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Minutes 14 October 2010 SWAHS / PCC Strategic Partnership meeting





Strategic Health Partnership Meeting Minutes



Parramatta City Council and Sydney West Area Health Service - Population Health Services


Thursday 14th October 2010

3.30pm – 5.00pm

˜ Level 11 Meeting Room – Administration Building

30 Darcy Street, Parramatta



Attending from PCC

Dr Robert Lang, CEO Parramatta City Council, Chair

Councillor Andrew Bide

Sue Weatherley, Outcomes and Development Group Manager

Su Cram, Acting Manager City Strategy Unit, (on behalf of Geoff King)

Debbie Killian, Manager Community, Library and Social Services

Donna Mosford, Acting Manager Social Outcomes

Tony Gleeson, Environmental Health Officer

Victoria Edghill, Social Outcomes Project Officer

Lavinia Thompson, Project Support Officer


Attending from SWAHS

Dr. Glenn Close, Executive Director Population Health & Strategic Direction

Christine Newman, Manager Health Promotion/Deputy Director CPH

Kay Tennant, Coordinator Healthy Built Environments

Lyn Tunchon, Acting Group Manager Primary Care and Community Health Services


Apologies: Lord Mayor John Chedid, Councillor Chiang Lim,



1.    Welcome and Introductions by Dr Robert Lang, CEO Parramatta City Council


2.    Acceptance of previous minutes – 24th March 2010


3.    Strategic Updates


Parramatta City Council


§ PCC has a new Lord Mayor, Councillor John Chedid and Deputy Lord Mayor, Councillor Michael McDermott

§ Civic Place Update (CEO)

-    Council has acquired over 50% of the remaining land required to finalise the consolidation.

-    Council is continuing negotiations with remaining land owners before taking compulsory acquisition action.

-    Council has resolved to proceed with compulsory acquisition of any remaining land in late 2010

-    Project Application for stage one currently being prepared by Grocon.

-         Stage one approval expected by mid 2011.Completion of construction of Stage 1 expected by end 2013.





§  Draft LEP and Draft DCP (CEO)

-    LEP Exhibition finished mid May, with over 500 submissions.

-    LEP Report being taken to Council 5th October, with DCP report to follow in November / December.

-    It is recommended that the LEP be adopted subject to changes. These changes will then be re-exhibited.

-    It is currently anticipated for the LEP to be made law by the State Government in the first quarter of 2011.


·     Better Neighbourhood Program (Donna Mosford):

-    Granville Town Centre Streetscape Upgrade is completed with only some minor works remaining.  These include safety fencing at the corner of South and Mary Streets, and landscaping in the seating area in Mary Street.

-    Dundas Station and Ermington Laneway are at design stage. 

-    Epping Laneway and Kleins Road Northmead are at design stage and awaiting tender. 

-    Midson Road, Constitution Hill and Westmead Way-finding are still in early design.


·     Cycleway Update (Donna Mosford):

-    Secure Bike Parking - the project was launched in July and has produced over 40 bike parking spaces with high quality end of trip facilities.  The facility will cater for both workers and visitors.  Signage has been designed and installed in various places.

-    NSW Bike Plan projects – The NSW Governments Metropolitan Strategy nominates Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith as key locations for new jobs, infrastructure and cultural activities.  The RTA’s ten year, $78 million River Cities Bike Program is being implemented in partnership with local governments and will fast-track the delivery of cycle infrastructure, parking facilities and cycling skills training opportunities within the five to ten kilometre – or 20 to 40-minute bike ride – radius of the Parramatta, Liverpool and Penrith city centres.  The focus in the Parramatta LGA will be to:

§ Complete the missing links in the Parramatta Valley Cycleway and connecting the CBD to Westmead through Parramatta Park

§ Provide Adult Cycle Training

§ Use Bike Racks as an art feature

·     Climate Adaptation (CEO):

The key climatic risk for the LGA has been identified to be heat stress, particularly the frequency of days over 40 degrees celsius which will have significant impacts on both communities and infrastructure.

The draft Adaptation Strategy identifies the need to develop a Heat Stress Strategy for the whole western Sydney region in partnership with local Councils and the other key organisations such as SWAHS.  The draft plan was developed through extensive consultations with various stakeholders which included a set of three workshops engaging organisations such as Sydney Water, Dept of Housing SWAHS, Westmead Hospital and ParraCAN.  The final Adaptation Plan is proposed to go on public exhibition by the end of 2010.










·     Homelessness (Donna Mosford):

Council is finalising the draft Homelessness Policy and Implementation Plan, having completed an extensive process of information gathering from a wide range of internal and external stakeholders including homeless people, local businesses, service providers and UWS. Draft expected to be completed by end October 2010 and tested with external experts before being presented to Council by end 2010.  Council continues to support the Parramatta Regional Homelessness Interagency which is currently developing a 5 year plan.  Homelessness Project Officer position is currently being scoped, it is expected to be part time for 6 months and will focus on increasing homeless people’s access to services, an educational program and action research.


·     E-Parramatta and Parra Connect (CEO):

This has progressed since the last Steering Group meeting.  Council has developed an E-parra strategy and action plan around maximising the availability of Council's services on the Internet, mobile applications (such as parking information) and wireless technology across the local government area (with a particular focus on the CBD/Westmead).  The internal and on-line services focus component is called eParra.  Parra Connect is a related external strategy and plan to maximise the benefits of new technologies to the community and business sectors of Parramatta.  This strategy is looking at a range of approaches to achieve this.  Early opportunities include lobbying for both early rollout of the NBN and industry corridors with external partners e.g. legal cluster around the Justice Precinct, medical clusters around Westmead.  Council has established a representative committee from business and the community to oversee the delivery of this program.


·     River Foreshore Project (CEO):

Council has over 20 initiatives and projects that have some relationship to the Parramatta River.  These include major developments (including the "Riverbank" or Brandsmart redevelopment), shared pathways, artwork, events, tourism, heritage and water based recreation proposals.  The current Lord Mayor has requested Council officers focus on coordinating and advancing these proposals with the primary aim of making the river a focus for families and activity.  One of the major sites in the area is the Cumberland Hospital area.  Council would like to work closely with relevant agencies to understand priorities and options on this site to make the most of shared priorities.


A Council workshop was held on 6 October 2010 to discuss with Councillors what they thought the key opportunities and challenges were for this area. 


Brandsmart recently changed owners, there is an opportunity for Council to approach the new owner and discuss future options.


The Place Leaders Association - A charette was held recently where several plans that connected Parramatta City with the River were developed by participants . This process reinforced the importance of developing a coordinated vision for the public domain areas along the city edges of both sides of the river.













          Sydney West Area Health Service

Dr Glenn Close


·     Restructure:


NSW has been divided into 18 Local Health Networks (LHNs) each comprising of a CE and a Governing Council (6-13) made up of both clinicians and community members. The LHNs will be in place by 1 January 2011. The impact on the Health MOU will need to be discussed at the next meeting by which time the new organisational structures will be in place.



ACTION: SWAHS to keep PCC informed on the status of their restructure.



·     Research and Development Westmead:


Planning for this project is well underway, with the proposed location between Westmead and the Children’s Hospital.  Car Parking is an ongoing issue.



·     Car Pooling Project: Currently seeking funds, parking spaces.  Dr Robert Lang sees the challenge is seeking people coming from the same destinations both ways.  Both SWAHS and PCC are supportive.


4.    MOU Project Updates: Donna Mosford, Christine Newman and Kay Tennant


Smoke Free Public Places Policy Project (Donna Mosford) The Smoke Free Outdoor Areas Policy was adopted in May this year and included children’s playgrounds, sports fields and aquatic facilities.  On 26th July 2010 Council also resolved to implement a smoking ban in all Outdoor Dining Areas under Council’s jurisdiction, taking effect on 1 January 2011.  The focus of the policy development process will now shift to monitoring the impact (environmental and economic) of the bans already endorsed.   Monitoring will begin in  December 2010 and also take place in June and December 2011. 

Bus Shelter Access Project (Donna Mosford) – Council has received $70,000 from the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program  that will ensure upgrades to approximately 12 bus stops in the LGA comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 resulting in increased access to buses for people with mobility issues.   The 12 bus stop sites are expected to be identified by the end of 2010, and works completed by June 30 2010.


Health Survey Data Provision / Resident Panel Data Provision (Kay Tennant) There have been delays with this project.  The first was produced in 2007.  As with the first Health Data Survey, SWAHS will be conducting an information session with Council on the Social and Health Profiles.  They are also looking at placing the information on the internet.












Increased Healthier Food Choices (Christine Newman) – Information will soon be available.  Positive feedback has been received from the Community.

-       The planning phase is completed

-       Consultation is planned with restaurants, it will test 20 restaurants in the CBD area

-       It has also planned consultation with Council

-       Focus groups will be held and also include the community


ACTION: Kay Tennant to contact Meg Griffiths to confirm Headspace is going ahead.


Mental Health: The Uniting Care Burnside has secured funding for a headspace in Parramatta.


6.       General Business:

Cumberland Hospital Site: PCC CEO asked if there is another master plan proposed for the hospital site.


ACTION: SWAHS to follow up


7.       Next Meeting:

April 2010 at SWAHS


ACTION: SWAHS to advise PCC of next meeting date, to be set for 6 months time.