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Minutes 12 October 2010 HNSW/ PCC Strategic Partnership meeting


Strategic Partnership between Housing NSW and Parramatta City Council




2.00 pm to 4.00 pm, 12 October 2010

Housing NSW, Parramatta



Parramatta City Council


Housing NSW


Steering Group

Dr Robert Lang – CEO

Sue Weatherley – Group Manager, Outcomes & Development

Councillor Chiang Xavier Lim

Councillor Michael McDermott

Donna Mosford – Acting Manager Social Outcomes

Sue Cram – Acting Manager, City Strategy

Debbie Killian – Manager Community, Library & Social Services

Louise Kerr –  Acting Manager, Land Use & Transport

Sue Stewart – Senior Project Officer – Land Use


Steering Group

Julian Neylan – Acting General Manager, GWSR

Ray Brincat – Acting Area Director

Nigel Sharpe – Project Director, Project Development

Gary Small –  Resource Planning

Tim Flynn – Team Leader

Sue Richardson – Acting Manager, Community Renewal Partnership


Resource persons

Tania Fogarty– Project Support Officer, City Strategy Unit




Councillor John Chedid – Lord Mayor

Councillor Paul Garrard

Councillor Glenn Elmore

Geoff King – Manager, City Strategy



Mike Allen - Chief Executive

John Paszek – Acting Director, Resource Planning

Jennene Griffiths - Snr Project Officer, Community Renewal Partnerships











Welcome and Introductions

The chair welcomed all to the meeting.



Previous Minutes and Business Arising

The Minutes were noted and accepted.

Business Arising:

·    PCC has forwarded information on Council clean-up service to HNSW for inclusion in new tenant sign-up kits.

·    PCC membership on Wentworthville PCG to be followed up.

·    Presentation to Councillors on Telopea redevelopment has taken place.

·    PCC CEO will continue to liaise with HNSW GM to discuss opportunities for integrated planning as the need arises.

·    Staff lists have been completed and distributed to Strategic Alliance membership.





Strategic Context Updates

























Housing NSW – Julian Neylan, General Manager, Greater Western Sydney Region

1. Regional Homelessness Action Plan

·    GWS Committees established combining Western Sydney and South West Sydney to strategically look at projects over the next four years and also examine how we can improve existing services across all areas, particularly in early intervention. Julian chairs the Committee.

·    The GWS Action Plan will be launched tomorrow at Hope Hostel, Parramatta and will be attended by the Minister for Housing, Frank Terenzini, and the Minister for Roads, David Borger. The Action Plan is available on the HNSW website.


·    1000 units built over GWS to accommodate people at risk of homelessness. Targets have been developed to see how well this meets outcomes.

·    Properties are mostly handed over to community housing providers.

·    One new large provider coming into the area is Bridge Community Housing.

·    HNSW has lead role for carriage of the Action Plan and has responsibility to follow up.


2. Department of Human Services

·    Housing NSW is now part of Department of Human Services (agencies include Community Services, ADHC, Aboriginal Housing, Aboriginal Affairs, Juvenile Justice)

·    Review opportunities for efficiencies in corporate services.

·    Imperative to look at cross-agency collaboration to better assist common clients.

·    Homeless services to be better integrated.

·    Improve engagement with NGO sector.


Dr Robert Lang, - CEO, Parramatta City Council (PCC)

·    PCC has a new Lord Mayor – Councillor John Chedid and Deputy Lord Mayor – Councillor Michael McDermott.


1. Civic Place Update

·    Council has acquired 50% of the remaining land ownings and is continuing negotiations with the outstanding property owners.

·    Project application for stage one is being prepared with approval expected by mid 2011 and completion by end of 2013


2. Better Neighbourhood Program

·    The Better Neighbourhood Program Streetscape includes upgrades to footpaths, roadways, tree planting, furniture, gardens and new lined median strips

·    Granville Town Centre Streetscape is completed with only minor works including safety fencing at the corner of South and Mary Streets and landscaping in the seating area in Mary Street.

·    Epping Laneway and Kleins Rd, Northmead are at design stage.

·    Midson Rd, Constitution Hill and Westmead Way – in early design stage.


3. Cycleway Update

·    Secure Bike Parking, funded through the Australian Government Jobs Fund, provides 40 secure bike parking spaces with end of trip facilities (showers and toilets). The parking is provided in Horwood and Erby Streets.

·    The RTA’s River Cities Bike Program is being implemented in partnership with local Councils and will fast-track the delivery of cycle infrastructure, parking facilities and cycle skills training.

·    In Parramatta LGA this will include completing the missing links in Parramatta Valley Cycleway and connecting the CBD to Westmead through Parramatta Park, Adult Cycle Training and Bike Racks as Art.


4. Climate Adaptation

·    Council is reviewing its draft Climate Adaptation Plan which includes projections of climate change impacts for the LGA and will go on exhibition by the end of 2010.

·    The key risk is heat stress and the Draft Adaptation Strategy identifies the need to develop a Heat Stress Strategy for the Western Sydney Region in partnership with other Councils and key organisations such as SWASHS.

·    Workshops have been held to engage organisations such as Sydney Water, HNSW, SWAHS, Westmead Hospital and ParraCAN. Final Plan proposed to go on public exhibition by end 2010.


5. E-Parramatta and Parra Connect

·    Council has developed an e-parra strategy and action plan around maximising the availability of Council’s services on the Internet, mobile phone applications (eg UWS application to identify location of available parking) and wireless technology.

·    Parra Connect is a related strategy and plan to maximise the benefits of new technologies to the community and business sectors of Parramatta.

·    This includes the use of WiFi to connect businesses to each other.

·    Council has established a representative committee from business and the community to oversee delivery of this program.

·    Councillor McDermott raised the issue of the digital divide and suggested that Council liaise with HNSW to bring WiFi facilities to the wider community, particularly disadvantaged groups. WiFi facilities currently exist in select Council libraries

·    It was suggested that a demonstration project be based in one of the estate areas and it was agreed that HNSW could look at opportunities.

·    Councillor Lim indicated that software applications can be used to drive connectivity from a community sense, e.g., providing information on resources available in the community and making use of social networking interests e.g., newsletter information could be provided by SMS.

·    Julian advised that HNSW is supporting the preparation for changeover from analogue to digital.

·    Councillor Lim reported that a Men’s Shed is working to make PCs available  to people in the broader community.


6.  River Foreshore Project

·    Council has over 20 initiatives and projects that relate to the Parramatta River, including the ‘Riverbank’ or Brandsmart redevelopment, shared pathways, public domain events, artwork, tourism, heritage and water based recreation proposals.

·    One of the major sites in the Cumberland Hospital area which is a significant heritage site. Council would like to work closely with relevant agencies to understand options on this site to make the most of priorities.






LEP Update

Louise Kerr - A/Manager Land Use and Transport, PCC

·   Draft Parramatta LEP and DCP
A report presenting the results of the public exhibition of draft LEP 2010 was considered by Council on 5 October 2010. The LEP was largely adopted subject to changes which will be exhibited from 20 October 2010 to 19 November 2010.

·   A further report will be presented to Council in December and it is hoped that the draft LEP will be gazetted after the March 2011 state election.



Nation Building Economic Stimulus Program update

Ray Brincat - A/Area Director Mid Western Sydney, HNSW

·    Stage 2 - Ray advised that 12 sites are under construction

·    Stage 1 has been completed and will be headed to community housing providers.

·    Housing under NBESP is predominantly targeting people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and the Aboriginal population.

·    Issue raised that Council don’t get notified of completions.

·    Agreed to provide Council with regular updates of completions and handovers and when properties are notified.




Gary Small will provide an update to Sue Weatherly on the current status of developments and a list of forecasted completion dates.



Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) Update - Wentworthville

Nigel Sharpe - Project Director, HNSW

·    HNSW is on the verge of starting to organise for initial options review and beginning master planning.

·    This will involve looking at high level options and narrowing down to the master plan – will include input from stakeholders.

·    It is envisaged that the draft plan will be completed by June 2012 and final plan by mid 2012 and HNSW is waiting on completion of Commonwealth contracts before beginning the planning process.

·    Questions were asked around mixed tenure and ratios. This is still to be determined but a rule of thumb is 70/30.

·    Mike raised community concerns that Stage 1 is generally public but that changes in strategy can occur and there is no guarantee of the 70% private housing.

·    Nigel referred to the Telopea development where there is an intention for a 75/25 split of private and social housing and that there is a good demand from the private sector in that area.

·    The development will lift the number of social housing units but reduce the concentration with increased private housing development. It is envisaged that concentration will change from 78% to 20-25% social housing.

·    Julian pointed to HNSW track record where commitments on delivery have been realised, e.g., Dubbo, Minto and Bonnyrigg.

·    Sue Weatherly requested information on these developments.

·    Julian also commented that a national social housing priority is for de-concentration of estates that aren’t functioning.

·    Sue commented on concern that the Telopea development will increase public housing in stage 1 and then open it up to private development in stage 2. She asked if a fully outsources approach could be used and how to advocate for this practice. Agreed to invite Madeleine and Mark to meet with Council to have these discussions.


Nigel will follow up on an invitation to Council to join the  Project Control Group





















Julian will arrange for Madeleine Cuthbert and Mark Shepherd to meet with Council


Telopea Re-development update

Nigel Sharpe - Project Director, HNSW  

·    Telopea Concept Plan and first stage approval has been received.

·    The next major work is to look at the first stage of the private housing component.

·    The overall timeframe for final completion is 10 years.


Council concerns: 

·    Development of open space and community facilities.

·    Council had not been advised about approval of concept plan.

·    The current community facility needs improvements and Council is funding ongoing maintenance but if there is a possibility of redevelopment any refurbishment must be carefully considered.

·    Section 94 contributions are not paid.

·    Can the alliance be used to get greater clarity around developer contributions under Section 94 - requested a contact person for follow-up.







Council will follow up on Dept of Planning approvals


Nigel will ensure a regular stream of communication with Council


Nigel to identify best contact person – possibly Daniel (Asset Delivery)


Organisational information sharing/updates on key housing issues



























Homelessness – Donna Mosford, A/ Manager Social Outcomes, PCC

·    The final draft of the PCC Homelessness Policy and Implementation Plan is due to be completed shortly.

·    PCC is scoping a part-time temporary position to link rough sleepers with service providers.

·    The temporary position could tie into an action research approach and will connect with Parramatta Region Homelessness Interagency.

·    Ray is meeting with Mission Australia next week to proceed with an MOU. A number of rough sleepers have been identified for the first stage but will still need to meet criteria for priority housing.

·    Julian confirmed that emergency housing services are available 24 hours per day by calling 1300 housing.

·    Councillor Lim suggested trialling a singular, all-purpose state-wide or national number which can link people with services. A single data-base would need to be developed and updated.

·    PCC’s Community Capacity Builidng Team is currently undertaking homelessness services mapping which will result in an up to date data base of services in the area  


Affordable Housing – Donna Mosford – PCC

·    PCC’s Affordable Housing Policy and Implementation Plan is currently under review.

·    The target group for Affordable Housing in the PCC context are low to moderate income earners who pay more than 30% of their income on housing related expenses.

·    The review will seek input from external experts, including the Centre for Affordable Housing, and explore new individual and in concert Affordable Housing strategies.

·    Clr Lim suggested that one of the considerations could include determining and breaking down the price point of housing and identifying components where cost reductions could be made that result in the provision of housing that people can afford. Eg pre-fabricated housing reduces construction and materials costs.




Other Business

9.1 Save Our Suburb Campaign

·    Julian requested an update on the Campaign in the light of the implications for HNSW as the majority of the targeted sites were to house people at risk of homelessness. At the very least these signs should come down when tenants move in.

·    PCC indicated that the campaign is not intended to target HNSW but is a political statement to challenge state government planning laws.

·    Bridge Housing has contacted Council to raise concerns about the impact for tenants moving into properties with the potential for stigma.

·    Julian also stressed there is enough discrimination already against people who are homeless and aboriginal people and that the campaign creates serious concerns for these people. Council has a strategic alliance with HNSW which obliges Council to operate in certain collegiate ways with HNSW.  

·    Councillor McDermott indicated that councillors are aware of potential stigmatisation but are taking into account the interests of other residents and need to balance these considerations.

·    The Council resolution is open ended so it is possible that more signage could be erected. The councillors will also need to determine the appropriate time to take the signs down.

·    Rob apologised for not contacting HNSW prior to erection of signage in the spirit of the alliance and made a commitment to providing advice of any intended new signage. Not currently aware of any.


9.2 Review of MOU

·    The MOU has now been signed by the Lord Mayor and CEO. A copy was presented to HNSW at the meeting.

·    Julian expressed that broadly the alliance is working well.

·    Generally HNSW MOUs with other Councils are between Council administration and HNSW – this one is different.

·    HNSW will progress signing the MOU in good faith that this forms the mechanism for communication and collaboration.

·    A review of the MOU will take place in 12 months.

·    Possible contentious sites include 9 Albert Street – Councillor Lim indicated that there are 66 petitioners and still growing. There is a need for social/community housing but managed sensitively. Development of Wentworthville estate also needs to be handled sensitively.


9.3 Specific Councillor Issues

·    Councillor Lim expressed thanks to HNSW for improvements to outdoor amenities in Albert Street around Hope Hostel and suggested further improvements could be made to curb side amenities/harmonisation of landscaping through Council’s urgent works fund in collaboration with HNSW.

·    Councillor McDermott identified ongoing issues with illegal dumping in Evans Rd around the HNSW units and behind Telopea shops. Suggested that HNSW investigate the possibility of a tender with white good suppliers to pick up used fridges etc and provide a voucher to the tenant as an incentive to arrange the pick up rather than dump goods.

·    Council have a RID (Report Illegal Dumping) squad officer starting next week.

·    Tania suggested using the Fridge Buy Back Scheme – the fridge has to be in working order.

·    Councillor McDermott also identified a problem with stray cats near the Telopea shops which constitutes a public health issue. Sue Weatherly suggested that an intervention may be for the cats to be caught, desexed and then put back to stop the population from growing.








































Ray to follow up






Gary to investigate






Tania to send information to Sue Richardson for circulation to team leaders.


New Meeting Date and Venue for the Steering Group


Next steering committee meeting to be held at Parramatta Council at a date to be advised.