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Minutes of the Strategic Partnership Meeting with Housing NSW and Parramatta City Council



Strategic Partnership between Housing NSW and Parramatta City Council




2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, 6 April 2011

Parramatta City Council



Parramatta City Council


Housing NSW


Steering Group

Dr Robert Lang – CEO

Megan Dephoff –Manager Social Outcomes

Geoff King -  Manager, City Strategy

Debbie Killian – Manager Community, Library & Social Services

Sue Stewart – Senior Project Officer – Land Use

Councillor Paul Garrard

Councillor Chiang Xavier Lim

Councillor Michael McDermott

Councillor Glenn Elmore


Steering Group

Ken BoneGeneral Manager

John Paszek – Director Resource Planning

Ray Brincat – Area Director

Madeleine Culbert – Director Project Development

Nigel Sharpe – Project Development

Nicholas Graham - Project Development

Alison Shearer – Director Service Improvement

Jacob Joseph – A/Manager Community Renewal Partnerships

Jennene Griffiths – Senior Project Officer Community Renewal Partnerships


Resource persons

Tania Fogarty– Project Support Officer, City Strategy Unit




Councillor John Chedid – Lord Mayor

Sue Weatherley – Group Manager, Outcomes & Development

Louise Kerr  Manager Development Services Unit













Welcome and Introductions

The chair welcomed all to the meeting.



Previous Minutes and Business Arising

The Minutes were noted and accepted.






Strategic Context Updates


























Strategic Context Updates


3.1Housing NSW – Ken Bone, General Manager


Change of Government

· Awaiting information on what the change of government will mean for the future of HNSW,

· There has been a reshuffle so that Housing NSW is now part of Department of Family and Community Services. HNSW assets will sit  with Department of Finance and Services

· New Ministers – Greg Pearce Finance Services, Pru Goward – Family and Community Services


Government Stimulus Works

· All government  stimulus works have now been delivered– the last expected to be completed by Dec 2011

· Built 4500 dwellings to date from the stimulus


HNSW Overview of Assistance

· Pressure on the housing system is still growing

· Housing NSW helps 6000 new tenants per annum

· Tenancy management is the smallest part of what we do

· Over 80,000 instances of rental assistance per annum

· Over 30,000 instances of provision of temporary accommodation per annum

· Currently struggle to help people into private rental due to high rents and low stock

· Matching dwelling type with need is a struggle. There is not enough 1 and 2 bedroom homes and more larger homes than required.


3.2 Parramatta City Council – Dr Rob Lang, CEO


Change in local members of Parliament

· Tony Issa and Geoff Lee acknowledged as new members

· David Borger outgoing and acknowledged for his contribution


Civic Place

·    Council has acquired over 50% of the remaining land required to finalise the consolidation

·    Consolidation expected to be completed by July 2011

·    Stage 1 approval expected by late 2011

·    Completion of construction of Stage 1 expected by end 2013


E-Parramatta and Parra Connect

·    A Strategic Framework for Development and Delivery of a Smart City is currently being developed. There are 2 projects:

·    E-Parra Strategy - maximising the availability of Council’s service on the internet, mobile applications and wireless technology across the local government area

·    Parra Connect – is a related external strategy to maximise the benefits of new technologies to the community and business sectors of Parramatta.

·    Council has established a representative committee from business and the community to oversee the delivery of this program


River Foreshore Project

·    Council has over 20 initiatives and projects that have some relationship to the Parramatta River

·    The Mayor has requested Council officers focus on coordinating and advancing these proposals with the aim of making the river a focus for family and activity

·    A series of events are focusing on the River Foreshore to activate this space, such as the Liquid Cinema


Economic  Development Forum

·    Council has appointed Christopher Brown, former Managing Director of the Tourism Transport Forum and founder of the Greater Sydney Partnership as Chair of the Parramatta Economic Development Forum for 12 months

·    A business forum was held on the 8 March at the Parramatta Park Royal attended by 250 guests including politicians, media, government advisors and senior decision makers from corporations not located in Parramatta

·    The major themes included the need for certainty regarding rail infrastructure, identity development, improved liveability, investment from the private sector, better use of tertiary assets and the growth of higher value knowledge jobs

·    These issues will underpin the new Economic Development Strategy for Parramatta, the writing of which has commenced. The aim is to have the plan in place by the beginning of the new financial year


Better Neighbourhood Program

·    Dundas Station Small Centre Upgrade is currently out to tender and works are due to commence in June 2011

·    Ermington and Midson/Small Centre Upgrades – consultation has been completed and works are due to commence in April

·    Epping Laneway Project has been completed

·    Kleins Rd Northmead Small Centre Upgrade – construction underway with completion in May 2011

·    Constitution Hill Small Centre Upgrade – concept has been completed and is currently in consultation phase

·    Westmead Way-finding is in the concept design phase



Cycleway Update


NSW Bike Plan projects

·    RTA’s ten-year, $78M River Cities Bike Program, being implemented in partnership with local governments, will fast track the delivery of cycle infrastructure, parking facilities and cycling skills training opportunities within the 5 to 10 km or 20 to 40 min bike ride  - radius of the Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith city centres

·    The focus in the Parramatta LGA is on completing the missing links in the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and connecting the CBD to Westmead through Parramatta Park, Adult cycle training and bike racks as art.


Healthy Communities Grant

·    Council recently applied for the Federal Government Communities Grant, which will be announced in April

·    The project aims to improve healthy lifestyles of at risk groups in the LGA

·    If successful, key partners will include NSW Health, Division of GP and we would like to engage HNSW as there are opportunities to link with people in HNSW estates to provide programs locally.




































































































PCC requested a contact person in HNSW to discuss the grant opportunity. HNSW provided contact in Ray Brincat.



LEP Update




Parramatta City Council - Sue Stewart, Senior Land Use Planner



·    Council adopted the draft LEP following Council reports in Oct – Dec 2010

·    The plan is currently under deliberation by the State Government

·    Anticipated by mid year to have a gazetted plan

·    Recent legislative changes will need to be incorporated into the plan



·    Draft Comprehensive DCP has also been finalised and will come into effect to coincide with the new LEP

·    It is anticipated that both comprehensive plans will align and be implemented together by mid this year



Nation Building Economic Stimulus Program update

Housing NSW – Ray Brincat, Area Director

· 3 more projects in Council’s LGA which are completed and due to be handed over shortly– Albury St Sth Granville, Briens Rd Northmead, and Excelsior St Merrylands

· 24 developments completed in total in the Parramatta LGA, comprising 358 dwellings

· Councillor Garrard raised concerns about Housing NSW asking people to move. Indicated a need for a more sympathetic approach that accommodates resident’s individual needs.

· HNSW reported that no one has been moved compulsorily




Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) Update - Wentworthville

Housing NSW – Nick Graham, Project Developer

· Funded by FASCIA under the Commonwealth’s Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) Round 2

· $500K funding allocated to develop a Wentworthville Masterplan

· PCG to oversee the project on a monthly basis and includes Housing NSW, Parramatta City Council, JBA Planning

· The project objectives are:

·  Enhance the amenity

·  Reduce the concentration of public housing

·  Facilitate the provision of improved social services

·  Work with local communities to enhance communication and strengthen neighbourhood networks

·  Enable the formulation of detailed planning controls

·  Enable the scope of project related risks to be identified

·  The Site is 9.1ha  with 194 dwellings

·  It is jointly owned by HNSW, PCC and the RTA

·  Current LEP controls 2(c) Residential

·  Draft LEP controls R3 Density Residential

·  Next steps: Community and Agency Consultation sessions to commence in May

See Attachment on HNSW Wentworthville Presentation


· Councillor Garrard raised a concern about whether the new LEP controls will be utilised on the site or not?

· Housing NSW has the power to go outside the guidelines.



Housing NSW to engage with Council early on in order to address Council’s concerns about the site. HNSW to organise workshops with Councillors at appropriate points in project development to provide updates and seek input



Re-development update

Housing NSW – Nigel Sharpe, Project Development

· Concept - 10.9ha site, existing 530 dwellings, proposed 1900 dwellings

· Objectives:

·  Deconcentration of social housing

· Create an attractive integrated community of social, private and affordable housing

· Targeted outcomes by ownership type – Social max 30%, private approx 62% and affordable housing approx 10%

· Stage 1 construction of 152 units over 3 buildings commenced Nov 2010, completion expected early 2012

· Engagement with Community Housing Providers for management of new social housing and delivery of approx 100 units as stage 2. Applications closed Dec 2010.

· Targeted MOU by June 2011

· Stage 2 housing to be delivered by 2014/15

· Targeting mix of affordable, rental and social housing in both stages 1 & 2

· Next steps- to finalise majority of conditions of Part 3A approval (July 2011)

· Undertake broad market sounding to inform private sector engagement (commencing April 2011)

· Ongoing engagement with external stakeholders (commencing May 2011)

· Housing NSW engagement of private sector delivery partner(s)

· Commence first stage of private sector construction projected by 2013/14

· See attachment on HNSW Telopea Renewal Presentation


· Council raised concerns about HNSW’s commitment to ensure the uptake of private ownership in the development and the timing of the development of the private owner buildings


· Council advised it is pursuing the Epping Parramatta rail link


· HNSW reinforced their commitment to developing Telopea with a private/public housing mix.




Organisational information sharing/updates on key housing issues



























8.1 Homelessness –Housing NSW, Alison Shearer


Regional Homelessness Action Plan

· Greater Western Sydney Region has established a Regional Homelessness Committee (RHC)

· Parramatta City Council has a key role within this committee with the Lord Mayor being a representative on the committee

· The Committee will operate from 2010 to 2014

· The next RHC meeting will be used as a workshop to review the committee’s plans for the next year


Funded projects led by Housing NSW

·   South Western Sydney Youth Hub – Miller Area

·   Project 40 – Service Integration in the Nepean Area  

·   Juniperina – Juvenile Justice Program

· Along with the above there are numerous other HAP projects which are operating which have an impact on the Parramatta area



Update on other Housing NSW Homelessness Initiatives

· Housing NSW continue to participate in numerous local forums in the Parramatta area, these include: Parramatta Homelessness Coalition, Bankstown Homelessness Coordination Group, Parramatta Homelessness Interagency, Nepean Taskforce Against Homelessness

· All existing Accord Agreement are progressing well with various agreements in place which service the Parramatta area

· Temporary accommodation models such as Pingaree House continue to operate successfully

· Supporting systemic reform of the homelessness sector


8.1 Homelessness – PCC Megan Dephoff


· The draft Homelessness Policy and Implementation Plan was tested with key stakeholders late January 2011. Amendments now being incorporated and it’s anticipated to be presented to Council shortly

· PCC conducted its second Homeless Street Count in February (350 homeless residents, 70 rough sleepers, 284 in emergency crisis accommodation). Small decrease in rough sleepers compared to rough sleepers with a slight increase in emergency and crisis accommodation

· Council continues to support the Parramatta Regional Homelessness Interagency

· Implementing a new Chronically Homeless Men’s Project – designed to assist 10 men who sleep rough in the city off the street. This is currently out to tender.


8.2 Affordable Housing – PCC, Megan Dephoff– Manager Social Outcomes

· 3 areas of focus

·  Secondary dwellings - encouraging dwellings of good design to add value to individuals and the neighbourhood

·  Use of Council’s own assets where appropriate to include affordable housing options

·  Developing an Affordable Housing Bank to encourage private developers to contribute affordable housing units. This includes the development of an electronic calculator. 

·  Noted a number of D/A’s coming through under the AH SEPP









































HNSW asked to be kept informed of the progress of the Chronically Homeless Men’s Project



PCC asked to be provided with an update of key directions and priorities for this area when HNSW is able to do so



Community Concerns

Concerns raised :


· Councillor McDermott raised the following concerns about Telopea:

o Believes the area is housing ex-prisoners, drug addicts and a cluster of mentally ill patients

o Believes there has been significant increase in the number of ex-prisoners housed in the area

o HNSW tenants and home owners are fearful of the neighbourhood and too scared to report concerns to police or HNSW. The area is going backwards.

o Concerned there is a disconnect between senior executive and what is happening on the ground within HNSW

o Supports longer term plans to redevelop Telopea and change the tenant mix. Asked in the short term about what can be done? What procedures surround understanding tenant backgrounds and local tenant allocation strategies, and what can be done to curb the arising issues? 

· Housing NSW response:

o have the power to evict tenants, though they need tangible evidence to go to the Tribunal which usually means the complainants providing evidence unless Police are involved in criminal breaches

o mostly unaware of tenants backgrounds as this information can not be collected from, applicants due to privacy law, certainly don’t know if they are ex-prisoners, but is most unlikely, and doubt that is known in community either

o are aware of the importance of Tenant Allocation Strategies

o Housing NSW has Community Development workers and Anti-Social Behaviour officers who can work with concerned residents.

· Debbie Killian, Manager CLASS PCC, reported on a similar issue arising at Bankstown in regard to residents not reporting unlawful behaviour due to fear. Police implemented a “ Report it don’t ignore it” campaign which allowed for reporting without the need to be identified and from all accounts it was considered successful. 




HNSW to investigate the possibility of implementing a local allocation strategy for Telopea


Other Business

10.1         Save our Suburbs Campaign

· HNSW identified there are a number of properties now occupied where the Save of Suburbs signs have not been taken down. HNSW would like them to come down immediately.

· Ken Bone provided Rob Lang with a full list of occupied properties where the signs are still up.

· PCC reported that they have been notified of 4 properties and have taken steps to remove signs from these.





Council staff to follow up with Councillors on this matter.


New Meeting Date and Venue for the Steering Group


Next steering committee meeting to be held at Housing NSW at a date to be advised.