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Access Advisory Committee Minutes 16 August 2011






Mr John Moxon in the Chair, Leonie Clarke, Joe Dimech, Jim Grainda, Councillor C X Lim (arrived 6.05pm), Debbie Manuel, Hamish Murray and Duy Quang Nguyen.





Grant Davies (Minute Clerk) and Tanya Owen – Community Capacity Building Officer.



1.         WELCOME


John Moxon welcomed everyone to the Access Committee.




John Moxon acknowledged the Burramattagal Clan of The Darug, the traditional land owners of Parramatta and paid respect to the elders both past and present.


3.         APOLOGIES


An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Elizabeth Collins - Community Services Team Leader Home Support & Community Services and Jayne Boardman – Social Outcomes Project Officer.




There were no declarations made regarding conflict of interest at this meeting.




A copy of the Minutes of the Access Advisory Committee meeting held on 21 June 2011 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLUTION          (Murray/Grainda)     


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Access Advisory Committee held on 21 June 2011 be taken as read and confirmed as a true record of the meeting.






6.         ParraConnect


John Moxon provided a background on ParraConnect, a proposal to put technology to its best use and to ensure that Parramatta became a ‘smart city’.


An Expression of Interest (EOI) had been sought from the IT Sector in conjunction with ParraConnect and some 44 EOIs had been received for consideration.


It should be noted that Council will not fund the proposals; rather it will facilitate implementation and seek funding from the private sector, State and Federal Governments, and from other organisations.


Two (2) projects currently being considered are:-


Mobile Concierge – A card that can stand alone or be used in a smart phone that will enable a purchase to be made in some 100 local stores (likely up to a $100 limit operating as a debit card) by simply placing the card on a reader. The card may also be used in libraries, for car parking and as a loyalty card. It is likely the project will commence in November this year.


Information Kiosks – These are only in the ideas stage. Future meetings will be held to discuss the content and placement of information kiosks around the CBD where access will be available to a computer screen to obtain information (ie on tourism), make complaints or make an enquiry.


It was noted that any such kiosk should be accessible for visually impaired persons, be voice accessible, have captions and be wheelchair accessible.


It was further noted that an IBM conference would be held in October to address how information technology ideas can be brought to fruition rather than just discussed.



That John Moxon, Leonie Clarke and Hamish Murray be appointed to a working group to work with Council’s Manager Information Technology and the relevant development team to provide input into ParraConnect technology, including the website and Information Kiosks.



7.         Public Domain Details Update


Information was tabled from Kati Westlake - Senior Project Officer-Urban Design Land Use & Transport Planning which indicated that the first part of the Public Domain Guidelines, which will include the Access Guidelines and the City Centre Pavement Guidelines, will be placed on the Council’s website today.


Ms Westlake had further noted that the first project based on the new guidelines has been commenced at the corner of Wigram and Parkes Street, Parramatta.


Unfortunately, the contractor had not built the project according to plan. Accordingly the works will have to be redone as it is important that the first project constructed using the new tactile and directional indicators is carried out correctly.


Tanya Owen added that the website address for the new guidelines would be distributed to members for their information.


8.         International Day of People with a Disability (IDPwD)


Mr Moxon noted that he had forwarded a letter to the Lord Mayor and Councillors seeking additional financial support for the Day’s event but had not been successful in achieving further funds.


Tanya Owen commented that work would commence shortly in relation to sponsorship and stalls for the Day.


9.         Railcorp Letter


Tanya Owen advised that the Lord Mayor had forwarded a letter to RailCorp seeking advice when upgrades would be carried out to railway stations at Clyde, Toongabbie and Harris Park.


The Lord Mayor had now received a response indicating that detailed design and planning work would commence in the 2011/12 financial year to prepare for a future “Easy Access” upgrade at Clyde Station. RailCorp expects that the works will be carried out within the next 5 years.



That follow up letters be sent on a 6 monthly basis seeking an update on the proposed works at Clyde Station and also seeking further advice on any works proposed for Harris Park and Toongabbie Stations.



10.       Library Return Bin Feedback


The Committee had previously raised concerns in relation to the library return bins at the Parramatta Central Library. In particular, the Committee was concerned with the size and lighting of signage and the height of the return slot and bar code scanner.


A response had now been received from the Service Manager – Library Services which indicated:-


1.         The problem with the signage is acknowledged and accordingly new signage is being arranged with larger print. A work request has been submitted for extra lighting to be installed to improve visibility in the area.

2.         Council’s Capital Works Project Team had consulted the relevant Standards prior to the installation of the return chutes and all chutes were constructed in accordance within the required range.


Mr Moxon noted problems existed as wheelchair users were not able to get under the relevant chutes which made reach distances inappropriate. He added that the relevant reach standards should have been consulted.



That Hamish Murray and John Moxon submit their concerns and make reference to the relevant standards, in writing, with respect to the library book return chutes for further consideration by the relevant staff.



Councillor C X Lim arrived at the meeting at 6.05pm.


11.       ParraConnect (2)


On arrival of Councillor C X Lim, a member of the ParraConnect Committee, the meeting recommitted the issue of ParraConnect for further discussion.


Councillor Lim noted that ParraConnect was a vehicle for technology to meet social and business requirements and sought input, suggestions and comments from Committee members.


Councillor Lim detailed future ideas being pursued including connected meeting rooms and the option to borrow reader tablets from libraries to enable books to be downloaded and read electronically.


Ms Clarke noted that Information Kiosks located at Top Ryde and Merrylands had poorly contrasting colours, small print and pictures and were almost impossible to use.


Councillor Lim suggested that standards needed to be developed for the betterment of public display systems.



The Access Committee provide information on the best organisations with which to consult (ie Vision Australia, Deaf Society) in relation to access and the provision of Information Kiosks.





12.1    Access and Equity Policy


Jayne Boardman had recently accepted the role of Social Outcomes Project Officer and would like to attend a future meeting of the Access Committee to provide an update on the Access and Equity Policy.



Ms Boardman be invited to attend a future meeting of the Access Advisory Committee to provide an update on the Access and Equity Policy and in the meantime, any input into this policy be provided to Ms Owen.



12.2    Library Service for People with a Disability – Brochure


A copy of the subject brochure was circulated to members.


12.3    EyeWatch


Mr Moxon noted that Neighbourhood Watch had recently been reinvigorated under the title of EyeWatch.


Members of EyeWatch will be able to report crime and obtain information from Police in real time on FaceBook. Membership to EyeWatch will be vetted by the Police and those members of the public with serious criminal convictions will be declined membership.


Ms Owen noted that concerns had been expressed by other staff that the FaceBook page was not being strongly moderated.


Mr Moxon noted that he would be meeting with the relevant police officers shortly and would raise Ms Owen’s concerns.





18 October 2011 at 5:30pm

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

Council Chambers Building 




The meeting concluded at 6.46 pm