Item 10.8 - Attachment 1

August Minutes


MINUTES OF THE ParraConnect Advisory COMMITTEE Workshop MEETING HELD IN MEETING Room Level 12 Boadroom, CIVIC PLACE, PARRAMATTA ON 15th August 2011, COMMENCING AT 1:05 PM.




 John Moxon, Frank Dorian, Alan Cadman, Catlin Vaughn, Elios Alexoulis (Chair), Helen Hughes, George Mavros.




Lord Mayor Clr Chedid, Clr Lim, Clr McDermott, Clr Garrard, Clr Maitra, Sia  Anthopoulos, Lisa Torrance, Greg Smith.



2.  Minutes of Previous Meeting: 

The minutes of the previous meeting of 18th July were accepted.



3.  Action Plan Status

The action plan was reviewed and updated as attached


4. IBM Innovations Workshop Proposal

Geoff King outlined the purpose of the work shop; discussions took place on the framework of the workshop this included:

1.   That wide community representation should be included

2.   To think beyond today and into the future

3.   Meeting to be organised with Greg Smith to discuss further


5. Mobile Concierge Update

Michaela and Frank updated the committee on the progress of this project.

The project is on track to achieve its deliverable as per the project plan; the                                                    1st release will also include the “mobile parking application” due by the end of August 2011.


6. ParraConnect Committee

Elios informed the committee that a report will be going to Council requesting for the continuation of the committee for a further 12 months.


7. Action Plan Status

The action plan was reviewed and updated as attached


8.   Next Meeting


 Next meeting 19th September 2011.