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Recommendations for 2011




Recommendations for 2011


1.      Investor Objectives – having reviewed the Events NSW and Parramatta City Council objectives, Parramasala Ltd should prepare a long term (3 year) business plan that outlines how these objectives will be addressed

2.      Parramasala Ltd Board – a review of the board should be considered, with the objective of establishing a proactive board that will drive real results.  It is on the record that the timing of the establishment of the board in 2010 was not ideal and as such the Board did not have the opportunity to be effective as the majority of the already limited time available was occupied with administrative processes.  It has been suggested that an observer from both PCC and ENSW be present at each board meeting to ensure seamless communication to and from the working group

3.      Leveraging existing assets in Parramatta – programming should take into consideration assets that are available in Parramatta (e.g. the Parramatta River, Parramatta’s heritage and cultural precincts, Church Street as a dining district).  Results from the baseline perception data indicated that there is a particularly strong desire for a component of the Festival that engages the River

4.      Transport – there is a perception that Parramatta is difficult to get to and around.  Communications in 2011 must include transport details and messaging that Parramatta is easily accessible.

5.      Need to develop recommendations from the other key findings from data