Item 12.4 - Attachment 1

Minutes of Meeting 12 May 2011






Neil Adams in the Chair, Mike Barry, Councillor J D Finn, Councillor M McDermott and Councillor A Wilson.





Denis Banicevic – External Auditor, Grant Davies – Minute Clerk, Maurice Doria (General Counsel), Scott Gregg (Property Development Director – retired 7.29pm), Dr Robert Lang (Chief Executive Officer – arrived 6.57pm), Greg Smith (Group Manager Corporate Services – arrived 6.57pm, departed 8.07pm) Emily Tang - Service Auditor.





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Alistair Cochrane – Manager Finance.






There were no conflict of interest declarations at this meeting.






13/11        Audit Committee Minutes – 31 March 2011


                 RESOLVED                     (Barry/Adams)


That the minutes of the Audit Committee Meeting held on 31 March 2011 be received and accepted as a true record of the meeting.






14/11        Update on Risk Analysis for Civic Place

Mr Gregg distributed an updated copy of the Civic Place Risk Register to all members.


Mr Gregg noted that the Register had been updated in April and Grocon had raised no objections to the content of the document.


An outline of the major changes to the document was given to the Committee including changes to items 15, 18, 33, 35 and the insertion of new item 43a.



RESOLVED                          (Adams/Wilson)


(a)       That the Property Development Director undertake an examination of a fall back strategy position in respect of the Civic Place Project and report back to the Audit Committee meeting at which he is next scheduled to attend.


(b)       Further, that a copy of the financial modelling for Civic Place be provided to Mr Denis Banicevic.



1.         Dr Robert Lang and Mr Greg Smith arrived at the meeting at 6.57pm during consideration of this matter.

2.         Mr Scott Gregg retired from the meeting at 7.29pm following consideration of this matter.






Action 24 – Risk Analysis for Civic Place

This matter was addressed in the earlier presentation by Mr Gregg, However, a further report has been requested and accordingly, Action 24 to remain open.



Action 38 – Best Practice Review on Property Development

Service Auditor Memorandum dated 3 May 2011 had previously been circulated to all members and will be discussed later in the meeting.


Action 38 to be closed.


Action 39 – Procurement Review

Dr Lang advised that a workshop was held on this issue for Councillors with a copy of the relevant documentation being distributed to all Councillors who were unable to attend the workshop. No subsequent feedback had been received.


The Procurement Policy Review and update is listed for consideration at the Council Meeting to be held on 23 May 2011.


Action 39 to be closed.



Action 40 – Term of Membership of Audit Committee – Service Auditor Memorandum dated 29 April 2011 had previously been circulated to all members and will be discussed later in the meeting.


Action 40 to be closed.






15/11        Expressions of Interest – Independent Community Representatives for PCC Audit Committee

                  Service Auditor memorandum dated 29 April 2011 had previously been circulated to all members.


                  Expressions of Interest for community representatives on the Committee had recently closed with 10 applications having been received. The results will be reported to Council on 27 June 2011.



16/11        Proposed Changes to Committee Charter

Service Auditor memorandum dated 29 April 2011 had previously been circulated to all members.


In addition, an updated Audit Committee Charter increasing the tenure of independent members from 2 years to 3 years (as previously resolved) was provided to members.


It was noted that the Charter should be amended to read “triennial” rather than ”tri-annual”. The amended Charter will be reported to Council for adoption.



17/11        Internal Audit Plan 2010-2013  

A copy of the Strategic Internal Audit Plan 2010 – 2013 had been circulated to all members with Service Auditor Memorandum dated 3 May 2011.


RESOLVED              (Adams/Wilson)


(a)       That the updated Strategic Internal Audit Plan be adopted.


(b)       Further, that a 2011/2012 Annual Audit Plan be prepared with resource allocation to be submitted to the Committee for consideration.



18/11        Report of Internal Audit Activities

                  A copy of Service Auditor Memorandum dated 5 May 2011 had previously been circulated to all members.





Action 41

A detailed report of the ACL Continuous Control Monitoring project will be provided at the next meeting.




19/11        Statistical Report

                  A copy of Service Auditor memorandum dated 2 May 2011 had previously been circulated to members.


                  An outline was also provided on Council’s compliments and complaints register.



Action 42

That future statistical reports include data on internal and external complaints regarding staff behaviours such as bullying and harassment in the office and inappropriate communications with the general public to enable an insight to be obtained into the administrative health of the organisation.





                  Mr Greg Smith retired from the meeting at 8.07pm following consideration of this matter.






20/11        Burwood Council – ICAC Recommendations

                  A general discussion was held on the ICAC findings following a recent investigation at Burwood Council including the possible need for further similar audits, as recommended in the findings, at Parramatta City Council.


                  Mr Doria noted that Council had prepared an analysis of the recommendations emanating from the Burwood Case including advice as to how Council complied with each recommendation. He added that Council was well placed in response to each recommendation.


                  RESOLVED                    (Wilson/Adams)


(a)       That a copy of the report prepared in response to the recommendations of the Burwood Council investigation by ICAC be provided to Committee members.


(b)       Further that a copy of the report be listed on the next meeting of the Audit Committee for consideration.


21/11        Appreciation to External Committee Members

Councillor Wilson expressed his thanks to the independent members of the Committee, Mr Adams and Mr Barry. He also extended his thanks to Mr Dennis Banicevic for his participation.


Councillor Wilson particularly thanked Mr Adams for his excellent chairmanship of the Audit Committee Meetings.


In addition, Councillor Wilson expressed thanks to staff for their involvement with the Committee.


RESOLVED              (Wilson/Finn)


That the appreciation of Councillors and staff for the involvement of Mr Adams, Mr Barry and Mr Banicevic in the Audit Committee be recorded and the Lord Mayor be requested to forward a notice of thanks to each of these participants.



The meeting terminated at 8.15pm