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Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 15 June 2011







Carol Liston in the Chair, Bronwyn Alcorn, Shylie Brown (retired 7.33pm), Peter Crittenden, Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans, Anne Mathews, Bill McGuirk and David Shakespeare (retired 7.11pm)





Grant Davies (Minute Clerk), Michelle Desailly (arrived 6.10pm), Paul Kennedy (Project Officer) and Zoran Popovic (arrived 5.55pm).






An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Janice Huntington and Karen O’Donnell – McGrane (Manager Cultural Heritage Programs and Tourism Information).






There were no declarations of interest at this meeting.






28/11         Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 20 April 2011

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 20 April 2011 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLVED              (Elaine Evans/Bill McGuirk)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 20 April 2011 be taken as read and be confirmed as a true record of the meeting.





29/11         Feedback from Council

Paul Kennedy was pleased to advise that Council had received and noted the Committee’s minutes of 20 April 2011, had supported the listing of the Governor Phillip Camp Site on the Heritage Register and had requested a report in relation to the provision of interpretational signage for the site from a European and Aboriginal viewpoint.


In addition, Council had agreed to reinforce the importance of the 3 original buildings of the Female Factory and to seek action to remove the destructive vine located on the Norma Parker Correctional Centre.


Staff had been in contact with the Heritage Office requesting action regarding the offending vine.


30/11        Comprehensive Heritage Review

Mr Kennedy made a presentation to the Committee on properties which could be removed from the heritage list, including those where landowners had requested their removal. Reasons for removal generally related to the intactness and or condition of the buildings. The Committee made suggestions in relation to each of the properties for consideration in conjunction with the comprehensive heritage review.


Mr Kennedy added that at recent meetings of the Heritage Advisory Committee, the Committee had suggested 20 additional items be included on the State Heritage Register. Following meetings with the Heritage Office, it was considered that 10 to 12 of those suggestions had a strong case for listing. Any further information supporting the listing of these properties would be welcome.


Mr Kennedy further added that a Councillor’s workshop on the comprehensive heritage review would be held on 18 July 2011, possibly followed by more consultation with a report to be submitted to Council in August or September.



Zoran Popovic (5.55pm) and Michelle Desailly (6.10pm) arrived at the meeting during consideration of this matter.



31/11        Development Application – Update by Heritage Advisor


81 Buller Street, North Parramatta

Mr Popovic advised that a development application had been received for the site and had been the subject of an objection on the basis of the possible loss of an 1830s heritage item.


Mr Popovic welcomed any information on this issue and advised that he was inclined to seek an archaeological assessment.


8 – 10 Station Street, Harris Park

A development application had been received for the subject site. Whilst the premises were not heritage listed,they were in the conservation area. Any feedback would be appreciated by Mr Popovic.


39 Campbell Street, Parramatta

It was advised that David Lennox’s former house had been listed for sale. Further, the real estate advertisement made no reference to it’s heritage listing.


It was noted that a Section 149 certificate would reveal this fact.


54 Binalong Road, Old Toongabbie

An update was provided in relation to the application for the subject site.


37 Kent Street, Epping

Information was sought on the present position of the development application lodged for the subject premises.


32/11        Parramatta Stories

Ms Desailly distributed a report on the Committee’s previous request to investigate the interpretation of the Governor Phillip Camp Site.


RECOMMENDATION         (Mathews/S Brown)


Based on a review of the site by Council staff:-


1.         Council facilitate further discussion with land owners (Department of Health) and the grant recipients (Parramatta Park Trust and Sydney Catchment Management Authority) regarding options for Interpretation as a stage 2 project.

2.         Following discussion and approval, Council (in association with land owners and partners) explore options for interpretation considering the various qualities of the site and in accordance with the Guidelines for Interpretation (NSW Department of Planning Heritage Branch, 2005).

3.         Council advise the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee of the project and the opportunity to begin dialogue in relation to the consultation process.

4.         Council report on the outcome of points 1, 2 and 3 at the next meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee.



Mr David Shakespeare retired from the meeting at 7.11pm.



33/11        Local Heritage Fund

Paul Kennedy advised that there were no applications for consideration at tonight’s meeting.


Mr Kennedy added, however, that the Heritage Office had now granted $8,500 per year for 3 years to Council’s fund. Accordingly, it was likely that a report would be submitted to Council in the near future seeking an increase in individual grants available.


RECOMMENDATION         (Liston/Crittenden)


(a)       That the Committee’s gratitude be extended to the Heritage Office for the financial support given to the Council’s Heritage Fund, such support recognising the great efforts of Council.

(b)       Further, that congratulations be extended to Council and Council staff for their efforts in supporting heritage in the area.






34/11        Extension of Epping Conservation Area

A progress report was sought on the LEP, particularly in relation to the Epping Town Centre and the proposed extension of the conservation area.


Mr Kennedy advised that Parramatta LEP 2011 was expected to be gazetted at the end of June or in early July.


He added that the Epping/Hornsby Study was nearing completion with the extension of the conservation area in Epping being supported.


It was likely that the proposed changes would require an amendment to the LEP later this year.


A further update will be provided to members via email.



35/11        Development in Proximity to Rosemount Cottage

Reference was made to the demolition of federation type properties opposite Parramatta Leagues Club and advice was sought on what type of future development would be permitted, bearing in mind the proximity of this location to Rosemount Cottage.


Mr Kennedy advised that any development would be subject to the conservation guidelines.



36/11        Sesqui-Centenary of the Parramatta Municipal Council

A brief update on the subject matter was provided to the Committee in the following terms:-


“The Working party have been progressing a number of projects with regards to the 150 year celebrations. We are still waiting to confirm final outcome of the funding bid, and are meeting in the next few weeks to finalise the program of activities.


The Marketing and communications team at Council has developed a graphic  which will be placed on Council’s promotional materials and correspondence templates. A set of criteria for use has been developed by the team to ensure the graphic is sued in the most effective way possible. For all enquires about the graphic, please contact Adam Leto, Acting Marketing and communications Manager on 9806 5083.


The Marketing and communications team has also been developing articles within the internal staff newsletter and Council’s community newsletter, based on information supplied by the Archives and Local Studies Library team at the Heritage Centre.


The local studies library is finalising the publication of the book on the Mayors and Lord Mayors of Council.”


A further update will be provided at the next meeting by Karen O’Donnell-McGrane.



Shylie Brown retired from the meeting at 7.33pm during consideration of this matter.




1.         Toongabbie Historical Society had recently finished a book entitled “Toongabbie – A Social History”. Copies of the book are available at a cost of $15.

2.         Construction of the tea rooms at Elizabeth Farm had been commenced and it was hoped that the rooms would be open for the October School holidays.



The meeting terminated at 7.35pm.