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Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 17 August 2011








Bill McGuirk in the Chair, Shylie Brown (retired 7.31pm), Peter Crittenden, Ruth Evans, Janice Huntington and David Shakespeare (retired 7.13pm).






Grant Davies - Minute Clerk, Neville Davis - Service Manager Open Space and Natural Resources (arrived 5.55pm and retired 7.06pm), Michelle Desailly - Arts & Cultural Project Officer - Parramatta Stories City Culture, Paul Kennedy - Project Officer, Kate McCauley - Development Manager Analyst Property Development (retired 6.50pm), Myfanwy Lawrence - Project Officer-Transport Land Use & Transport Planning (retired 6.50pm), Karen O’Donnell - Service Manager Cultural Heritage Programs and Tourism, Zoran Popovic – Heritage Adviser (arrived 5.57pm), Laura Harding and Phillip Thalis - Hill Thalis (retired 6.50pm).





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Elaine Evans, Carol Liston and Anne Mathews.






There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.






37/11        Presentation – Investigations and Concept Design for Access Past Lennox Bridge

                  Kate McCauley, Myfanwy Lawrence and representatives from Hill Thalis attended the meeting to give a presentation in relation to a design solution for access past Lennox Bridge, connecting east to west. Investigations into options and a concept design has been developed for portals through the most appropriate zone of the abutments.


                  Mr Thalis provided details on the concept plan and particularly provided details on:-

·    The site and its history;

·          Modifications carried out to the bridge ie to accommodate the proposed Baulkham Hills Tram in 1901 and significant changes by the DMR in 1939;

·          Flooding issues;

·          The 2010 ARUP study which assessed 4 different design options for improving access along the river frontage including the preferred option of portals;

·          The proposed design, location and interpretation of the proposed portals.


During discussion it was noted that:-

·          The connecting of the foreshore walkway had been discussed for many years;

·          An opportunity to commission a feasibility study with funding from the RTA had arisen, a study was subsequently commissioned and the issue had now developed to this point;

·          Prior to the matter proceeding, there would need to be an extensive consultation process with the Heritage Office, other relevant organisations and the public;

·          Documentation on the ownership of the Bridge is unclear. It appears the structure is owned by the RTA with the top layer ie roadway owned by Council;

·          A formal briefing will be made to Councillors within a week;

·          Members would like to see the reinstatement of the original balustrades during any works.


                  Concerns were also raised in relation to:-

·          The need for such a dramatic alteration to an important heritage item, but it was appreciated the portals were placed at either end of the bridge mitigating the visual impact on the central bridge arch. (Response also outlined that changes would be sympathetic and use a heritage methodology).

·          Possible conflict between pedestrians and cyclists using the portal.

·          There may be a need for CCTV cameras. (Response received that Council will be looking at crime prevention through good design ie lighting, cameras).

·          Possible weakening of the arch.


The Committee was requested to provide any comments or feedback on the portal proposal to Ms McCauley.



1.         Neville Davis (5.55pm) and Zoran Popovic (5.57pm) arrived at the meeting during consideration of this matter.

2.         Laura Harding, Myfanwy Lawrence, Kate McCauley and Phillip Thalis retired from the meeting at 6.50pm following consideration of this matter.



38/11        Presentation - Epping Croquet Club Clubhouse at Duncan Park

Neville Davis advised that the clubhouse at Duncan Park had been built in 1952 with the Epping Croquet Club the long lessees of the building.


Maintenance has been carried out regularly on the clubhouse over the years; however, the building contained asbestos and is at the end of its economic life.


Accordingly, Council is looking at the replacement of the building using a hardiplank type material with an intent to retain the same general shape, size and location.


The views of the Committee are sought.


RESOLVED  (McGuirk/Brown)


It be noted that no objection is raised to the replacement of the Clubhouse at Duncan Park.



Neville Davis retired from the meeting at 7.06pm following consideration of this matter.





39/11         Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 15 June 2011

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 15 June 2011 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLVED              (Brown/Shakespeare)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 15 June 2011 be taken as read and be confirmed as a true record of the meeting.





40/11        Feedback from Council

Paul Kennedy was pleased to note that Council at its meeting held on 25 July 2011, in adopting the Committee’s minutes, had resolved that there be an interim increase in heritage grants for the next 3 years to individual properties with grants being generally limited to $1,300 for applications up to $5,000, $2,650 for applications between $5,000 and $20,000 in value and $3,300 for applications over $20,000 in value.


41/11        Parramatta Stories

Ms Desailly noted that Council had agreed to facilitate further discussions with landowners (Department of Health) and the Parramatta Park Trust in relation to the interpretation of the Governor Phillip campsite and the walking trail project.


Ms Desailly will be meeting with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee to discuss the interpretation of the site and welcomed feedback from the Heritage Advisory Committee in relation to the provision of appropriate research, stories, authors and publications pertaining to the site.


Suggestions included the Phillips’ Diary, Carolyn Simpson Library, Historical Records of Australia and Beverley McClymont.



David Shakespeare retired from the meeting at 7.13pm.


42/11        Comprehensive Heritage Review

Paul Kennedy advised that the Review is making good progress and it is hoped that the final recommendations will be presented to Council in November.


Mr Kennedy tabled a number of further items of possible state significance located in the city centre and sought the Committee’s views on whether these items should be nominated for listing on the State Heritage Register.  During consideration of this matter it was suggested that 30 - 32 Cowper Street and 50 -- 54 George Street should also be investigated for nomination.


RESOLVED  (McGuirk/Crittenden)


That efforts be made to place the following properties on the State Heritage Register:-

1.         47 Hassall Street, Parramatta – Hambledon Cottage

2.         198 George Street, ParramattaQueens Wharf Reserve and stone wall.

3.         43 – 47 George Street, Parramatta

4.         Marsden Street, ParramattaParramatta Dam archaeological site weir.



Mr Kennedy noted that as 40 Brodie Street, Rydalmere (site of Subiaco Vineyard Estate) has been developed as an industrial park the heritage listing should be removed.  The archaeological resources of the site will continue to be protected by inclusion in Parramatta Archaeological Management Unit 2994 under the Parramatta Historical Archaeological Landscape Management study (PHALMS)..


RESOLVED  (McGuirk/Crittenden)


The Committee supports the removal of the heritage listing of 40 Brodie Street, Rydalmere subject to it remaining in Parramatta Archaeological Management Unit 2994




Shylie Brown retired from the meeting at 7.31pm during consideration of this matter.


43/11        Development Application – Update by Heritage Advisor


Corner of Hunter Street and O’Connell Street, Parramatta

Mr Crittenden noted that the 3 cottages at the subject location were up for sale and sought information on any protection for the site.


Mr Kennedy advised that the cottages were protected under the Heritage Act and accordingly the Heritage Office should ensure that they were reasonably well maintained.


Upjohn House – Kirby Street, Rydalmere

Mr Popovic noted that the subject premises were on the market and expected a DA at sometime in the future.


37 Kent Street, Epping

Ruth Evans noted that the DA submitted in respect of the subject premises had been refused at the recent Council Meeting but expressed concern over the submission of inaccurate plans in association with this development and asked whether Mr Popovic had visited the premises.


Mr Popovic responded that he had visited the site but he did not believe the house had enough value to require protection.








44/11        Local Heritage Fund

Paul Kennedy advised that there were one application for consideration at tonight’s meeting.


All Saints Anglican Church – installation of brass wire guards to 9 stain glass windows to provide security against vandalism.


RESOLVED  (Huntington/Evans)


That funds in the amount of $2,650 be granted.



Mr Zoran Popovic retired from the meeting at 7.58pm.






45/11        Sesqui-Centenary of the Parramatta Municipal Council- Update

Karen O’Donnell provided a brief update on the subject matter and advised:-

·    The publication on the history of Mayors and Lord Mayors is in its final stages and will be available for sale in September;

·    Banners will be erected throughout the CBD celebrating the 150 years, particularly in the Mall and in Darcy Street;

·    The Heritage Centre is developing a small exhibition for display in the Riverview Lounge which will include interesting items such as mayoral chains and original seals;

·    The Heritage Centre has just commenced the development of a Civic History publication.



46/11        Sesqui-Centenary of the Parramatta Municipal Council – Thanks to Council

David Shakespeare (prior to his departure from the meeting), requested that Council be congratulated on the publishing of the book on the Mayors and Lord Mayors of Parramatta.



47/11        Resignation of June Brown

Paul Kennedy advised that June Brown had submitted her resignation from the Committee.


RESOLVED  (McGuirk/Evans)


(a)       That Ms Brown’s resignation be accepted and a letter be forwarding thanking Ms Brown for her services and contribution to the Committee.

(b)       Further, that a replacement member be sought from the Granville Historical Society, in the first instance.


48/11        23 Marshall Road, Telopea

Ruth Evans noted that the Queen Mother, on a previous visit, had expressed an interest in viewing a public housing estate and had subsequently visited the subject premises and enjoyed tea and scones with the owner of the premises. The owner of the house remained in the premises to this day.


Ms Evans enquired whether Council had any record of this event.


Ms O’Donnell advised that the matter would be investigated.



49/11        70th Anniversary of Parramatta II

                  Mr Crittenden (on behalf of Mr Shakespeare) advised that the 70th anniversary of the sinking of Parramatta II in Tobruk falls on 27 November 2011. The Naval Association (NSW Branch) will be holding a function and the Parramatta Historical Society will be holding an exhibition in November and December in Hambledon Cottage.



50/11        Naming of Laneways in Parramatta CBD

                  Ms Desailly advised that Council had recently resolved to accept the names for previously unnamed lanes in the Parramatta CBD (as previously presented to the Committee) being Oyster Lane, Red Cow Lane and Firehorse Lane.





The meeting terminated at 8.08pm.