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October Minutes



MINUTES OF THE ParraConnect Advisory COMMITTEE Workshop MEETING HELD IN MEETING Room Level 12 Boadroom, CIVIC PLACE, PARRAMATTA ON 17th October 2011, COMMENCING AT 1:00 PM.



Clr Lim (chair), Clr McDermott, Clr Maitra, John Moxon, Frank Dorian, George Mavros, Greg Smith, Elios Alexoulis




Lord Mayor Clr Lorraine Wearne, John Moxon, Helen Hughes, Lisa Torrance, Catlin Vaughn, Alan Cadman.



2.Minutes of Previous Meeting:

The minutes of the previous meeting of 20th September were endorsed.



3. Consideration/Discussion on the Ikiosk


The committee discussed various options to establish the ability to progress projects in timely manner.


Discussion took place for Council to examine its business needs for the use of this type technology.


The Advisory Committee also considered the opportunities to commercialise this product that could involve the establishment of a separate entity


Action: 1. Council to determine its business needs

††††††††† ††† 2. The committee to further discuss and consider the option††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† ††††††††for a separate entity.†††††††††††††


4.†† Update on Mobile Concierge


The committee was updated on the progress and introduced Intelli-data a consortium partner who demonstrated the retail component of the project. The committee was informed that the project is still on track and new opportunities have been identified to enhance the application in future releases.


Action: Communications will be distributing a media release next week, inviting community members to register for their ConnectCard and to generate interest from retailers.


5. Parking Application Update


The Communications and Marketing team delivered a media and communications campaign surrounding the launch of Smart-Phone†† Applications, Parra Smart Parking and Parra Shuttle Tracker.


A range of media relations activities resulted in generous coverage on Ten News and community television station, TVS. It also achieved extensive coverage on metropolitan radio stations including Mix FM, WSFM, 2SM, 2UE, Triple M and 2GB. Stories were generated in Parramattaís local newspapers, the Parramatta Advertiser and the Parramatta Sun, and articles were posted on various news websites and blogs.


The committee was informed that there were 100,000 requests for downloads in 2 days.


Action: Iphone, Windows and Blackberry versions of the Smart-Phone applications will be available within the next 2 weeks.



5.†† Action Plan Status


The actions from the previous meeting were reviewed and updated.

7.Next Meeting 21st November