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Minutes 30 March 2011 SWAHS and PCC Strategic Partnership Meeting




Strategic Partnership Meeting Minutes



Population Health – NSW Health Clinical Support Division (Western)


Parramatta City Council


Thursday 30th March

2.00pm – 4.00pm


˜ IT Building, Cumberland Hospital East Campus, Fleet St, North Parramatta


Chair:                                    Dr. Stephen Corbett



Attending from SWAHS:        Dr. Stephen Corbett-  Associate Director Population Health, NSW

                                               Health Clinical Support Division- Western

                                               Christine Newman - Manager Health Promotion

                                                 Kay Tennant - Coordinator Healthy Built Environments Program


Attending from PCC:             Dr. Robert Lang – Chief Executive Officer

                                              Cr. Chiang Lim

                                              Sue Weatherley – Group Manager Outcomes and Development

                                              Debbie Killian – Manager Community, Library and Social Services

                                              Megan Dephoff - Social Outcomes Manager

                                              Lavinia Thompson Project Support Officer


Apologies:                             Lord Mayor Cr. John Chedid

                                              Victoria Edghill – Project Officer – City Strategy Unit

                                              Geoff King – Manager City Strategy 

                                              Cr. Bide

                                                 Lyn Tunchon Acting Group Manager Primary Care and Community

                                              Health Services Parramatta




·    Dr. Stephen Corbett welcomed everyone and thanked all in attendance.  

·    Apologies from the Lord Mayor Cr Chedid, Cr. Bide and Victoria Edghill received and noted.



·    Attendees introduced themselves.



·     Minutes have been accepted by consensus previously when circulated by email




Dr. Robert Lang - PCC

Civic Place Update

§ Council has acquired over 50% of the remaining land required to finalise the consolidation.

§ Council has received approval to proceed with compulsory acquisition of any remaining land

§ Consolidation expected to be completed July 2011

§ Project Application for stage one will be lodged by Grocon after consolidation

§ Stage one approval expected by late 2011

§ Completion of construction of Stage 1 expected by end 2013


E-Parramatta and Parra Connect

§ A Strategic Framework for Development and Delivery of a Smart City is currently being developed.

§ Council continues to implement the E-parra strategy and action plan - around maximising the availability of Council's services on the Internet, mobile applications (such as parking information) and wireless technology across the local government area (with a particular focus on the CBD/Westmead). 

o  Parra Connect  - is a related external strategy and plan to maximise the benefits of new technologies to the community and business sectors of Parramatta.  Early opportunities include lobbying for both early rollout of the NBN and industry corridors with external partners e.g. legal cluster around the Justice Precinct, medical clusters around Westmead.

§ Council has established a representative committee from business and the community to oversee the delivery of this program.



River Foreshore Project 

§ Council has over 20 initiatives and projects that have some relationship to the Parramatta River.  These include major developments (including the "Riverbank" or Brandsmart redevelopment), shared pathways, artwork, events, tourism, heritage and water based recreation proposals. 

§ The Mayor has requested Council officers focus on coordinating and advancing these proposals with the primary aim of making the river a focus for families and activity. 

§ One of the major sites in the area is the Cumberland Hospital area. Council would like to work closely with relevant agencies to understand priorities and options on this site to make the most of shared priorities.

§ A new international design competition is currently being developed, focusing on the Riverbank / Riverside theatres and surrounding areas.



·   NSW Dept of Planning conducting a Granville Urban Renewal Workshop, they have established a consultative committee. TOR have not been seen by Council and no particular project has been put forward as yet.



Sue Weatherely – PCC



·      Council adopted draft LEP following Council reports in Oct – Dec 2010.

·      The content of the plan is currently under deliberation by the State Government.

·      It is anticipated that by mid year there will be a gazetted plan.

·      As part of that process, recent legislative changes will need to be incorporated into the plan.



·      Currently being re-exhibited, and will be reported back to council at the next meeting.


·      It is therefore anticipated that both comprehensive plans will align and implemented together by mid this year.



·      Chris Brown has become a roving Ambassador for Parramatta, lobbying all levels of government regarding the importance of Parramatta’s CBD, which is now accepted as Sydney’s second CBD.

·      Council is developing a profile of Parramatta

·      Work is progressing on neighbourhood centres upgrades

§ The RTA’s ten-year, $78 million River Cities Bike Program, being implemented in partnership with local governments, will fast-track the delivery of cycle infrastructure, parking facilities and cycling skills training opportunities within the five to ten kilometre – or 20 to 40-minute bike ride – radius of the Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith city centres.


The focus in the Parramatta LGA is:

o Completion of the missing links in the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and connecting the CBD to Westmead through Parramatta Park.

o Adult Cycle Training

o Bike Racks as Art


Megan Dephoff- PCC


·      The draft Homelessness Policy and Implementation was tested with key stakeholders late January 2011.

·      Amendments are now currently being incorporated and is anticipated to be presented to Council shortly.

·      PCC conducted its second Homeless Street Count in February.

       There was a total of 350 homeless residents

       70 rough sleepers

       284 sleeping in emergency and crisis accommodation

       This was a small decrease in the number of rough sleepers compared to last year, with a slight increase in the numbers reported in emergency and crisis accommodation.

·      Council continues to support the Parramatta Regional Homelessness Interagency which is currently developing a 5 year plan.

·      Chronically Homeless Mens project, designed to assist 10 men off the street, is currently out to tender.

·      The ABS is doing a homeless count in Parramatta this year


Healthy Communities Grant Submission

·      Council recently applied for the Federal Government Healthy Communities Grant, which will be announced in April.

·      The project aims to improve healthy lifestyles of at risk groups in the LGA, particularly emerging communities, older people, unemployed (families, single mums) through physical activity.

·      If successful, key partners will include NSW Health and Division of GP.


Dr. Stephen Corbett- NSW Health Clinical Support Division (Western)

·      Hoarders Forum to be held in May or June. This involves mental health issues and links to the work of EHOs, Council and mental health workers.

·      The public health system is currently undergoing reorganisation, with the break up of Area Health Services.

·      The previous SWAHS  is now divided into two Local Health Networks (LHNs)- Nepean Blue Mountains and Western Sydney (WS).  Parramatta LGA falls into the Western Sydney LHN. Chairs of LHN Governing Councils have been appointed. Professor Stephen Leeder is the Chair of the WS LHN Governing Council which covers Parramatta LGA.

·      The LHN are clinical service entities only and do not include population health services. Clinical Support Divisions (CSD) are the structure that has been developed by NSW Health to incorporate non clinical services such as population health services. There are three CSD in NSW and the previous SWAHS population health services are now included in the Western CSD.

·      There is increased funding for prevention as part of the Commonwealth health reforms.  This includes the establishment of a National Preventative Health Agency.  The majority of funding is focussed on tobacco control, obesity and alcohol. The focus is on scaling up well evidenced programs.  The main initiatives for NSW will be the Healthy Children’s Initiative (Supported Playgroup Service, Live Life Well at School, Healthy Sporting Organisations, Go4Fun and Social Marketing)  and the Healthy Workers Initiative (focus on small business)..

·      Incoming state government will make changes to the health system but these are unknown at this stage.

·      Council partnerships are very important. PCC is uniquely placed through their urban development processes. The Planning Act review may also offer opportunities.



Christine Newman- NSW Health Clinical Support Division (Western)

·      Christine outlined membership of the Western Sydney LHN, which commenced in January 2011.

·      NSW Health and the Local Govt and Shires Association have developed a document about ways of working with LHNs.

·      From 1st July 2011 Health Promotion will start receiving the new Commonwealth funding.  Existing Programs such as Munch & Move, Live Life Well at School and Crunch and Sip will be scaled up across the area.  Other new programs will commence such as Go4Fun.The Workplace initiative will not receive funds until 2012 but a small testing initiative will  be piloted in Lithgow and St. Marys.   This program will focus on physical activity, healthy eating, alcohol and tobacco.




5.   NEW PROJECTS: possibilities include:


·      A number of partnership projects have been finalised or are coming to an end.

·      The opportunity exists to consider starting new projects in the new financial year.

·      The following projects from the original partnership plan were discussed and the committee agreed to progress them in the new financial year as per the details below:


o  Cycling map update – PCC to lead

o  Developing a social impact assessment process to assist Council in making planning decisions about  fast food/ take away development applications – Council to lead

o  If the healthy communities grant is successful, to commence work on this project – PCC to lead.

·      Work on the Healthy Menu Labelling and Health Data projects will continue. SWAHS is leading these.   





8.   Meeting closed at 3.45pm