Item 7.9 - Attachment 1

Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes for 24 November 2010







Professor Carol Liston in the Chair, Shylie Brown (arrived 5:45pm), Peter Crittenden (retired 6.53pm), Elaine Evans, Ruth Evans, Anne Mathews, Bill McGuirk and David Shakespeare.





Grant Davies (Minute Clerk), Michelle Desailly (Arts & Cultural Project Officer - Parramatta Stories – departed 6:19pm), Paul Kennedy (Project Officer), Karen O’Donnell (Service Manager Cultural Heritage Programs and Tourism Information - arrived 5.50pm and departed 6:22pm) and Louise Preston (Archivist – departed 6:22pm).





An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Bronwyn Alcorn and Janice Huntington.






Professor Carol Liston declared a non pecuniary interest in relation to Minute No 74/10 as Professor Liston had reviewed information associated with the themes for Parramatta Stories.





72/10         Heritage Advisory Committee Minutes – 26 October 2010

A copy of the Minutes of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 26 October 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RESOLVED              (McGuirk/Mathews)


That the minutes of the meeting of the Heritage Advisory Committee held on 26 October 2010 be taken as read and be confirmed as a true record of the meeting





73/10       Adoption of October Minutes

It was noted that Council, in adopting the Committee’s October minutes, had further resolved to thank the Friends of Mays Hills Cemetery for works undertaken and to make available an amount of $1000 from Council’s Local Heritage Account by way of a grant to the Friends to assist in the general upkeep of the Mays Hill Cemetery. It had been identified that at least 7 former mayors of Parramatta are buried in the Cemetery, namely:-


           Samuel Burge 1874

Edward Pearce 1902

Charles Byrnes 1870

William Noller 1896

Arthur Collett 1930

John Saunders

William Irwin 1938


The Committee noted the significance of the Mayors and expressed appreciation to the Council for its action.




74/10       Parramatta Stories – Core Themes to Represent Parramatta

                 A copy of the 12 themes, as discussed at previous meetings and as devised by Dr Terry Kass and reviewed by Professor Liston, had previously been distributed to all members for comment.


                   The 12 themes were as follows:-


·          Where the salt water meets the fresh (Natural evolution and background)

·          Aboriginal heritage and culture

·          Shaping Parramatta

·          Moving about

·          Surviving in Parramatta

·          Being successful in Parramatta

·          Living in Parramatta

·          Working in Parramatta

·          Making Parramatta secure

·          Expanding the bounds of personal knowledge, science, technology and the arts

·          Mixing and meeting (A meeting place)

·          Building community identities/ Fashioning lifestyles


                 Michelle Desailly advised that the themes would provide broad guidelines when undertaking an interpretation strategy. The themes are not meant to be definitive but rather to provide a checklist. A number of experimental case studies would be undertaken in consultation with Dr Terry Kass to ascertain the usefulness of the themes.


                 Michelle added that Dr Terry Kass had also worked on a series of secondary themes which fall under the 12 main themes and commented that there was in interest in building a broader understanding of the linkages of any site throughout and beyond the LGA.


Paul Kennedy noted that themes had also been developed as part of the 1993 Heritage Study.


David Shakespeare commented that Arthur Phillip did not get a mention.


Carol Liston indicated that he would fall under a number of the themes including Shaping Parramatta, Making Parramatta Secure and Living and Learning in Parramatta.



Karen O’Donnell arrived at the meeting at 5.55pm.


Peter Crittenden noted that in the theme ‘Making Parramatta Secure’ the fortified redoubt was constructed on the ridge rather in the crescent.



75/10       Sesqui-Centenary of the Parramatta Municipal Council

                 The Committee welcomed Louise Preston, Council’s Archivist, to the meeting to speak on the subject issue, as raised at the previous meeting.


                 Karen O’Donnell and Louise Preston advised that preliminary research had been undertaken on the issue and advised:-


·    Council was incorporated on 27 November 1861 with the first Council Meeting having been held in January 1872;

·    Possible recognition could include exhibitions and associated programs, a possible publication focusing on civic life and the impact of local government on Parramatta and/or a cradle city exhibition;

·    A cross functional team had been arranged within Council with members from Civic Events, Marketing and Communications and the Heritage Centre to consider appropriate celebration/recognition; Consultation with Councillors would also occur.


Other comments/suggestions discussed included:-


·   The possibility of local schools being involved;

·   The need to articulate in an easily understandable way why 150 years is significant;

·   Any guest speakers should be fully aware of Parramatta’s local history;

·   Consideration could be given to digitising the first Council rate book and election information;

·   Possible publication of a book providing details on the Mayors throughout Parramatta’s history.



Michelle Desailly (6:19pm), Karen O’Donnell (6.22pm) and Louise Preston (6.22pm) retired from the meeting following consideration of this matter.


76/10         Comprehensive Heritage Review

Mr Kennedy noted that the Committee, at its previous meeting, had requested that contact be made with other Western Sydney Councils to ascertain the approaches for dealing with fibro heritage properties, such as exist in the Blaxcell Estate Conservation Area.


Mr Kennedy outlined his preliminary findings regarding fibro dwellings and also the condition and degree of intactness of dwellings in Blaxcell Estate.  Key points to emerge from the investigations were that:

·    Maintenance is an issue for fibro dwellings, with the hope often for delisting to allow total demolition and construction of more modern houses

·    Alterations can be permitted to fibro dwellings if undertaken in a sympathetic manner, but recladding will always be a fundamental issue

·    The fibro and brick houses in Blaxcell Estate are generally in a good and original condition; the brick houses in Montgomery Avenue in particular showing high levels of intactness. 


The Committee agreed that there was a strong case for listing the brick houses in Montgomery Avenue on the State Heritage Register considering their high level of intactness.


Consideration was then given to a further batch of items of State significance to determine whether they should be included on the State Heritage Register.


The following sites were then considered and subsequent decisions reached:-


Norfolk House – 467 – 469 Church Street, North Parramatta

In view of the notable former owner and position of the premises, it is considered that the premises should be an Item of State Significance.


St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery – 502 Church Street, North Parramatta

It was understood that the cemetery was the oldest catholic cemetery in NSW and accordingly, is an item of State Significance.


Houses Built for Housing Commission -- 276, 278, 282 to 288 Clyde St, South Granville

Items of local significance.


All Saints Cemetery – 56 Fennell Street, Parramatta

Numerous notables buried in cemetery including explorer Gregory Blaxland. Item of State Significance.


Housing Commission Houses – 6-16, 26 Oakleigh Avenue, South Granville

Items of local significance.


Reid Home – Burnside Homes Group – 59 Pennant Hills Road, Oatlands

It was noted that the site forms part of a group of homes, the remainder of which lie within The Hills Council area.


As the premises were designed by William Hardy Wilson, it was considered that it may qualify for as an Item of State Significance.


66 - 68 Ross Street, Parramatta

Whilst the premises are beautiful, item of local significance only.


Silverwater BridgeSilverwater Road, Ermington

First form of construction of this type in the world. Item of State Significance.


Granville Technical College80 South Street, Granville

Item of local significance.


2 Trott Street, Parramatta

Site possibly contained Howells Mill. Potential Item of State Significance.


Convent of Our Lady of Mercy and associated Buildings – 2 – 6 Victoria Road, Parramatta

Item of local Significance.


27 Villiers Street, North Parramatta

A beautiful building, but only of local significance.


Ermington Wharf114 Wharf Road, Ermington

Item of local significance.


102 William Street, Granville

Home of the notable John Nobbs. Test site as Item of State Significance.


Granville Public School133 William Street, Granvile

Use of materials on site was innovative at time. Test as Item of State Significance.


234 Windsor Road, Model Farms

Item of local significance.


Water Aqueduct – 579a Woodville Road, Guildford

Pipeline was revolutionary at the time. There may be a case for listing as an Item of State Significance.



Peter Crittenden retired from the meeting at 6.53pm during consideration of this matter.



77/10         Update on Development Applications

                   In the absence of Mr Popovic, this matter was held over until the next meeting of the Committee.



78/10         Local Heritage Fund Applications

Paul Kennedy advised that 3 applications had been received for consideration at this meeting as follows:-


1.         18 Galloway Street, North Parramatta – repointing of brickwork and sealing.


RESOLVED  (McGuirk/Mathews)


That funds in the amount of $1000 be granted.


2.         13 Chesterfield Road, Epping – tuck pointing to full front of house and repair to various sections of side walls.


            The fine quality of the work was noted.


RESOLVED  (Liston/Shakespeare)


(a)       That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.

(b)       Further, that a letter of congratulations be forwarded to the relevant tradesman complimenting the quality of the works.



3.         45 Grimwood Street, Granville – replacement of roof and front door.


RESOLVED  (S Brown/R Evans)


That funds in the amount of $2000 be granted.







79/10         Freedom of the City March – HMAS Parramatta IV

David Shakespeare noted the quality of the subject event held last weekend.


Mr Shakespeare noted that the 2nd anniversary of the sinking of Parramatta II was also imminent.


RESOLVED             (Shakespeare/Liston)


That Council be congratulated on the quality of the Freedom of the City March held on Saturday, 20 November 2010.


80/10         John McClymont History Award

David Shakespeare noted that some 4 years ago the Lord Mayor had recognised the efforts of John McClymont through the presentation of the John McClymont History Award to the local who scored the highest HSC mark in history each year.


The award will again be presented this year and Mr Shakespeare advised that he was currently chasing up the Department of Education to ascertain the lucky recipient.


Shylie Brown noted that John McClymont’s important book on John Howieson had now been edited and finalised and was currently being printed.


81/10         Street Trees – 21 Chelmsford Road, Epping

Ruth Evans advised that the Epping Eastwood Conservation Zone was dominated by street trees but noted that their care and maintenance was sometimes lacking.


Ruth specifically referred to building works being undertaken at 21 Chelmsford Road, Epping where materials had been dumped in the protective box area of the street located at the front of the premises.


Ruth asked who was responsible for the protection of such trees and whether Council had developed a policy for street trees’ care and maintenance. Further, whether the development consent issued would require protection of the trees.


Paul Kennedy advised that the issue would be referred to relevant sections of Council for investigation.


82/10         Development at 44 Oakes Road, Toongabbie

Bill McGuirk asked if any further information was available with respect to the subject site.


Mr Kennedy advised that Zoran Popovic was currently working on the issue which has been set down for a hearing before the Land and Environment Court next week.


Mr McGuirk noted the site’s important due to its proximity to the Old Toongabbie Convict Farm and indicated that an archaeological assessment of the site should be required.



83/10         The Junius Cup – Sydney - 1827

Prior to her departure, Louise Preston tabled notification of an auction to be held on Monday 29 November 2010 for the subject cup. The trophy was made by Alexander Dick for James Robertson and was won by Robert Fitzgerald’s horse ‘creeper’ at Parramatta in 1827.


The Committee considered that the purchase price would be extensive.


84/10         Merry Christmas

The Chairperson wished all a safe and merry Christmas.




The meeting terminated at 8.06pm.