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September Minutes


MINUTES OF THE ParraConnect Advisory COMMITTEE Workshop MEETING HELD IN MEETING Room Level 12 Boadroom, CIVIC PLACE, PARRAMATTA ON 20th September 2011, COMMENCING AT 1:00 PM.




 Lord Mayor Clr Chedid, John Moxon, Frank Dorian, Alan Cadman, , Elios Alexoulis (Chair), Helen Hughes, George Mavros, Clr Lim, Clr McDermott, Clr Garrard, Greg Smith, Clr Maitra.




Sia  Anthopoulos, Lisa Torrance, Catlin Vaughn.



2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting: 

The minutes of the previous meeting of 20th September were accepted.



3. Presentation by iKiosk


     Glen from iKiosk provided a background of the organisation to the committee this included its formation in 2000, approximately 11 years experience in the industry with approximately 360 units installed across Australia.

The equipment presented are “heavy Duty” and are fully networked, software is very basic and easy to use, it platform also provides easy access for the disabled.

Discussion was held on the various potential ways that the system can be used to generate revenue.


(The intent of the presentation was for the committee to ascertain if the product should be considered for a report to Council requesting that the committee consider progressing to the next stage.)


4.   Feed Back CISCO Visit


      The committee agreed that the site visit to Cisco was worthwhile; it achieves its objectives of renewing the relationship with Cisco, gaining an understanding of Cisco’s capabilities in the smart City concept around the world and its potential use for Parramatta.


5.   IBM Innovations Workshop Update


      Greg update the committee on the progress, the dates are the 20th and 21st of October 2011, the member panellists were read out as well the themes for the day. 


6.   Update on Mobile Concierge


Michaela updated the committee on the progress, informed the committee that the project is very well received in the business community and in particular Parramatta Eels see potential in integrating the sysytrem within their on own membership system as well as their parking system.

Michaela also informed the committee of the requirement to build a toilet location application.


7.  Parking Application Demonstration

The parking application was demonstrated to the committee as it was not able to be displayed for all to see via the projector it was requested that a video be made and placed on You Tube as “Private” for the committee members to view, this also applies for the “bus Loop” application.


8.  Update Speaker at the Technology in Local Government Summit


Clr Praibir Maitra thanked the committee for their support in presenting at Summit, also that the Summit has been postponed ti March 2012.

The committee agreed that all members are take all oportunities to perform presentations as long as that they follow the frame work that is place to gain agreement to do so.


9.  Action Plan Status

The Action plan was reviewed an update as attached.


10. General Business

John informed the committee of his meeting with Communication and the ICT staff to review the ParraConnect web site, the meeting was very useful as it provided the opportunity for the staff to understand the needs of the disabled.


Clr Lim informed the committee of his impending discussions with 2 “on street parking” organizations.


It was agreed that the current structure of the ParraConnect Advisory committee should continue for the next 12 months.


11. Next meeting 17th October 2011.