Item 7.12 - Attachment 1

Summary of submissions received



Submission  No


Issues Raised



4a Hermington Street Epping

* concern over the apparent disuse/inactivity at the TAFE nursery adjoining the site



* additional population from development will place further demand on food resources and declining oil reserves

* the current and future use of the adjacent TAFE premises is not within the control of Council. The TAFE is not part of the development site

* concerns in relation to the sites proximity to public transport were expressed by Council at the time the original project application was considered by the DoP


21 Second Avenue Epping

* motor vehicle traffic congestion – inability of road network to cope and signalisation will exacerbate delays at intersection


* access to Second avenue – concern over potential future road access



* concern over future use of TAFE

* the signalisation of the Mobbs/Marsden intersection has been determined as necessary to mitigate the traffic impact of this development

* the proposal does not include provision of vehicle access to the site via Second Avenue

* Council is unaware of the future use of the TAFE site. This does not form part of the development site


16/36 Mobbs Lane Epping

* query over how cash component of VPA will be spent


* concern over potential flooding from stormwater run off

* what if traffic lights cost more than anticipated – where will money come from?

* cash contribution will go into Section 94 accounts and spent on items identified in the works schedule

* noted however these concerns are not directly related to the draft VPA on exhibition

* the signalisation if intersection is not ‘capped’ at a certain value rather this is ‘deliverable’ of the VPA. If works are not completed satisfactorily then a security bond will protect Council/community


15 Second Avenue Epping

* concern over length of queuing bay, width of queuing bay, and safety issues arising particularly for buses

* who will be liable for any remediation works

*suggest independent safety audit be carried out

* the exhibited plans are intended to be a concept and not final technical drawings. These are required to be prepared and approved by the RTA who controls the intersection. Council (and other agencies/service providers) will be consulted in this process and plans reviewed by Councils’ Traffic & Road safety team


276 Marsden Road Carlingford

* inadequacy of turning lane width

* object to any narrowing of verge as will compromise ability of No’s 274, 276 & 276A to use driveways due to increased gradient

* who will bear costs of any rectification works required

* these concerns will be forwarded to the RTA and the proponent to ensure use of driveways is not compromised unacceptably

* If works are not completed satisfactorily then a security bond will protect Council/community


276 Marsden Road


* raises similar concerns to those in submission No 5 as well as more general concerns regarding congestion on Marsden Road as a result of the signalisation of the intersection and queuing distances. Request copies of traffic reports.

* response as above.

* traffic reports considered by the consent authority (DoP) are available on the planning nsw website.