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Executive Summary from Luke Coleman General Manager Parramatta Stadium


Parramatta Stadium Master Plan - 2011





In 2010 the Parramatta Stadium Trust commissioned Hassell architects to review the existing master plan of the stadium and make recommendations as to the development of the venue.


The concept plan has been adopted by the Trust and stakeholders have been engaged in preparing a business case for the development.


It should be noted that the whole landscape of the precinct East of The Parramatta River has been included and of course consultation with the Parramatta Park Trust is essential and has already commenced.


The Master Plan takes into account future requirements for the venue to maintain market position in providing first rate facilities for patrons and players, attracting new hirers ( players and corporate facilities) and  creating additional revenue opportunity (function facility) in order to retain self funding status for operations and minor works.


The facts of the development are as follows:-


Stage 1 A – C                       Upgrade the Eastern and Western Grandstands and install extra 3,300 sets on the Earth Mounds (North and South) including identifiable unique façade (screen or ‘skin’).


Benefit:          1.         Eastern Grandstand                                                

500 Seat Function room (Can be sectioned for varying


                                    650 more corporate patrons catered for in corporate

suites at the top of the grandstand

                                    Catering outlets improved


                        2.         Western Grandstand


Players facilities significantly improved – four dressing rooms and 2 gymnasiums for additional hirers at an international standard


Catering outlets improved


Provision of office space for the Trust and other users

     Increased capacity of the stadium to 23,500









Stage 2                      Public Domain Upgrade and Landscaping


Benefit:           1.         Pedestrian access along O’Connell Street (footpath



2.          Vastly improved patron circulation around the venue via

        suspended concourse behind the Eastern Grandstand


3.          Creation of Northern and Southern entry plazas


4.          Patron approaches from the south from the train station

       via CBD is accentuated



Stage 3                      Park Precinct Works




These works require Park Trust involvement and the benefit is the inclusion of the stadium into the landscape of the park and improved pedestrian flows around the precinct.  



Stage 4 & 5                           Northern and Southern Spectator Stands


Benefit:           Increased public capacity of the venue to 31,300