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The Closed Meeting of Parramatta City Council will be held in the Council Chamber, Fourth Floor, 2 Civic Place, Parramatta on Monday,  27 June 2011 at 6.45pm.










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Council                                                                                                                  27 June 2011




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13      Closed Session


13.1   Parramatta Atrs Felllowship 2011 ..……………………………………………………..…....7

13.2   Expression of Interest for Independent Members of the Audit Committee...................... 17  




Closed Session


27 June 2011




13.1  Parramatta Arts Fellowship 2011 …………………………………………………7

13.2  Expression of Interest for Independent Members of the Audit Committee........... 17

Council 27 June 2011                                                                                                          Item 0.0


ITEM NUMBER         0.0

SUBJECT                   Parramatta Arts Fellowship 2011

REFERENCE            F2011/01382 - D01990669

REPORT OF              Manager City Culture, Tourism and Recreation; Coordinator Parramatta Artist Studios     

This report is confidential in accordance with section 10A (2) (a) of the Local Government act 1993 as the report contains personnel matters concerning particular individuals.   





To seek Council’s endorsement of the 2011 Parramatta Arts Fellowship.


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That Council awards the 2011 Parramatta Arts Fellowship to artist Fadia Abboud.


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1.             The Parramatta City Council Annual Community Grants Program has been in existence since 1992. In 2006 the program was reviewed to create a stronger alignment with PCC’s direction, as detailed in the Parramatta Twenty25 strategic plan. The review proposed a more effective funding framework and new categories as well as a new strategic framework underpinning it – community capacity building.

2.             The Parramatta Arts Fellowship is a part of Council’s Annual Community Grants Program. It is a single annual grant of $20,000 to an artist who lives in the Parramatta Local Government area or has/is significantly contributing to Parramatta.

3.             Applications for the Parramatta Arts Fellowship 2011 round opened Friday 8 April 2011 and closed 4pm Friday 13 May 2011. 

4.             A range of strategies were put in place to support potential applicants including:

a.      Advertisements in local newspapers and bulk emails (including to past applicants).

b.      All potential applicants were encouraged to contact the Coordinator - Parramatta Artists Studios to discuss their applications before submitting their application.

c.      During the application period, the Coordinator - Parramatta Artists Studios responded to over 15 requests for information and assistance from applicants and potential applicants concerning the Fellowship. These requests included phone calls, face to face meetings and emails.


5.             Ten applications were received for the 2011 Parramatta Arts Fellowship.




6.             On the 23 August 2010 Council resolved that the following Councillors be appointed to the Community Grants Assessment Panel: The Lord Mayor, Councillor J Chedid and Councillors A Bide, G Elmore, J D Finn, A Issa, OAM, M D McDermott, P K Maitra and A A Wilson.

7.             Each Assessment Panel member was forwarded an assessment booklet containing the following documents:


Application cover sheet including general eligibility checklist, comments from Councils Officers and copies of the whole application form.

Application Support Material

List of support material supplied for each application, and CD containing copies of support material.


Note: The Fellowship objectives and assessment criteria that applicants responded to was not included in the assessment booklet but given to the Assessment Panel before the start of the assessment panel meeting.


8.             The Assessment Panel met on Monday 30 May 2011 to consider all applications.  Given the nature of material supplied by the applicants as part of the application process, images and audio were presented to the panel at this meeting. The Lord Mayor, Councillor, J Chedid in the chair and Councillors A Bide, P J Garrard, G J Elmore and P K Maitra were in attendance. Minutes of the assessment panel are outlined in Attachment 1.




9.             The Assessment Panel recommended Fadia Abboud as the preferred candidate. Ms Abboud project will focus on developing a script, mentorship, and to start initial production a 6 part documentary to be filmed and produced in Parramatta.

10.        The Parramatta Arts Fellow will work closely with the Parramatta Artists Studios. This is in line with the Community Capacity Building Team’s Grants Support Program. It ensures the best possible outcomes from the grants program and grant recipients. The monitoring system requires grant recipients to report in writing on a 6-monthly basis about the progression of their project.

11.        The Assessment Panel also identified a number of potential improvements to the Arts Fellowship program for future years.   These will be considered in the review of Council’s Annual Community Grants Program to be undertaken prior to commencement of the 2012 grants program.




12.        Funding is available through existing operational budgets, allocated through Council’s delivery plan process.

13.        The Parramatta Arts Fellowship 2011 expenditure comes from the 2010-11 financial year budget and the timetable for the program will enable the grants to be issued before the end of June 2011. If there is a delay in Council’s determination of this matter, the grant expenditure may need to be carried forward to the 2011-12 financial year.





Michael Dagostino

Coordinator Parramatta Artist Studios

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Arts Fellowship Minutes of Assessment Panel 30-5-11

6 Pages





Council 27 June 2011                                                                                                        Item 13.1





The Lord Mayor Councillor J Chedid (arrived 6.15pm) in the chair and Councillors A Bide (6.39), P J Garrard, G J Elmore and P K Maitra (arrived 6.15pm).




Apologies were received from Councillors C X Lim and A A Wilson.




Rebecca Grasso (Manager, City Culture Tourism and Recreation), Merryn Spencer (Creative Broker), Michael Dagostino (Coordinator, Parramatta Artist Studios) and Joy Bramham (Minute Clerk)




Michael Dagostino declared an interest in relation to application 7 as the applicant Marian Abboud, is his wife.


Assessment Criteria


The assessment criteria were distributed to Councillors and Michael Dagostino apologised that it was not included in the application booklet.


Councillor Garrard noted that because the assessment criteria were not available when Councillors were initially reading the material and that he had already formed ideas. Councillor Garrard ask how the assessment criteria was reflected in the applications and Michael Dagostino noted it was reflected in questions 3.1-3.6.


Rebecca Grasso noted that art is very subjective and the objectives of the grant is to support the development of an artist, support to expand knowledge and bring back and apply skills learnt to other artists, the Parramatta Artists Studios and the broader community and was not a case of creating a matrix and/or weightings to determine the outcome.


Merryn Spencer noted that there was a range of different artists from mid-career to emerging.


Councillor Elmore asked if emerging artists therefore have a higher priority.


Michael Dagostino noted that since the emphasis is on development then, depending on the mentor, project etc that numbers of years practicing should not be a factor. He also noted that he would like to see applications that have a deeper level of skill sharing with the community.


Note: The Lord Mayor Councillor John Chedid and Councillor Prabir Maitra arrived at the meeting at 6.15pm during consideration of this matter.


Councillor Garrard noted that there were gaps in the objectives and the actual project proposals. He noted that the objectives do not relate to any of the questions in the applications.


Michael Dagostino noted that the panel should be able to distil the answers from the questions in 3.1-3.6 and relate them to the assessment criteria and objectives.


Councillor Garrard asked how “Excellence in Arts Practice” relates to the objectives.


Michael Dagostino noted that it was one of the selection criteria.


Councillor Garrard noted that the objectives and the assessment criteria should match and that this in not the case. Some of the objectives can be read into questions 3.1 -3.6 but the assessment criteria are completely different.


Rebecca Grasso acknowledged this discrepancy and said that staff could take this on board and that future applications can be altered to reflect the assessment criteria.


The Lord Mayor suggested that Councillors get a quick run down of each of the applications from Council Officers.



Applicant 1 Anna Watts


Councillor Garrard asked what supporting material was provided. Council Officers noted that a draft script was the only thing provided. The project would involve working with a mentor to further the script and a performance with people who use arts therapy.


The project involves puppetry and mentorship. The artist has been involved with the Parramatta Artists Studios and works at Westmead Hospital. She has done a lot of work in the Parramatta area.


Councillor Garrard asked why the project description does not match what the actual project is? Council Officers noted that this may just be a case of the artist having limited skills in grant writing.


Councillor Elmore noted that he didn’t know a lot about art therapy but Westmead Hospital appeared to be a good training ground and that she would gain from the mentorship and workshops.


Rebecca Grasso noted that Council Officers were interested in the partnership between art and industry and that it was possible to make work and be sustainable.


Applicant 2 Anne Gaulton


The project focuses on a tunnel at Oatlands on Belmore Road through to Webb Street. The artist wanted to install temporary artworks in the tunnel which would engage  the community and Oatlands Public School. The artist has experience as a curator and is a community artist with a lot of experience in developing a projects.


Michael Dagostino expressed some concerns regarding the fact that there was not a mentorship or research component for the project.


Merryn Spencer expressed the idea that this project may go ahead without the grant.  


Applicant 3 Di Turner


The project is mainly research based and involves travel to China to study pottery techniques and to Hermannsburg to study with an indigenous collective in the Northern Territory. The artist has connections to ParraClay and would bring the skills learnt back to Parramatta.


Councillor Garrard expressed concern regarding the eligibility of the application as the majority of the money will not be spent in Parramatta. Council Officers noted that while the travel is outside of Parramatta, the training and expertise learnt  will stay in Parramatta and be passed on to members of ParraClay.


Councillor Garrard further expressed concern regarding the nature of the training and expertise that can be brought back into Parramatta.


Rebecca Grasso noted that the artist was inspired by an exhibition in the heritage centre which included Chinese artefacts and artefacts made by Chinese immigrants.


Councillor Elmore felt that this application met the assessment criteria.


Councillor Officers noted that it is a high quality project with good outcomes and a concrete way to transfer skills to other artists.


Applicant 4 Dunja Janjic


The project involves a film about young Palestinians living in Parramatta.


Councillor Elmore expressed concern regarding the artist’s qualifications. Council Officers noted that the applicant was a student and further expressed concerns that the application was a bit light in detail and that the artist did not have a any support material..


The Lord Mayor noted that the objectives of the project were very good.


Councillor Elmore thought she should apply again in the future and would be better suited for the fellowship once she has more experience. He also noted that the application included flights and accommodation.


Councillor Garrard thought that this application fit the assessment criteria.


Michael Dagostino noted that the Parramatta Artists Studios  could consider the possibility of including her project their future program. This will enable some mentoring development and can be of assistance in seeking other funding opportunities.


The Lord Mayor liked this idea.

Applicant 5 Fadia Abboud


The project is focused around developing a script, mentorship and seeking further funding to develop a 6 part documentary about 3 Lebanese girls . It would be shot in Parramatta. The artist would work in partnership with ICE.


Councillor Elmore thought this was a capable emerging artist with good experience that has not yet had a big chance as a filmmaker.


The Lord Mayor noted that the artist had shown previous works at the Arab Film Festival.


Note: Councillor A Bide arrived at the Meeting at 6.39pm during consideration of this matter


Applicant 6 Jodie Whalen


The project consists of filming the artist running along Parramatta Road and to include training as well as interviews with main road users.


Michael Dagostino noted that this is a new form of performance art.


Councillor Elmore noted that this is a very different idea. 


Councillor Bide noted that the application read like it was going to be someone driving down the road and filming it. 


The Lord Mayor asked how this would benefit Parramatta. Council Officers noted that to film would draw attention to the inefficiencies of the road, encouraging people to do something to fix it.  


The artist is known for producing issue based thought provoking artworks.



Applicant 7 Marian Abboud


Note: Michael Dagostino declared an interest in this item as the applicant Marian Abboud is his wife and temporarily left the room during consideration of this matter.


Councillor Officers noted the artist previous work.


Councillor Elmore liked the fact that the project would be involving a PhD student.


Councillor Garrard asked what involvement would need the chef and if cooking was involved.


Councillor Bide noted that cooking could be considered a type of art and that maybe the project involved identifying different types of native plants and weeds and cooking them.


Councillors asked if Michael Dagostino could come back into the room and explain qualify what the project involved.


Michael Dagostino noted that the project would be a multimedia experience using digital media to recreate a natural environment simlar to the Parramatta river in a gallery space where 3D objects would be used to trigger different senses – sight sound smell. The Indigenous chef would create the smells. It would be an immersive space with close collaboration with a botanist, local bush care groups and local schools. The artist would be mentored through the process and would acquire new skills as a media artist.


Applicant 8 Miguel Olmo


The project would involve using recycled material to create a backdrop for a multimedia presentation. The artist has previously created works for Riverbeats.


Councillor Elmore noted that the artist had a lot of experience and asked where the exhibition might take place. Council Officers advised that it might be in the Studios or an event outside.


Michael Dagostino noted that the application was a little light on the research and mentorship components.


Councillor Bide noted that the artist has done a lot of work in Blacktown but acknowledged that the artist lives in Parramatta.


Applicant 9 Prophetic Initiatives


The project involves the setting up a ‘Ministry’ of Art, taking iconography from religion and superimposing that into a gallery space utilising Elizabeth Farm, Town Hall and Old Government House. The Artists have done a lot of local work including a project with Northcote with person with disabilities.


Applicant 10 Yana Taylor


The artist is a local performer/choreographer who wants to use archives to create an installation/performance using footage about the area. The project will allow her to work on new technique as a performance artist.


Councillor Elmore asked what the project would do for the artist. Council Officers noted that she is not an emerging artist and would be working on fairly general production techniques. Council Officers further noted that the application was not well written and was a bit difficult to understand.  


Councillor Decision


Each councillor nominated their top 3 preferences in no particular order

Clr Chedid, Lord Mayor

4 – Dunja Janjic

5 – Fadia Abboud

7 – Marian Abboud

Clr Bide

4– Dunja Janjic

5– Fadia Abboud


Clr Maitra

5– Fadia Abboud

3 – Di Turner

4 – Dunja Janjic

Clr Garrard

5– Fadia Abboud

3– Di Turner

7– Marian Abboud

Clr Elmore

3– Di Turner

5– Fadia Abboud

7– Marian Abboud


As the artist with the most Councillor nominations, applicant 5 – Fadia Abboud would be recommended in the Council report as the preferred applicant with applicants 4 (Dunja Janjic) and 7 (Marian Abboud) as equal alternates.


Councillors asked if Di Turner, Marian Abboud and Dunja Janjic could be mentored through the Parramatta Artists Studios.


Future Applications


Council staff to take on board that future applications have the questions on the application match the assessment criteria. 


Councillor Bide suggested that applicants produce a 3 minute video articulating what they want to achieve and how they are going to do it with examples. This will assist as many people may be able to articulate something more precisely than in the application form.


Michael Dagostino noted that this is becoming more popular in dance and theatre applications.


Councillor Garrard noted it was very difficult to compare different types of art and that ‘unsexy’ media might not be marked as highly as more predominant types of art. Can the grant criteria be themed each year to focus on a particular medium/type of art, so that all applications are within the same category. It is very hard to compare sculpture to films.


Council Officers noted that an option might be to pick a different category for the next 3 years and rotate so that all applications have a similar basis


Rebecca Grasso noted that with the development of the Old Kings School and Civic Place multimedia might be an appropriate focus.





The meeting closed at 7.35pm



ITEM NUMBER         13.1

SUBJECT                   Expression of Interest for Independent Members of the Audit Committee

REFERENCE            F2011/00996 - D01992221

REPORT OF              General Counsel ; Service Auditor      

This report is confidential in accordance with section 10A (2) (d) of the Local Government act 1993 as the report contains commercial information of a confidential nature that would, if disclosed (i) prejudice the commercial position of the person who supplied it; or (ii) confer a commercial advantage on a competitor of the Council; or (iii) reveal a trade secret.  




The purpose of this report is to provide Council with a report on the submissions received in response to the Expression of Interest (EOI 11/2011) for Independent Members of Council’s Audit Committee.  EOI 11/2011 was conducted because the tenure of the current independent Audit Committee members has come to an end and it is necessary to refresh their appointment.





(a)     Paragraph 11 of this report set out the available options.  Option A is preferred for the reasons stated and can be invoked with the following resolution:




Council appoints Respondent # 5 and 10 as the independent community representatives of the Audit Committee for a term of 3 years.


Council delegates to the Chief Executive Officer authority to negotiate a reasonable engagement terms (including fees) for the services to be provided by the independent community members of the Audit Committee.





1.         Pursuant to a resolution of Council on 25 February 2008, an Audit Committee was established comprising 3 Councillors and 2 independent community representatives, with one of the community representatives being the Chairperson of the Committee.  The Audit Committee Charter (adopted by Council) provides for the Audit Committee Chair to be one of the independent community members as elected by the committee.  Attachment 1 to this report includes a copy of the current Audit Committee Charter.


2.         Councillors J Finn, M McDermott and A Wilson are current councillor representatives on the Audit Committee. The councillor appointments to the Audit Committee are for the balance of the current Council term (expiring in September 2011).


3.         The current independent community representatives of the committee are Mr N Adams (Chair) and Mr M Barry.  Their tenure has come to an end.  Accordingly, Council has undertaken an Expression of Interest (EOI 11/2011) to publicly seek expressions of interest from suitably qualified and experienced persons of high community standing who wish to seek appointment as the independent community representatives of the committee in accordance with the Audit Committee Charter.

4.         This report provides relevant information in respect of the responses received by Council to Expression of Interest (EOI 11/2011) that will assist Council in its assessment of the responses in order to make a decision on the appointment of the independent community representatives of the committee in accordance with the Audit Committee Charter.




5.         Council received 10 responses to Expression of Interest (EOI 11/2011).  The table below indicates the interested persons who responded.


Respondent Number



Employer / Business Name


Sam Danieli

A D Danieli Audit P/L


Peter McLean

Keep Australia Beautiful Council



Charles William Rock


Securas P/L


Malcolm James Brammer


Integrity Risk Solutions


Mike Barry




Brendyn John Williams


Pentagon Management P/L


Phillip Paul Burgett


Morse Group


Phillip Ross

University of Western Sydney



Allan Raymond Gibson

Prime Media Group



Neil Adams

Adams Consulting & Training P/L



6.         Attachment 2 to this report contains copies of each of the submissions received.

7.         Attachment 3 to this report contains a table summarising:

·    The identity of each respondent.

·    The qualifications of each respondent.

·    Audit committee experience of the respondent.

·    Other relevant experience of the respondent

8.         The Audit Committee Charter provides for a 3 year appointment for the independent community representatives.  In this regard, it should be noted that the submission from Respondent # 3 (C W Rock) indicates that he can only commit to a 2 year appointment.

9.         All respondents have experience with the function and operation of audit committee’s other than Respondent # 1 (S Danieli).  All respondents have experience in the fields of audit and governance.  All respondents appear to be located in the Greater Sydney metropolitan area other than Respondent # 7 (P P Burgett).




10.      The Audit Committee Charter provides for a 3 year appointment for the independent community representatives

11.      Council has the following available options


a.   OPTION A - Reappoint existing members

This option involves the reappoint of the current independent community representatives. 

The Audit Committee has been effective since its formation and this can be attributed to the good working relationship that exists between all current committee members.  Council may decide to reappoint the current independent community representatives because it is comfortable with the status quo.  Council staff considers this to be a reasonable approach to follow in the circumstances.

This option can be put in place with a resolution in the following terms:




Council appoints Respondent # 5 and 10 as the independent community representatives of the Audit Committee for a term of 3 years.


Council delegates to the Chief Executive Officer authority to negotiate a reasonable engagement terms (including fees) for the services to be provided by the independent community members of the Audit Committee.


b.   OPTION B - Reappoint different members

This option involves the appointment of the 1 or more different to the current independent community representatives. 

It is open to Council to form the view that a change in the composition of the Audit Committee membership is desirable.  This would justify the appointment of 1 or more different independent community representatives.

Council assessment of the submissions from the respondents will determine which of the respondents is to be appointed.  If Council wishes to pursue this option Council staff considers that Respondents # 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 are preferred.

This option can be put in place with a resolution in the following terms:




Council appoints Respondent # [identify relevant respondent] as the independent community representatives of the Audit Committee for a term of 3 years.


Council delegates to the Chief Executive Officer authority to negotiate a reasonable engagement terms (including fees) for the services to be provided by the independent community members of the Audit Committee.


c.   OPTION C – Reject and negotiate

This option involves the rejection of the submissions received and commencing negotiations with appropriately qualified and skilled persons. 

It is open to Council to form the view that a change in the composition of the Audit Committee membership is desirable but none of the sub missions received is satisfactory.  If Council form this opinion, it would be entitled to reject all submissions and authorise negotiations be commenced with appropriately qualified and skilled persons (who may include 1 or more of the respondents) or a further expression of interest be conducted.

Council staff considers this option undesirable because the market has already been tested by virtue of having conducted Expression of Interest (EOI 11/2011).  Accordingly, it is unlikely that submissions different to those already received would result.

It must be noted that if Council resolves to reject all tenders and enter into negotiations, clause 178(4)(a) and (b) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005 requires that Council’s resolution detail the reason/s for rejecting all tenders, and the reasons for choosing to enter into negotiations.

This option can be put in place with a resolution in the following terms:




Council rejects all submissions.

In accordance with clause 178(3)(e) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, Council will invite fresh applications because it was not satisfied with the submissions received


In accordance with clause 178(3)(e) of the Local Government (General) Regulation 2005, Council will enter into negotiations with suitably qualified persons to be because it was not satisfied with the submissions received







12        Expression of Interest (EOI 11/2011) was advertised on 19 April 2011 and closed on 11 May 2011.


13.     The next schedule meeting for the Audit Committee is 26 August 2011.  It would be prudent to ensure the appointment of the independent community representatives occurs before that date.




14.     Appropriately qualified community representatives should be reasonably compensated for being active independent members of the Audit Committee. Since the previous Audit Committee held five (5) meetings each year, it may be appropriate for an annual fee be negotiated.


15.     Estimated fees have been provided for in budgetary forecasts.  Accordingly no adverse financial implications



Maurice Doria                                                             Emily Tang

General Counsel                                                      Service Auditor





Audit Committee Charter

8 Pages



Submissions Received

82 Pages



Summary Table

4 Pages



Expression of Interest Specifications

7 Pages





Item 13.1 - Attachment 1

Audit Committee Charter





(Version 4)










Composition of the Council Audit Committee


Roles and Responsibilities


5.1.  Effective Management of Operational and Financial Risks


5.2.  Appropriate Corporate Governance Framework


5.3.  Control Framework


5.4  Reliable Management Plan Reporting


5.5.  Reliable Management and Financial Reporting


5.6.  Compliance with Laws and Regulations


5.7.  Internal Audit


5.8.  External Audit


6.  Reporting


7.  Administration


8.  Professional Development


9.  Termination of Membership


10.  Assessment Arrangements


11.  Review of the Audit Committee Terms of Reference


1        Introduction


Parramatta City Council has established the Audit Committee (the Committee) under Section 355 of the local Government Act 1993.  This Charter outlines the objectives, authority, composition, roles and responsibilities, reporting and administrative arrangements of the Audit Committee.


2        Objective


The primary objective of the Committee is to provide independent assurance and assistance to the Council on the risk, control and compliance framework.  


3        Authority


The Council authorises the Committee, within the scope of its role and responsibilities, to:


3.1. obtain any information it needs from any employee and/external party (subject to their legal obligation to protect information);


3.2. discuss any matters with the external auditor, or other external parties (subject to confidentiality considerations);


3.2. request the attendance of an employee, including Council members, at committee meetings; and


3.4.    obtain external legal or other professional advice, as considered necessary to meet its responsibilities at the Council  expense.


4        Composition of the Council Audit Committee


The Audit Committee will comprise such members as are appointed by the Council including three current serving Councillors and two independent community representatives.  Independent community representatives will be appointed on a triennial basis following a public self-nomination process.  The Chairman of the Committee will be a community representative as elected by the Audit Committee.


The Secretary to the Committee shall be such person as nominated by the Council. 


Members may be appointed for an initial period not exceeding three years after which they will be eligible for extension or re-appointment, after a formal review of their performance. The initial appointment of Councillors to the Audit Committee will be for the balance of their Council term.


The Chief Executive Officer and other senior managers as appropriate may be invited to attend meetings as observers, or to provide information, as determined by the Chair.


A representative from the external audit service provider and the Internal Auditor may be invited to attend meetings.  They will have “observer” status.







5        Roles and Responsibilities


The Committee has no executive powers, except those expressly delegated to it by the  Council.


The Committee is directly responsible and accountable to the Council for the exercise of its responsibilities. 


The responsibilities of the Committee may be revised or expanded in consultation with, or as requested by, the Council from time to time and include:


5.1.Effective Management of Operational and Financial Risks


5.1.1.   Review whether management has in place a current and comprehensive risk management framework, and associated procedures for effective identification and management of the Council’s financial and business risks, including fraud;


5.1.2.   Review whether management, supported by the Council, has established a  culture of managing risk throughout the Council , including setting the right tone from the top, risk management in decision-making and setting parameters on acceptable levels of risk and the associated costs of different course of action.


5.1.3.   Review whether a sound and effective approach has been followed in developing strategic risk management plans for major projects;


5.1.4.   Review the impact of the Council risk management framework on its control environment and insurance arrangements;


5.1.5.   Satisfying itself as regards the integrity and prudence of the Council management control systems, including the review of policies and/or practices;


5.1.6.   Reviewing whether a sound and effective approach has been adopted and has been followed in establishing the Council business continuity planning arrangements; and


5.1.7.   Review the Council Corruption prevention plan to satisfy itself that there are appropriate processes and systems in place to capture and investigate and corruption.


5.2.Appropriate Corporate Governance Framework


5.2.1.   Monitoring the application of the Code of Conduct to the activities of the Council.


5.2.2.   Review the effectiveness of the Council’s Code of Conduct, including the tone from the top, and the systems for employee protection and responses to ethical issues.


5.2.3.   Review whether management has taken steps to embed a culture which is committed to ethical and lawful behaviour.


5.2.4.   Monitor the level and issues raised in relation to Protected Disclosures being considered by the Council Management.


5.3.Control Framework


5.3.1.   Review whether management’s approach  to maintaining effective control frameworks, including over external parties such as contractors and advisors, is sound and effective;


5.3.2.   Review whether management has in place relevant policies and procedures, and that these are periodically reviewed, updated and compliance is periodically checked;


5.3.3.   Review whether appropriate policies and procedures are in place for the management and exercise of delegations; and


5.3.4.   Review whether management has taken steps to embed a culture which is committed to ethical and lawful behaviour.


5.4.Reliable Management Plan Reporting


5.4.1.   Review the Council accounting policies and practices in the light of the legislative provisions applying to Council, NSW Local Government reporting requirements, accounting standards and generally accepted accounting principles;


5.4.2.   Review  the Draft Management Plans and Quarterly Reports.


5.4.3.   Satisfy itself that the Draft Management Plans and Quarterly Reports are supported by appropriate management review and signoff of significant variances;


5.4.4.   Ensure that management are prepared for changes to accounting standards


5.5.Reliable Financial Management and Financial Reporting


5.5.1.   Review the Council’s accounting policies and practices in the light of the legislative provisions applying to Council, NSW Local Government reporting requirements, accounting standards and generally accepted accounting principles;


5.5.2.   Review  the annual financial statements before submission to the Council;


5.5.3.   Satisfy itself that the financial statements are supported by appropriate management signoff on the statements and that appropriate action has been taken on audit recommendations and adjustments;


5.5.4.   Ensure that an appropriate external audit of the Council financial statements is conducted on an annual basis.


5.5.5.   Ensure that management are prepared for changes to accounting standards





5.6.Compliance with Laws and Regulations


5.6.1.   Determine whether management has appropriately considered legal and compliance risks as part of the Council risk assessment and management arrangements; and


5.6.2.   Review the effectiveness of the system for monitoring the Council’s compliance with relevant laws, regulations and associated government policies.


5.6.3.   Monitor any likely or actual litigation and the process for notification to the Council.


5.6.4.   Review the Council’s response to compliance failures.


5.7.Internal Audit


5.7.1.   Act as a forum of communication between the Council, senior management and internal and external audit;


5.7.2.   Review the internal audit coverage and draft annual work plan, ensuring that the plan is based on an effective risk management plan, and endorse approval of the plan by the General Manager;


5.7.3.   Oversee the co-ordination of audit programs conducted by internal and external audit and ensure that there are no unjustified restrictions or limitations placed on the auditors by management;


5.7.4.   Advise the Council on the adequacy of internal audit resources to carry out its responsibilities, including completion of the approved internal audit plan;


5.7.5.   Ensure that the scope of audits is adequate and that there is a minimum of duplication between internal and external audit.  In so doing ensuring that emphasis is placed on areas where the Committee, management or the auditors believe special attention is necessary;


5.7.6.   Review all audit reports and provide advice to the Council on significant issues identified in audit reports and action taken on issues raised;


5.7.7.   Monitor management’s implementation of internal audit recommendations;


5.7.8.   Review the internal audit charter to ensure appropriate organisational structures, authority, access and reporting arrangements are in place;


5.7.9.   Reviewing the performance of the Internal Audit function and consulting with the Chief Executive Officer in the appointment of the Internal Auditor.


5.7.10. Approve the scope of an external assessment, or equivalent internal assessment, of the internal Audit Function every 5 years.







5.8.External Audit


5.8.1.   Act as a forum of communication between the Council, senior management and internal and external audit;


5.8.2.   Provide input and feedback on the financial statement and any performance audit coverage proposed by external audit;


5.8.3.   Review all reports and monitor management’s implementation of audit recommendations;


5.8.4.   Ensure that there are no unjustified restrictions or limitations placed on the auditors by management;  and


5.8.5.   Provide advice to the Council on action taken on significant issues raised in relevant external audit reports and better practice guides;


6        Reporting


6.1        Provide Audit Committee minutes and briefings by the Audit Committee Chairperson to the Council at the next available meeting;


6.2        Prepare an annual report for the Council which:


  summarises the work performed by the Committee to fully discharge its   duties

  details the number of meetings held during the year and the attendance of each member; and

  includes a summary of the Audit Committee’s annual assessment of its performance.


6.3       The Committee may, at any time, report to the Council any matter it deems of sufficient importance to do so. In addition, at any time an individual member may request a meeting with the Lord Mayor.


6.4        The Chairperson of the Audit Committee may meet privately with the Internal Auditor and/or the External Auditor at any time.


7        Administration


7.1     The Committee will hold such meetings as the Chairperson shall decide in order to fulfil the Committee's duties, but will meet not less than four times annually.


7.2     Special meetings may be held to consider the adoption of the draft management plans and draft annual financial statements and the audit report from the auditors.


7.3     Special meetings of the Audit Committee will be called by the Chairperson   of the Audit Committee following a reasonable request from  a member of the Committee, the Chief Executive Officer, or by Resolution of Council.


7.4     The Secretary of the Committee, in conjunction with the Chairperson, shall be responsible for circulating the meeting agenda and associated documentation, to Committee members five working days prior to each meeting.


7.5     The Secretary of the Committee will also be responsible for keeping the minutes of meetings of the Committee and circulating them to Committee Members (after Chair approval) within ten working days of the Committee meeting. 


7.6     A quorum shall be a majority of Committee members, one of whom must be a Councillor.


7.7     With the agreement of the Chair, members may participate in a meeting by telephone, closed circuit television or other appropriate means of communication.


7.8     The Committee may require staff to attend meetings and assist the Committee as required from time to time.


7.9     Audit Committee members shall abide by Council’s Code of Conduct and relevant policies at all times.


7.10   Audit Committee members must keep all discussions during meetings in confidence and comply with Council’s policy regarding public comment and talking to the media.


7.11   Audit Committee members must declare conflicts of interest at the start of each meeting.


7.12   Details of any conflicts of interest should be appropriately minuted. Where members have a real or perceived conflict of interest, they will be excused from Committee deliberations on the issue where a conflict of interest arises.


8        Professional Development


Ensure that Committee members are trained and updated on their responsibilities and knowledge requirements.


9        Termination of membership


Committee membership can be terminated either by:


  The term of the appointment of the member expires; or

  The Member resigns in writing to the Lord mayor; or

  The member is removed by a resolution of Council; or

  The member misses three consecutive meetings without an apology.


10      Assessment Arrangements


The Chair of the Committee, in consultation with the Lord Mayor, will initiate a review of the Committee annually.


11      Review of the Council Audit Committee Terms of Reference

The Committee will review the continuing relevance of the Charter on an annual basis (generally at its December meeting).  Where changes are deemed necessary they will be submitted to the Council for endorsement and will be highlighted in the Committee’s annual report to the Council.

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Expression of Interest Specifications