parramatta and does not fit in with the streetscape.


Mansfield - Corner of Sorrell and Harold Street


The committee noted that the property is in an appalling condition and Council should investigate compliance action. Paul Kennedy to follow up.


57/11          Application for Grants under Local Heritage Fund


There was one grant at 20 Epping Avenue, Eastwood in the Epping/ Eastwood Conservation Area for a contributory item totalling $1300. The Grant is reasonable and has the support of the Heritage advisor. 


RECOMENDATION  (Shakespeare/McGuirk)


That the Grant for $1300 be approved by Council


General Business


58/11          1. Church pews from Parramatta Gaol

The Friends of St Bartholomew’s at Prospect were offered the pews from the Chapel in Parramatta Gaol. The Committee noted that the integrity of movable heritage items should be investigated and this matter be referred to the Heritage Office. It was also noted that the pews may not be heritage items and that further investigation was needed. Paul Kennedy to follow up.  


59/11          2. Hambledon Cottage


Hambledon Cottage is proposed to be nominated for addition to the State Heritage Register.  The nomination is supported in principle and is being progressed by the NSW Heritage Office.



60/11          3. Plaque in 3rd Settlement Reserve, Toongabbie 


It was noted that a plaque in 3rd Settlement Reserve, Toongabbie has disappeared. Committee members think it was a dedication of the Children’s playground. The plaque was probably commissioned between 1988 and mid 2000’s, most probably around 2000. If text can be uncovered the plaque can be replaced. Paul Kennedy to follow up with Open Space, and alternatively seek old photographs that may include the inscription.


61/1            4. Street trees


It was noted that street trees have been trimmed very heavily by Integral Energy in Epping. Has Council made any moves to contact Integral Energy or contractors regarding Heritage trees especially trees within Conservation Zones. Paul Kennedy to follow up with the appropriate department.


62/11          Information Sharing


Carol Liston is running a Summer school and will be researching 1830-1870 era buildings.


Paul Kennedy to advise Committee members if information is received that would necessitate a meeting prior to the end of year.

Next year’s meeting schedule will remain the same meeting on the third Wednesday on a bimonthly basis starting in February, making the first meeting date 15 February 2012.



The meeting closed at 6.39pm