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Access Advisory Committee Minutes 18 October 2011







Mr John Moxon in the Chair, Leonie Clarke, Joe Dimech, Debbie Manuel, Hamish Murray, Peter Simpson (retired 6.20pm), Clr Andrew Bide (retired 6.05pm) and Duy Quang Nguyen.





Joy Bramham (Minute Clerk), Elizabeth Collins - Community Services Team Leader, Jayne Boardman - Project Officer Social Outcomes and Tanya Owen – Community Capacity Building Officer



1.         WELCOME


John Moxon welcomed everyone to the Access Committee.




John Moxon acknowledged the Burramattagal Clan of The Darug, the traditional land owners of Parramatta and paid respect to the elders both past and present.


3.         APOLOGIES


There were no apologies




There were no declarations made regarding conflict of interest at this meeting.




A copy of the Minutes of the Access Advisory Committee meeting held on 16 August 2011 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLUTION          (Dimech/Murray)      


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Access Advisory Committee held on 16 August  2011 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record of the meeting.



6.         Access and Equality Policy


Jayne Boardman noted that there was not a current disability policy and that one is in the process of being written and there should be a draft available for review for the February 2012 Access Committee. The policy is focused on client access to Council Services.


The Committee considers that Disability, including related Access issues, should have a separate policy, but there should also be recognition that accessibility needs crossover into a lot of other areas.


Note: Jayne Boardman retired from the meeting at 5.50pm after this item.


7.          Update on ParraConnect

John Moxon and Hamish Murray met with Sia Anthopoulos and Elios Alexoulis from Council regarding the proposed website for ParraConnect. Concerns were noted and taken on board.


The Committee noted that the proposed information kiosks may have accessibility problems such as glare, font size, contrast colour and voice output. It was noted that has information regarding appropriate colour and font.


There are no specific and detailed Access standards in Australia for these kiosks, however the ParraConnect Committee should seek to implement best practice and not just  minimum requirements according to the available standards.




The Committee recommended that the following message be sent on behalf of the Access Advisory Committee to the Chair of the ParraConnect Committee, and the Manager of Information Systems in Council, who are working with the Committee on implementing the project:


The Access Advisory Committee of Council recommends to the ParraConnect Committee that all technology implemented under the project should  meet the provisions of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW) and be in accordance with provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Where there is no "standard" within the Act, guidance should be taken by Australian Standards 1428 Parts 1 & 2 and other relevant Australian and International Standards.


The Access Advisory Committee also recommends to the ParraConnect Committee to seek best practice, regardless of whether minimum standards have been established or these standards are absent for particular circumstances.


To implement standards and seek best practice, it is recommended to obtain advice from those with expertise in the field. Professional Access advice consultants can be found on the website of The Association of Consultants in Access Australia, Further advice, particularly regarding best practice, can be sought from organisations with expertise in disabilities such as, (but not limited to):-


· People with Disability Australia

· Australian Federation for of Disability Organisations

And more specifically,

· Vision Australia

· Blind Citizens Australia

· Deaf Society NSW

· Deafness Forum

· Guide Dogs NSW

· National Seniors Australia

· ParaQuad NSW

· Cerebral Palsy Alliance

· Spinal Cord Injuries Australia

· Northcott

· Independent Living Centre NSW

· NSW Council for Intellectual Disability

· Brain Injury Association

· Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children

· Short Statured People of Australia

· Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association

· National Ethnic Disability Alliance

· Autism Spectrum Australia

· Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW

· SANE Australia

· Epilepsy Australia  


Note: Clr Andrew Bide retired at 6.05pm and Peter Simpson retired at 6.20pm during consideration of this matter.


8.         Public Domain Details


The details are up on the website. The committee noted that the link does not work. Tanya Owen to investigate and inform the Committee.


 9.        IDPwD


Only 6 organisations have applied for stalls so far, however the deadline is not until mid November and related events are taking place that organisations are currently focused on. Tanya Owen will check that the information flyers for the Access Committee stall from last year are up to date, and John Moxon will investigate the possibility of borrowing pamphlet stands for the Committee’s stall.


The Schizophrenia Society has asked if they can share the Access Committee’s stall. The committee decided that 1 table could be made available. Tanya Owen will contact the Society and inform them of the decision.


10.       Library Return Bins


The information with standards sent by John Moxon and Hamish Murray was provided to the Service Manager, Library Services and Council’s Certification Unit. Correspondence received from the Service Manager, Library Services, indicated that the signs will be changed and Access Committee feedback on suitability and location would be welcome. The height of the bins will not be changed, and correspondence from the Service Manager, Library Services stated she had received advice from City Assets that they comply with the Standard and there is no obstruction when approached from the side. The Committee maintain that the bins do not comply with the Enhanced and Additional Requirements (1428.2) of the Standards or the provisions of the Disability Discrimination Act.


The Committee decided to meet with the Supervisor, Project Management in City Assets and Debbie Best to demonstrate access issues.


11.       Eyewatch


Nothing relevant to the Committee was noted.


12.       General Business

12.1         Keyboards at Seniors Learning and Leisure Centre


The Federal Government funded 2 computers for the Senior Leisure and Learning Centre that have small, hard to read keyboards.



That the Senior Leisure and Leaning Centre investigate for purchase high visibility keyboards or other options for keyboard accessibility for service users with impaired eyesight.


12.2         NSW Police Disability Advisory Committee


The Police Disability Advisory Committee is calling for Expressions of Interest. Tanya Owen to distribute information.


12.3         Station Street Parramatta


Jo Dimech raised the footpath on Station Street, Parramatta near the station as being unsafe. The Committee noted that a Service Request would be the appropriate way to address this issue and can be done online or over the phone on 9806-5000.


12.4         Lake Parramatta Plan of Management


There will not be a large conference centre, as part of the plan, though the building will be upgraded.


12.5         Person Centred and Flexible day and post School Programs


Information was circulated and tabled.




20 December 2011 at 5:30pm

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

Council Chambers Building 




The meeting concluded at 7.17 pm