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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Minutes 23 November 2010






Bruce Gale in the Chair and Donna-Lee Astill, Phillip Bradley, Doug Desjardines, Lyn Leerson, Annie Nielsen, John Robertson and Phil Russo.





Grant Davies (Minute Clerk) and Maggie Kyle (Community Capacity Building Officer).





Bruce Gale made a Welcome to Country, recognising that the land upon which the meeting was being held is Burramattagal and paid respect to Elders past and present.




An apology was received and accepted for the absence of Bruce Astill, Councillor Paul Barber, Marcia Donovan, Jay Palmer and Doug Wilson.




There were no conflicts of interest at this meeting.




A copy of the minutes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting held on 26 October 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


RECOMMENDATION         (Russo/Leerson)


That the minutes of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee Meeting held on 26 October 2010 be taken as a true record of the meeting.









Lake Parramatta

Bruce Gale advised that he had not been contacted to date by Tanya Koeneman from the Department of Planning to advise whether Lake Parramatta had been nominated for the State Heritage Register.


John Robertson advised that he had spoken to Ms Koeneman and it was his understanding that the Committee had resolved to seek the placement of a heritage conservation order for the site but had not moved to have Lake Parramatta listed on the State Heritage Register.


Maggie Kyle advised that this particular recommendation by the Committee had been forwarded to the consultants dealing with the relevant Plan of Management.


John Robertson commented that as the Committee was advising Council on matters of an Aboriginal nature, there should be no need to refer the recommendation to consultants.


In response to a question from Phil Bradley on the release of the Plan of Management, Ms Kyle responded that it would likely be available in the near future but would seek further clarity on this issue.


Doug Desjardines noted that he could lodge his own application via the Lands Council and added that he had also spoken to the Lord Mayor who was agreeable to meeting with the Committee to discuss this issue.


RESOLVED  (Robertson/ Desjardines)


(a)       That the Committee requests that Council consider applying to the Heritage Office for the placement of Lake Parramatta on the State Heritage Register.


(b)       Further, that the Lord Mayor be requested to advise of his availability to meet with members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee, on site, on 11 December 2010,  if possible, to discuss issues pertaining to Lake Parramatta.


Cross Cultural Training

John Robertson advised that his group had submitted a tender to provide cross cultural training and noted that the tender was currently under consideration by Council.


Invitation – “Not Another Statistic”

Mr Gale advised that he had carried out the Welcome to Country for the welcome lunch for Canadian Indigenous Artist, KC Adams project held on 4 November 2010 at the Artists Studio. Bruce reported that KC’s first project,  “Not Another Statistic” which focuses on the impact of diabetes on Aboriginal people, is an excellent exhibition.


Mr Bradley added that he had also attended and the exhibition had been most successful.


Youth Off The Streets Project

Maggie advised that the Committee’s request for the placement of Aboriginal workers under the subject project had been referred to Human Resources for consideration. No response had been received to date.


Maggie noted that the Manager Human Resources had recently resigned from Council’s employ.


Parramatta Girls Home

Doug Desjardines requested that the Committee’s request for a smoking ceremony at the Parramatta Girls Home be pursued as a matter of urgency.


Positions Vacant within Council

Maggie advised that a list of all positions currently available within Council would be forwarded to members in the near future.


Darug Language Site

John Robertson noted that he had experienced difficulties in navigating the Darug Language site.


Upgrading of Competencies

Doug Desjardines sought an update on the Aboriginal Council employee who was experiencing difficulties in obtaining permission to undertake various competency qualifications (tickets).


Maggie Kyle responded that the issue had been referred to Human Resources who had indicated that persons holding tickets required for the performance of their duties were automatically asked to renew the qualifications with the cost being covered by Council.


Where training was sought for duties outside a specific job, approval must be sought from the respective manager and if approval was not forthcoming, the opportunity to pursue the matter through Human Resources was available.



6   LGAN 2010 Debrief 2

A further debrief of LGAN 2010 was held where the following comments were made:-


·    Bruce Gale advised that he had spoken to Rod Towney who had indicated that the Executive had been most impressed with the conference and workshops;

·    The Executive had considered, however, that the conference may have been too ‘busy’ with too many speakers;

·    The conference speakers had been excellent;

·    It was apparent that invitations to attend the conference had not been received by all councils. It may be beneficial for invitations to be forwarded to Councillors in future;

·    The administration of the conference was slowed due to the need for the Executive to approve each aspect. The time required to approved the Holroyd Day Tour was particularly disappointing;

·    Next year’s conference would be held in Dubbo and Council had funded 2 members to attend previous conferences. Other members could attend at their own cost;

·    Tours should not be held on the first day of the conference and should not conflict with the Council staff meeting;

·    Council had not been out of pocket in the funding of the conference;

·    Uncle Wes had been paid for the smoking ceremony;

·    The flags printed on the conference bags were in the wrong order. It was noted that the printing was approved by the Executive;

·    A breakdown in leadership for the Lake Parramatta Tour had occurred.


RECOMMENDATION         (Russo/Bradley)


That Council be thanked for its sponsorship and support of the LGAN 2010 Conference. 




Freedom of the City March – HMAS Parramatta IV

The Committee noted the Freedom of the City March held in Parramatta on 20 November 2010 and expressed disappointment that there was no Aboriginal involvement in the day nor official invitations extended to Advisory Committee members.


Aboriginal Heritage Operation Branch – Possible Boundary Changes

Annie Nielsen tabled correspondence indicating that discussions were taking place on proposed boundary changes for the Aboriginal Heritage Operations Branch, possibly resulting in the Central region being disbanded and absorbed into the Southern and Northern Regions.


Annie further noted that Phil Bradley and herself had forwarded letters of concern on the issue and suggested that the Committee keep a watching brief on this proposal.


John Robertson advised that he would liaise with the relevant staff and report to a future meeting of the Committee.


Next Meeting

Maggie suggested that 2 meetings should be held in February 2011, one dealing with NAIDOC and the usual monthly meeting.


The Committee agreed that this was an appropriate course of action.


Christmas Party

Doug Desjardines advised that he would discuss the possible holding of a Christmas Party for the Committee with Anne Stonham.


Annual General Meeting – NSW Reconciliation

Phil Bradley advised that he had recently attended the Annual General Meeting of NSW Reconciliation where, he was pleased to announce, Sue Pinckham had been elected Sydney Regional Representative and Kerrie McKenzie from Lane Cove Reconciliation elected as the non indigenous representative.


Richmond Hill Memorial Garden

Phil Bradley provided details on the recently held commemoration event held in respect of the Richmond Hill Memorial Garden. The Richmond Hill Memorial Garden honours the Darug people of Richmond/Hawkesbury and commemorates the battle of Richmond Hill.


Funding in the amount of $40,000 had been received including $5,000 obtained from The Hon. Nathan Rees MP through representations by Reconciliation for Western Sydney.


Joint Meeting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Advisory Committees


RECOMMENDATION         (Gale/Desjardines)


(a)       That this Committee host a joint meeting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committees from surrounding areas including Blacktown, Holroyd and Penrith with a view to an exchange of ideas occurring.

(b)       Further, that the meeting preferably be held on Tuesday, 2 March 2011 with the proposed agenda and invitation to be approved by the Chair or Deputy Chair of this Committee.


Archeological Works – Macquarie Street, Parramatta

Doug Desjardines advised that an invitation had been extended to Committee Members by Jillian Comber to attend the archaeological dig being undertaken at 140 Macquarie Street, Parramatta.


Apparently there was an issue with acidic soil on site; however, attempts to arrange an alternative visit with Ms Comber had been unsuccessful.


Maggie Kyle advised that the matter would be followed up.


Australia Day

Annie Nielsen asked whether the Committee could receive a stall at Council’s Australia Day event.


Maggie advised that any questions on this issue should be directed to Council’s Events Manager, Mr George Mannix.


Bruce Gale added that he had previously carried out the Welcome to Country at this event but had not undertaken the Welcome in recent years. He asked whether the Welcome to Country still occurred.


Maggie advised that this issue would be followed up.


Burramatta Walk Leaflet

Mr Bradley asked when the official launch of the Burramatta Walking Tour Leaflet would occur.


Maggie advised that the issue would be pursued with Ms Michelle Desailly.


President of the Local Government and Shires Association

John Robertson advised that the Mayor of Coffs Harbour, Mr Keith Rhodes, who had proven to be a fine supporter of Aboriginal issues, had been elected as the President of the Local Government and Shires Association.


RESOLVED  (Robertson/Russo)


That a letter of congratulations be forwarded to Councillor Keith Rhodes on his appointment as the President of the Local Government and Shires Association.


The meeting terminated at 7.40pm