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18 August 2011



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Subject         Councillor Workshop – Major Events


A Councillor workshop to discuss Major Events was held on Wednesday 10th August 2011. The workshop was chaired by the Lord Mayor Councillor John Chedid, and was attended by nine Councillors plus Council staff.


Copies of the presentations for the workshop are attached;



Attachment A - Major Events Workshop 10 August Agenda

Attachment B - July 2011 Events Report.

Attachment C - Major Events calendar 2011-12

Attachment D - Major Events annual show

Attachment E - Snapshot external event proposals

Attachment F - External event proposals at 12 August 2011


Below is a summary of key discussion points and proposed actions from the workshop. These will be the subject of a report to Council in September 2011. Feedback from Councillors is sought, and comments would be appreciated by Friday 2nd September for consideration in the report. It is noted that additional funding is required to deliver the existing events program and to deliver the enhancements discussed, and that these proposals will be included in the report.


1.   Review of the winter event program; Winterlight, NAIDOC, Sydney Arab Film Festival, river foreshore activities and the ISA conference. (Refer to Attachment B). Councillors noted that Winterlight was delivered successfully and that it was a popular school holiday attraction in the Mall. Despite poor weather and limited marketing, the river foreshore activities were also popular and Councillors discussed continuation of this type of program in future school holidays. There is no budget for this type of activity and this will be included for discussion in the report to Council. The ISA (tree) conference attracted 900 delegates and 700 additional visitors and it is estimated that the conference added a $730,000 boost to the local economy, and positive publicity for the city. Notes on the other events are included in Attachment B.

2.   Christmas Events: Councillors discussed the Christmas program subsequently the following recommendations will be proposed for Council’s consideration:

a.   One major Christmas concert on the forecourt of the Town Hall in place of the three suburban concerts

b.   Funding to deliver the Christmas decorations program including the  large Christmas tree and lighting outside the Town Hall

c.   Not proceeding with the Christmas Lights competition due to existing competition run by the Advertiser

3.   Loy Krathong: Discussion encouraging investment in the event by Thai government and community organisations.

4.   New Years Eve: In 2011 the NYE event was successfully moved from Prince Alfred Park to the river foreshore. It is proposed that the event be held at the same location this year; however there are insufficient funds in the existing budget to deliver a similar scale event at this location and a revised budget will be proposed to Council.

5.   Australia Day: Councillors reiterated a number of concerns in regards to the 2011 event and the key discussion points  were:

a.   That the Crescent be the preferred venue for the evening concert

b.   That an Australia Day Reference Group be established to guide planning and decisions for the 2012 Australia Day event with key Stakeholders

c.   That investment in signage, way finding and security be reviewed and improved for the 2012 event.

d.   That minimal fencing be used at the site

6.   Strategic Objectives for Major Events: (refer to Attachment A, Slides 2 & 3). At the workshop Councillors discussed the existing five and the two proposed new objectives. Feedback is sought on the proposed new objectives.

7.   Reasons to support / invest in external events: (refer to Attachment A, Slide 4). This was only briefly discussed at the workshop and feedback is sought on the proposed criteria. Suggestions made included that organisations be required to submit a business plan for the proposed event, and that Council should provide seed funding but not ongoing funding for external events unless there were compelling strategic reasons to do so.

8.   Event measures (refer to Attachment A, Slide 9). Due to time constraints this was not discussed at the workshop, and feedback is sought on the proposed measures.

9.   Reporting and Consultation: It is proposed that as part of the quarterly review process Councillors will be provided with a report on events held in the preceding three months, including performance against set measures. At the same time Councillors would be provided with an overview of the upcoming events program.



Any comments, suggestions or feedback would be appreciated prior to Friday 2nd September 2011.


If you require any further information, please contact me on 9806 5747 or via email




Kevin Brennan

Acting Manager Major Events & Sponsorship