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Minutes of the Parramatta Cycleways Committee 23 November 2010






Peter Dixson, Peter Gilbert, Michael Goard, John Holstein, Pam Kendrick, Ian Macindoe Katherine Stone.




Myfanwy Lawrence (Project Officer-Transport Planning) David Gray (Manager, Transport Planning) and Joy Bramham (Minute Clerk)


1)         Welcome and Introductions

The Chair Person, John Holstein welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2)         Apologies

Apologies were received and noted from Richard Birdsey, Darryn Capes-Davis, John Alexander MP (Federal Member for Bennelong), David Borger MP (State Member for Granville) and John Aquilina MP (State Member for Riverstone)


3) Conformation of Previous Minutes

A copy of the Minutes of the Cycleways Advisory Committee meeting held on 3 August 2010 had previously been forwarded to each member.


That the Minutes of the meeting of the Cycleways Advisory Committee held on 3 August 2010 be taken as read and confirmed with the following amendment:-

Peter Dixson wanted his concern regarding the Ermington Bay salt marsh noted.   


4)  Declarations of Conflict of Interest


There were no declarations of interest for this meeting.



5) Cycleway Projects 2010/2011


Ermington Bay

The tender went to Council on Monday 22 November and was accepted with staff recommendations and should be completed by June 2011. The project has taken so long to complete because of the extensive investigation and approvals needed due to the salt marshes and mangroves.


 Peter Dixon requested a copy of the Environmental Assessment.


PVC Section 24 1 Park Rd & Eric Primrose Reserve

The tender was assessed last week and will be going to Council on 13 December 2010. The works should be complete by March 2011.



PVC Section 23 Park to Pike Street.

The project has State, Federal and RTA funding and is nearing completion. The opening should be before or after Christmas. John Holstein noted that the logos on Pike St were not to standard.


PVC Section 22 Pike to South St

Investigations are to be carried out this financial year and construction to be in next financial year.


City Centre cycle routes – Horwood Place 2 way

This project is to improve the access through Horwood Place, this will be achieved by the removal of the current island to enable two way traffic. The committee asked about making the area a shared space. Council officers noted that needs RTA approval and does not meet the requirements for a shared space.


Blacktown Cycle route - O Connell St Shared path

Several blocks have already been completed. The remainder will be completed when works can be carried out. Victoria Rd to Ross St is currently been delayed due to a development.   


Goliath Ave

John Holstein commended Parramatta City Council for the work carried out at Goliath Ave, The work has opened up the area and has improved the general amenity. However the directional signage in this area needs adjustment.


City Centre Bike Parking

8 new racks have been installed outside of the Parramatta City Council Administration Officers on Darcy Street. Additional racks will be placed throughout the Parramatta City Centre.


Cycleway Maintenance

Council intends to select one route from each of the three propellers up to maintain to the correct standard with appropriate lines and signs.


Cycle Training

The last of the initial RTA training courses will be on Sunday 28 November 2010. All 2010 training courses have been sold out. The RTA has also given Parramatta City Council additional vouchers for 4 dates in 2011.


John Holstein noted that someone he knew had attended a session and that it was a beginner’s course and that maybe an intermediate course might be beneficial.


Bike Racks as Art

The entries have closed.. The winners will be announced on 10 December 2010.


6. Future Direction of the Committee

The Committee discussed the future direction of the committee and ideas for the committee’s focus in 2011. Main Points from discussion were -  

·    The committee has been very reactive and not been very proactive.

·    Should be prioritising and engaging more with Councillors.

·    Meetings used to be more proactive but didn’t have direction

·    The committee should be participating in the early stages of the design not just commenting after the process has already happened

·    More participation is needed more ‘bums on saddles’, more infrastructure

·    Need to actively encourage people to use bikes

·    In Melbourne there is a big bike culture – also wider roads, flat terrain and cooperative drives

·    Driver education programs

·    The perception that bikes are dangerous so there needs to be more infrastructure to encourage riders.

·    The adult training is encouraging and needs follow-up.

·    On site meetings so that people can see problems rather than try to explain

·    Parramatta Councils has a budget for cycle maintenance. – needs a proper cycle audit. (maybe carried out by Committee with a consultant leading)

·    The committee is in a position to advocate where staff can’t

·    Can push for the ‘cutting edge’ and best practice

·    Develop and review policy

·    Engage with the public

·    There is only 2 years left of the current council term

·    Most council funding comes from Section 94 Contributions and these are in 2 sections (City Centre and Other) the Sec94 funds not have a lot left and the City Centre funding is very restrictive and has to fund all types of transport related projects.

·    Suggest more proactive agenda items

·    The committee engages and represents with people who already cycle – need to reach non cyclists

·    ‘Target’ areas that are easy to cycle to i.e. Harris Park, Granville.

·    Articles in community news letters etc

·    Need to ID people who have bikes and don’t use them. Organise rides and a reward (free maintenance of bike) afterwards.

·    Granville and Harris Park have lots of new migrants that consider cars to be status symbols. Education regarding the environmental benefits of bikes

·    Possible to apply for a Environmental Education Grant – the committee could take the lead on such a project

·    That Council officers follow up on the Adult Cycle Training – especially in regard to the change in behaviour (email sent out in January asking about behaviour and if interested in further questions) 

·    Bike North conduct training and send out behaviour surveys after attendance.

·    Also look at different training styles and instructors

·    The commuter challenge will have post behaviour surveys

·    The Residents Panel could be used to ask what would encourage people to use bikes


Actions: Myfanwy Lawrence to organise a meeting in early February 2011 to workshop ideas and parameters to apply for an Environmental Trust Education Grant and map out key dates in 2011

: Pan Kendrick to send Myfanwy Lawrence a Bike North survey


RECOMENDATION (Goard/Kendrick)


That Council carry out follow up evaluation of the participation of the Adult Cycle Training. 



As Richard Birdsey was not present this item was deferred.


8. RTA mapping project

The  site maps where rider actually ride (informal and formal routes), what improvements are needed, and any hazards. Once complete GTA will send out assessors to survey what can be improved. The information will hopefully be used to create a similar website to 131500. The website only allows for small pieces sections of route to be entered at a time and is not particularly user friendly. John Holstein noted that it is a very clunky piece of software however


9. Traffic committee items

There is a proposal to install 4 speed humps on Moxon Road. The committee expressed concern over cycle access and traction when wet, Pam Kendrick to suggest a ‘gap’, mats or a marked cycle lane on the uphill sides instead.


10. General Business


Harris Park

Peter Dixon expressed concern regarding driver behaviour in Harris Park towards cyclists.


Lack of Council Support

The committee expressed disappointment that Council did not go ahead with the proposed cycleway in Camellia.  The committee also expressed disappointment that the Marsden Rd shared path also did not go ahead due to 1 objector.


Barnetts Road

The crossing of Oaks Rd on the corner of Barnett Road was discussed.



The M2 alternate route was discussed.


The meeting closed at 8:04pm