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Brodie Street Business Feedback


Brodie Street Business Feedback


1.   Business Types


Council received a total of 34 survey responses. Of these, 14 were property owners, 10 were business owners and 10 were both property and business owners.


2.   Intention to Relocate


Nine respondents indicated intent to relocate from Rydalmere. The primary stated reasons were to clustering of sex services premises and a perceived lack of on-street parking.


Twenty-three businesses indicated intent to remain in Rydalmere. These respondents identified the benefits of a central location in the Sydney metropolitan basin, proximity to a railway station and major arterial roads, accessibility to workforce, and easy access to Parramatta and Sydney.


One respondent said ‘Maybe’ if they were able to secure larger premises within the Rydalmere precinct.


3.   What’s Holding Rydalmere Back?


Three key issues were identified as holding back economic activity in the Brodie Street precinct. Firstly, respondents the clustering of sex services premises as detracting from presenting as a welcoming place for customers. Secondly, businesses stated that a lack of on-street parking also made it difficult for customers to access businesses in the precinct. Thirdly, the precinct overall was seen as ‘untidy’ and a ‘mish mash’. Comments included:


“The current mix of businesses is a mish mash that has developed by attracting marginal businesses looking for inexpensive properties. It is a backwater waiting for total redevelopment and will not attract anyone other than businesses in need of cheap rents.”


“We are located in Mary Parade. The road is not wide enough. Trains are not frequent at Rydalmere Station. So not many people using the station.”


“The increasing amount of brothels attracts less people wanting to do business in this area.”


“Not enough transport infrastructure support: i.e. commuter car parking at station or car parking for local industry workers and for client cars (e.g. car repair companies)."


"Area in desperate need of a face-lift. It has an untidy feeling and appearance.”


4.   Future vision for Rydalmere


When asked for a future vision of Rydalmere, property owners indicated amenability to an upzoning of the area with residential or technology precincts as desired outcomes.


Business owners holding no interest in the land indicated a preference for continuing the current state of low-intensity industrial uses but with additional on-street parking and a reduction in sex services premises.


Business owners who also owned the underlying property indicated a preference for continuing the current state of low-intensity industrial uses combined with public domain improvements that increased the overall amenity of the precinct.


5.   Rheem Australia


Rheem Australia did not respond to the formal consultation process. A number of follow-up calls were made but project staff were able to make contact. By way of background, Rheem Australia has been Japanese-owned since 2002 and there are approximately 700 staff at the Rydalmere site and 1400 staff in Australia/NZ.