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Parramatta - a Sustainable Solution for Sydney's Growth


Parramatta – a Sustainable Solution for Sydney’s Growth


A collection of bold ideas for the future of Parramatta, to position the city as the driving force and heart of Australia’s most significant economic region.


Parramatta has an important role as a driving force of Australia’s most significant economic region. To connect the Greater West to the rest of the metropolitan area, Parramatta is an essential key. To ensure future growth of the region and the State, Parramatta must be a centre of excellence and a vital central city, linked to the people, jobs, and diverse communities of the region. These ideas identify some of the priority structural challenges and opportunities to realise this long term future and make core elements of the current Metropolitan Plan a reality. These are also ideas that can only succeed in partnership with other spheres of government and the private sector.


1.  Modified Parramatta to Epping Rail Line                      

Build the PERL including the Parramatta North station. This has the potential to create significant economic uplift for the region, including:

·     Improved access to UWS for students of Greater Western Sydney

·     Connecting the workforce living in western Sydney to jobs in the “global arc”

·     Better regional access to Parramatta Trust lands and the entertainment and culture precinct at Parramatta North 

·     Opportunities for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) renewal around all of the PERL stations

·     Increasing the capacity of Parramatta Station and creating a walkable link through the city (similar to Town Hall – Wynyard)


2.  The Entertainment and Convention Precinct

Renewal and increased development of the existing entertainment, performance and cultural resources of the Parramatta North precinct, including:

·     Renewal of the Old Kings School site

·     Renewal of Parramatta Stadium (and associated parking)

·     Potential for Indoor recreation facility

·     Creation of a major concert performance venue

·     Expansion of Riverside Theatres

·     Development of the Lennox Bridge car park site

·     Creation of a convention centre and gallery

·     Link to redeveloped Cumberland Hospital site (see Westmead)


3.  The Riverbank Foreshore Precinct

Revitalising the Parramatta River and reinstating it as a central feature of the City for families and workers.  This is part of marketing the city as a vibrant and viable destination for business, visitors and residents, building on a historical strength.  This plan includes:

·     Redevelopment of the river between Lennox Bridge & Gasworks bridge to create a vibrant public domain, restaurants, hotel and public space (similar to Darling Harbour or Brisbane’s Southbank)

·     Creation of Parramatta Quay and related works to enable regular commuter ferry services

·     Creation of major outdoor event space and infrastructure

·     Possible new hotel development & commercial space

·     Off road shared pathway connection to Sydney Olympic Park via UWS Rydalmere (RTA funded)


4.  Parramatta CBD Renewal - a smart 21st Century City

Parramatta was Australia’s original planned city.  It needs to be repositioned as part of a regional economic, social and environmental solution for Sydney in the 21st century. Significant public investment needs to be made to achieve this status (well beyond that generated by a levy on development).  This investment falls into two broad categories – capital and non capital:

Capital renewal of the CBD This includes:

·     Civic Place public domain

·     CCTV and safer city initiatives in CBD and surrounds

·     Creation of a central pedestrian link between Civic Place and Parramatta Riverbank

·     Wireless mesh and early NBN connection

·     Complete redevelopment of the CBD public domain, including high quality paving and furniture (in all CBD streets older than 5 years)

·     Lane activation and redevelopment

·     Smart City development such as electrical vehicle recharge points (as suggested through the Parra Connect initiative)

·     Implementation of the parking strategy

Non- capital renewal of the CBD This includes:

·     Major events program (in concert with Events NSW and State Agencies)

·     Commitment to relocation of State Government agencies to Parramatta

·     Support for Parramatta as the Sydney station on fast rail link

·     Incentives for targeted private industry (knowledge workers) relocations within the Parramatta CBD

·     Social enterprise innovation hub

·     Laneways incentives including business start-up programs for local artisans and culturally relevant small business


5. Rydalmere Business Innovation Precinct

The expansion of the University of Western Sydney campus and the regeneration of Rydalmere is an essential part of the economic future of Sydney.  This outcome will be shaped in part by the PERL, but simply providing transit oriented development is only one part of the solution.  Transformation of the Rydalmere precinct requires the following major actions:

·     Implementation of transformative technology park Masterplan

·     New railway station as part of PERL and associated commercial/retail development around the station.

·     Expansion of the UWS campus

·     Incentives for targeted private industry (e.g. green technology and research) in the new technology park

·     Off road shared path connection to the CBD (see River)

·     Bus Lanes along Victoria Road

·     UWS pedestrian bridges over Victoria Road and James Ruse Drive


6.  Westmead Precinct Renewal

Westmead is currently NSW’s major bio-medical precinct.  While most of the institutions in Westmead are considering expansion plans within their land, none of them have the capacity to address the underlying long term challenges of the precinct.  These challenges will constrict the potential of the area in the future and could be addressed in part by the following actions:

·     Renewal of the Cumberland Hospital site.

·     Significant investment in traffic upgrades and access from the surrounding major roads, including the feasibility of internal transport options within the precinct and widening of the Windsor Road bridge over the Cumberland Highway

·     Investment in the development of pedestrian oriented Main Street, with high amenity values.

·     Review of the surrounding industrial lands

·     Facilitating a high level approach to a heads of agreement on a future framework plan for the precinct 


7.  Camellia  Access and Remediation

Camellia is currently the centre of heavy industry within Parramatta.  The announcement of Shell to cease refining activities and contamination of the site requires consideration of the future of the peninsular.  Whatever the outcome of that review, the following issues need to be considered:

·     access to the site is poor and a range of alternate access points need to be evaluated

·     contamination (particularly hexavalent Chromium) needs to be addressed in public land

·     review the potential future industrial and land use of the peninsular


8.  Epping

Council is participated in a planning study of the Epping are, in consultation with Hornsby Council (funded by the Department of Planning). This study has identified approximately $16 million worth of road works, most directed at improving the road system’s capacity to deal with through traffic, this investment may have a very short effective period.  It is suggested that a similar amount would be appropriate to address the constraints on local traffic connecting to the arterial road network.


9.  Ring Road

The current road infrastructure around Parramatta City Centre suffers from poor regional connections and interruptions to traffic flow. This has a significant impact on the local road network through the City and access to our major jobs precincts. There is an opportunity to review the system to improve the flow and significantly reduce congestion.


10.         Parramatta Regional Parklands

Parramatta has significant open space and recreation assets including Lake Parramatta, Parramatta Park, Rosehill Racecourse, and golf courses. As the city develops in the future these resources will be critical in ensuring the City is a vibrant and liveable place, There is an opportunity to improve access and connectivity to and between these areas.